#MusicMonday – Fuckin Wit Me – Tank


I’m all in my feels with this one.

*cop it here*

‘Cause I eat up for a while, let me through
The shake, the screaming aloud, I’ma fuck
In my face you shake, leaking everywhere

Ride it out I don’t care, what you do

Every time I lick it, you be losing it
These young boys didn’t know what to do with it
You got it all in my face, I love the way that it taste
When you put it all on my plate
Won’t go to waste

That’s what you get everyday
When you fucking with me
Fucking with me
That’s what you get everyday, oh
When you fucking with me
That’s what you get everyday
When you fucking with me

I’ve waited out for a while, let me through
Know I get it and won’t stop, like a zoo
You got the right to be selfish
For all of them nights you were helpless
The mornings you left making breakfast
The mornings you left making breakfast, oh yeah

Every time I lick it, you be losing it
These young boys didn’t know what to do with it
You got it all in my face, I love the way that it taste
When you put it all on my plate
Won’t go to waste

That’s what you get everyday
When you fucking with me
Fucking with me
That’s what you get everyday, oh
When you fucking with me
That’s what you get everyday
When you fucking with me

Everyday when you wake up
When you get home from your job
Yeah this can really be us
Trust me babe I don’t get tired
I got more than one way to please you
Lay it down, god know how to teach you
Satisfied as I wanna go lick you
It’s more than a world girl I need to

Every time I lick it, you be losing it
These young boys didn’t know what to do with it
You got it all in my face, I love the way that it taste
When you put it all on my plate
Won’t go to waste

That’s what you get everyday
When you fucking with me
Fucking with me
That’s what you get everyday, oh
When you fucking with me
That’s what you get everyday
When you fucking with me
Let’s go, yeah
You know what I wanna do.

90 Minutes

Ninety minutes of bliss.  Ninety minutes of  mouth and teeth and I asked him, “Will you smile for me, daddy?” and he smiled.  You know how much I love your smile.

And he kissed;  he kissed and kissed and licked and rolled his tongue and I remembered your smile;  remembered your mouth.

His hands explored and his fingers caressed and it was your hands on me, your mouth on me, your body on me.

Non-stop loving, ninety minutes worth of non-stop loving and he was insatiable, pleasing, so eager to please, so eager to get it, so eager to take it and my oh’s were his ah’s and his hands were in my thighs and his love was my breath but his voice, his voice, when he spoke it was your voice.

Ninety minutes.

Ninety minutes of thoughts of you.

Only you.

Always you.

Never you.

Cuando Quieras, Donde Quieras – Segunda Parte

I was sitting on the edge of the bed in the hotel room, anticipation in my veins.  The pretty older lady sat next to me, her hand on my knee and a glint in her eyes.  I could tell this wasn’t her first time.

Despite it being mine, I wasn’t nervous.  I kept thinking back to the scene in the pool when my sexy lover took me from behind.  Dammit.  I still didn’t know his name.

The husband laid on the king-size bed beside me, his arms folded behind his head, his eyes fixed on me.  The bulge in his swim shorts was still very apparent.

My lover sat in the chair in front of me, his eyes fixated on the older lady.  I felt a tinge of…..something.  I shrugged it off, knowing any feelings involved would ruin this moment.

I was still wet from the pool and my lover’s lovemaking and excused myself to the washroom.

“Let me come with you”, said the husband as he quickly arose to his feet.  Excitement ran through my body yet again, a smile creeping on my lips.  I looked over my shoulder at my lover who winked at me.

The husband didn’t wait until we reached the washroom.  He slid his arms around me and cupped my breasts, pushing my swimsuit top away.  I bent over to feel his bulge against my ass and he sighed out loud.

I turned the shower on and stepped in, removing my swimsuit bottom slowly over my hips.  The husband did the same, revealing a wonderfully smooth hard shaft.  My lips parted instinctively and I motioned for him to step into the bathtub with me.

The warm water ran over my body and the husband’s hands followed.  He was rough and demanding and attentive.  He didn’t leave one inch of my body untouched.  I bent over again, this time holding onto the faucet for support and with no hesitation, he pushed his hard cock inside my warm, wet pussy.  I cried out in pleasure, enjoying the feel of his length inside my walls.

I turned my head around my shoulder to find my lover standing naked at the doorway, watching the husband fuck me from behind.  I smiled, an inexplicable feeling of naughty all over me.  This was more pleasure than I could possibly handle.

My lover walked over to the tub, grabbed my head and rammed his heavy cock into my mouth.  I moaned against him, making sure he felt the vibrations from my throat.

The wife appeared and walked over to my lover.  She too was naked, her breasts perky and nipples hard.  I almost wanted to lick them…

She tongue kissed my lover elaborately and slowly.  She sucked on his tongue as I sucked on his cock and her husband fucked me from behind.  My lover reached in between her legs and pushed two fingers into her.  She moaned a soft moan and continued kissing him as her husband watched.

My lover pulled his cock away from my mouth and took me by the hands, guiding me back into the bedroom.  I was dripping wet, but we ignored it.  The husband and wife followed close behind.  I looked at my lover and remembered his kisses from the pool and immediately wanted his mouth on mine.  I turned around and threw my arms around his shoulders and looked him deep in his eyes before I welcomed his tongue in my mouth.  He was passionate and sexy and the thought of sharing him with the wife…

…I pushed the thought away from my head and enjoyed his mouth.

I felt the wife behind me, her hands around my waist.  She trailed kisses down my back and I arched at the sensation.  Her husband stood behind her fondling her breasts.  My lover stopped kissing me and took her nipple into his mouth.  I turned around to face her.  I wanted to watch my lover please her.

I stepped aside and watched as she grabbed the back of my lover’s head and pressed him into her chest.  She threw her pretty head back and I got the sudden urge to kiss her.

I’d never kissed a woman before but these emotions and feelings were driving me over the brink of sexual madness.  I wanted my selfish pleasure in every way.

I leaned in and kissed her.  Her lips were soft and moist and I wanted more.  My lover and her husband stood and watched as I put my hands on her breasts and massaged them gently.  She moaned again and stepped closer to me.  She put her hands on my ass and pulled me roughly towards her.  I kissed her deep this time, enjoying her small tongue in my mouth.

We fell onto the bed, still kissing and touching and grabbing, our lovers watching nearby.  She moved in between my legs and spread them, her eyes on me.  I pushed up on my elbows, wanting to take in as much of her body as I could.  I motioned for my lover to kiss me but he stood there, looking down at me, unmoving.  Instead her husband got on the bed and straddled my face.  He looked at me, wanting reassurance to continue.  “Yes”, I pleaded.  “Give me everything”.

Just then the wife delved deep into my pussy, her small tongue working magic on my clit.  I grabbed the bed sheets and groaned out loud, wanting desperately to get fucked again by my lover.  The husband pushed his dick into my mouth and it was his turn to moan.

My lover leaned over the bed and whispered in my ear, “Do you like this?” he asked.  “Do you think you could take much more of this?”  I couldn’t answer him but instead sucked the husband’s dick hungrily, not bothering to disguise the wonton look on my face and my desire to get fucked.  I wanted the wife’s mouth and her husband’s dick in my pussy.

I wanted it all.  I writhed against her mouth and grabbed the husband’s ass and pulled him further into my mouth all the while, watching my lover.

He was smiling that wicked sexy smile of his when he said, “Si mi amor.  You’ll get it all”.

All Her Love

It brings me great pleasure to have @WisdomIsMisery guest post as “Michael”.  Stalk his site (and sexy photos).  I bet you’ll love him as much as I do.  Thank you for being “Michael”, if only for one day.

And she promised me that it would take some time, but she would leave him alone, and the thought of her loving only me, that’s the thing that keeps me strong. – “All Her Love” – Donnell Jones

It was another boring meeting. Damian sat upfront preaching to a round table of employees about quarterly earnings. Michael was beginning to despise him. He could almost hear the arrogance in Damian’s every word. He gritted his teeth at the thought of Damian fucking Savannah replaying in his mind, again. He couldn’t take it anymore.

He turned away and began to tune out.

His Blackberry vibrated in his pocket. His heart thumped at his throat. He quickly said a prayer, hoping it was a message from Savannah. He looked down and his heart quickly sunk. It was an email with the updated statistics Damian was talking about. Dammit.

It had been a few weeks since he talked to Savannah, not since the party. It wasn’t her fault. A myriad of emotions, mainly pride, kept him from reaching out to her. He’d made a few attempts after that night with no success. She hadn’t returned his messages or his calls. He was almost certain Damian had something to do with this, so he gave up trying to contact her. Instead, he spent many nights with his hands clasped behind his head, dick hard, thinking about her. He was horny. He was angry. Jealous? No. No, not jealous? “Why would I be?” he wondered to himself. They weren’t even together. It’s only pussy, he tried to reassure himself.

“Michael? Michael?!” Damian’s voice rudely interrupted his thoughts.

Making a half-hearted attempt to hide the animosity in his voice he responded, “What?”

He couldn’t tell if it was in his head but it looked like Damian enjoyed this moment. A slight smirk appeared briefly in the corner of his mouth before disappearing behind a steely gaze. “Thank you for joining us, Michael. Will you have those numbers finalized for us by our next meeting?”

“Yes,” Michael replied simply, even though he had no idea what the hell Damian was talking about or why he was even talking to him about it. He didn’t care either.

The room was a tensed hush. Michael gazed without emotion into Damian’s eyes. He wasn’t the least intimidated; it wasn’t a new experience for either of the men. It looked as if Damian considered pushing the subject further before deciding against it. He swiveled slowly in his chair putting an end to their brief standoff and continued with the presentation.

Michael reached for the Blackberry he’d set on the table earlier so he could give his full attention to staring down Damian. Not before he made eye contact with Scarlett, the newest member of their team. She seemed surprised, but not afraid, to find him staring back at her. She allowed a brief smile to form before turning away and pretending she was listening to the presentation. He hadn’t noticed Scarlett’s pretty smile around the office until now. He’d been too preoccupied with thoughts of Savannah. But he knew exactly what that look meant. He just had too much going on right now to explore it.

He searched his phone for the folder of photos of Savannah and clicked on his favorite one, a body shot of Savannah naked from the neck down greeted his eyes. Her hand covered her pussy, except for the two fingers she had placed inside of it. He was instantly hard.

Just like that, he was lost in his thoughts. Aided by the visual, his imagination began to run wild. He’d taken this picture of Savannah lying on her couch in her living room months earlier. The very couch he had fucked her on so many different occasions. He remembered her sliding those fingers out of her pussy and placing them slowly into her mouth while keeping her eyes focused on his.

He cleared his throat and shifted restlessly in his chair. He was horny as shit. He gave a quick look around the room before adjusting himself underneath the table. No one was paying attention. Fucking Savannah, he thought to himself before returning to his thoughts…

Savannah had been playing with herself in the corner of her couch. Nearing climax, her muffled moans and failed attempts at silence had lured him from the other room. He leaned against the wall and watched her from the hallway.

He loved how nasty Savannah could be, especially when she was nearing orgasm. It was obvious. Her hand was beginning to move with increased force as she pulled it from inside her pussy and began playing with her clit. She grabbed her breast with her free hand and was just starting to come when she must have felt his eyes on her. She didn’t stop though. She only slowed down and began rubbing her clit in softer, slower circles. Her breathing became more controlled. Her eyes were begging him to come over to her. She wanted him to make her come.

Michael was already shirtless. He began slowly making his way towards his Savannah. The way she looked at him alone turned him on. He could feel her eyes exploring his muscles as she continued rubbing on her clit in anticipation of having him inside her. He wasn’t doing much better at containing himself either. The anticipation made him excited too and he could feel his dick start to grow hard beneath his pants.

When he came within arm’s distance of her, Savannah leaned forward for his belt. It turned him on even more to be this desired by her. She was so excited, her hands fumbling clumsily with his buckle before finding the clasp. She ripped at it and tossed the belt away in a single motion.

Without the belt’s support, his pants dropped just enough for her to trace the V-shape where his stomach met his inner thigh with her tongue. She paused long enough to place a gentle bite on his right side, following it up with a soft kiss. Pain before pleasure.

She unbuttoned and tugged at his jeans. As she got them below the length of his dick, it stood fully erect. He was ready for her. Moving to her knees, Savannah squeezed eagerly between his cock and the couch. His dick was even with her mouth. She started at the tip, moaning softly as she began to play with her clit again. She slowly took as much of him as she could into her mouth.

As it hit the back of her throat for the first time tears welled. Her mascara ran down her cheeks but she didn’t protest when he placed his hands on the side of her head. She responded to his taking control of her face by moaning against his dick.  He could feel her orgasm build as she moved her mouth faster on his dick, taking him all the way in and then all the way out. Savannah quickened her hand movement on her clit, moaning louder with every touch. She was hungry for him and she demonstrated this fact very well. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and threw his head back in enjoyment, wanting so much to pound her pussy but loving the warmth and wetness of her mouth. He reached down over her hand and slid two fingers easily inside her.  The sexy sound that escaped her lips was enough to make him bust.

He continued his movements in her pussy, enjoying the juice overflowing onto his fingers, while fucking her face so passionately.  He loved the look on her face while she sucked on his cock, her eyes fluttering open just enough to look up at him.  He felt the spasms on his fingers and he pressed deeper, harder, wanting to feel her muscles contract. She stroked the base of his dick with one hand and continued stroking her own clit. He knew she loved the feel of the double orgasm and knew she was about to blow. She moved away briefly to spit on the length of his dick and took him back into her mouth hungrily. Michael wanted so badly to fuck her but he realized he was about to come, hard, if she kept this up. She saw it in his eyes and stuck her tongue out to take him in deeper. Her breathing got shorter and he pushed his fingers up deeper inside her, hitting that spot in his lover that he knew so expertly.

 He didn’t stop his experienced fingers, enjoying every inch of her walls that he could reach.  Just then, with her hand still stroking her clit, and his fingers deep inside her juicy pussy, Savannah came, pausing briefly to yell out Michael’s name.  He tried to pull away so he could fuck her, feel her wet pussy wrap around and clench on his dick, but she didn’t allow it.

She shivered and bucked against his hand, exploding her orgasm all over his fingers.  She maneuvered her free hand between his legs and spread it out across his lower back. She pulled him towards her forcefully, his dick pushing deeper into her mouth until it reached the back of her throat. Michael felt her throat tighten around his dick. His knees grew weak as surges of pleasure began traveling through his body. He was about to come, just like Savannah wanted. He knew she wanted to taste him.

Michael’s hands grasped her shoulders. He was losing control. “Fuck, baby….shit. I’m about to…”

The shifting of chairs and the start of intense conversations around him startled Michael back into reality. The thought of coming into Savannah’s eager mouth had his dick so hard it was throbbing underneath the table. An hour had passed? Had he been thinking about her this entire meeting? Fuck.

With the room clearing out, Michael pretended to shuffle his files a bit longer. He needed a few extra minutes to allow his erection to subside. Comfortable it was under control, he finally stood. He was startled to find Scarlett standing next to him. He was also surprised to find how tall she really was standing this close. With her heels on, she was almost able to make direct eye contact. But she wasn’t looking in his eyes.  She was looking down. He traced her eyes to the slowly dissipating bulge in his pants.

When he looked back up, she had that flirtatious smile from earlier in the meeting on her face yet again. She opened her mouth to speak but it was then that Damian cleared his throat from across the conference room. They were the only ones left in the room.

“Michael, would you mind staying behind for a minute? Scarlett, you too.”

Dear Michael

I don’t know what to think anymore.  I’m not sure if you left me for him or if you don’t even know I’m here.  I’m praying it’s the latter.

He pinned me down.  I had no control.  He had my arms pinned behind my back as he pounded away.  And I think I liked it.  I think I did.  But the tears were streaming down my face.

She just watched.  I don’t remember if the look on her face was enjoyment…..or if there was possibly a hint of pity?  Perhaps sadness?

He made me come Michael.  He made me scream his name.  And I did.  I had no control.  His dick is huge and its thick and the way he moved inside me….I raised my hips up against him further, unwillingly but wantonly.  I wanted him deeper.

And he pushed deeper.  My breathing got heavier.  Eventually I started to scream.  And I had no control.

He made me scream his name.  Did I tell you that already?  I was crying and screaming his name.  And I wish I had the words to explain the look on his face.  He scares me Michael.  And I have no control.

He turned me over and pressed my head down into the mattress until I couldn’t breathe.  I was starting to panic but she spoke from where she was seated.  She said something in Spanish, something I didn’t understand.  He let go of my head then and I came up for air.  He listens to her.  I know he listens even though he makes the rules.

He came inside me Michael.  He made no noise but I knew from his movements and from his breathing that he came.  And I felt it run out of me.  I felt him come out of me.  And it ran out of my pussy and down my legs.

He watched it.  He watched my face.  He took his fingers and rammed them into me.  He brought his fingers to my mouth and traced my lips.  I didn’t want to taste it.  It wasn’t yours.

Where are you?  Why’d you leave me here?  Why haven’t you been back?  How long has it been?  Do you not care?  Don’t you want me anymore?  I wouldn’t blame you.  I wouldn’t want to be with me after him either.

Within minutes, he was hard again.  He had me on my knees facing him.  I didn’t want to do it Michael.  I didn’t want to.  But I had no control.

I can’t tell you what happened.  It would be too much for you to bear.  It was too much for me.

She came over and took me to the bathroom and ran a bath for me.  She was so pleasant and gentle.  She wiped my face clean with a warm cloth, removing any trace of him from my skin.  Tears still fell and she wiped them too.  Then she kissed me, full on the mouth.  I closed my eyes and felt her tongue on my lips, inside my mouth, tracing my teeth with her tongue.  She sucked at my mouth, as if she wanted to suck his taste from me.  She enjoyed it too much.

I’m weak.  I’m confused.  I’m weary and dazed.  I wish I could recall my steps.  I wish I knew how I got here.

You need to help me.  How are you going to save me?  How do I get out?  The only sunlight I see is the morning rays that come through the window.  And I think of you.  I remember your smiling face and then I cry some more.  As soon as she comes in, she draws the curtains closed and your smile fades.  She tells me every morning that the Master likes it this way.

And I have no control Michael.

What’s Michael thinking?

The Pleasure Principle – Chapter 3 – Michael: There Goes My Baby

Damn that ass.  I watched her walk away, secretly glad I’d suggested that red dress.  It hugged her in all the right places.

I smiled to myself, my mind going back to just a couple of hours ago, when I had her bent over the bathroom sink, pounding away at that pussy.  She took it like a real woman.  I almost screamed out that damn L-word when I nut.  The woman drove me crazy.

I don’t know what it is about her.  This vibe she gives off makes me want to tongue that kitty all day long.  That’s what she deserves.  A full day of my tongue action on her pussy.  Her words melt me.  And I know she ain’t doing it on purpose either.  Her actions, the way she moves, the way she looks at me, it‘s all natural to her.  Why’d she have to look at me like that for?

She did it just now as she walked away from me with Damian.  She looked over her shoulders, that erotic look in her eyes like she wanted to eat me alive.  I’m sure Damian had something to do with it.  I’m damn sure of it.

He was standing really close behind her when I walked back in to the living room with our drinks.  I ain’t even gonna lie.  Something jerked inside me, I don’t even want to think of what it could be…

I mean, I know she’s got other lovers, at least I think so.  I don’t think I’m her only one.  And we’ve discussed fantasies and role-playing and shit like that.  She’s always so eager to please.  Which is why I keep coming back to her.  Savannah knows how to hit my spots.  No woman’s ever blown my mind the way she has.  Among other things.  Damn.   And the thought of letting her have Damian?  For her own pleasure?  It crossed my mind.  Actually, come to think of it…it was Damian’s idea.

Men talk.  And Damian had been bragging one day at the office about some lady he’d brought home after the club who gave him mouth action in the cab ride home.  Of course, being a man, I retorted with, “My woman got freaky with me IN the club.”  This got Damian’s attention and we started exchanging stories.

He’d asked me, during one of our sex talks, if Savannah ever brought another man into the scene.

“See if she’s up for it bro’”, he’d said, “I mean, the way you talk about her, she might enjoy getting dicked down AND sucking dick at the same time.  Hey, it’s not like you’re exclusive to each other right?  You’re not in a committed relationship.  And you don’t love her so how hard would it be to share her for a night?”

I hadn’t liked the way he’d said “share her for a night.”  I know Damian.  What he wants, he gets.   I’d forgotten all about that conversation until today, until I saw him standing behind her so intimately.

But I wasn’t about to compete with my boss for my woman.  I make light of it, but I know the way Savannah feels about me.  I can’t let her know I know; that’ll mess up our whole arrangement.  I like what we’ve got.  Naw, I more than like what we’ve got.  I’ll please her any way she wants to be pleased…and I’m all the man she needs.

My mind wandered to that damn dress again.  Her breasts were looking so proper too, looking like they were ready to be freed at a single touch.  I know she wasn’t wearing anything under that dress.  That’s my Savannah.  Always ready and willing at the mere mention of the word from my lips.

Fuck.  Thoughts of Damian’s hands on her arms pushed back into my mind.  I’d seen the way she looked when she walked away from me.  He couldn’t have possibly tried to seduce her in the short amount of time that I was away from them, could he?

I pictured her hands around his shoulders, her head thrown back provocatively, inviting kisses on her neck and throat.  Man, I love that throat.  She always looks so demure and sweet when she does that, completely opposite to the strong and sexy woman that I know her to be.  My mind was reeling.  I pictured Damian’s hands on her ass, pushing her dress away to get to that sweetness that is mine.  I saw my woman undressing him, her hands anxious and desperate to get to his nakedness.  I saw my woman straddled on top of my boss, enjoying the feel of him underneath.  I saw her lips parted and his finger in her mouth, Savannah sucking away, rolling her tongue around his finger.  I swear I felt my cock stir and instantly got mad at myself for thinking this way.

Dammit.  I took a swig of beer and ignored the nonsense in my head.  I couldn’t be jealous.  “I’m not jealous,” I told myself.  “If Savannah finds Damian attractive and wants to sex him, I’ll let her do her thing and step away.”

A sudden surge of anger shot through me.  I chugged back the rest of my beer and walked across the room where I’d left them.  I looked around, trying to think of which way he’d taken her.  There were more guests since we’d arrived and there was a soft murmur of conversation within the house.  I strained my hearing, listening for her voice.

What I heard from around the corner was no mistake.  It was Savannah’s soft whisper.  I turned the corner and stopped just before the entrance to the room.

Why was I acting this way?  What did I expect to find?  Damian had taken her away to show her his collection of art.  How would I look barging in on them, interrupting her art lesson?  What would she think?  She’d think I was a jealous control freak and she’d get turned off from me.  I didn’t want to risk losing her…

And this was my boss.  I didn’t want to jeopardize my relationship with him, no matter what we’d discussed in the past.

“You know what she’s doing Michael,” a voice said inside my own head, “and sub-consciously, you knew when Damian took her away, you knew this would happen.  Think about it.  She‘s not really your woman, is she?”  I shook my head at myself, trying to shake it all away.

What if…?  Fuck this.  What if…?  Damn.  What’ll I do?

I stepped ahead quietly, being very careful so no one could see me.  I held onto the wall and peered inside.

There she was.

Savannah lay on her back, her dress pushed up to her waist, legs apart.

And there, face down in her pussy, eating her with a fierceness I’ve only seen in movies, was Damian.

I froze.  Even if I wanted to move, I couldn’t.  I held my breath, careful not to make any noise and be found out.

I didn’t know what to do.  My heart was pounding at my throat and something inside made me want to knock this motherfucker out cold…..

…but at the same time, I voyeuristic-ally wanted to stand there and watch my woman moan and groan at another man’s touch.

Savannah’s eyes were closed, her hands on the back of his head, pulling him in deeper.  She moaned.  It wasn’t a loud moan but it was a moan nonetheless.  I could hear the licking noises he was making with her pussy.  She lifted her hips up higher to him, trying to maximize her pleasure.  I couldn’t help but smile.  “That’s my girl,” I thought.

There was no mistaking my cock this time.  It was hard.  Watching my woman in this wanton lust, getting pleased by another man was exciting me.  I grabbed my dick, trying to adjust it in my pants, wanting so much to walk in the room and shove it in her mouth.  This was some bullshit.

“I want you,” she panted.  “I want you so bad, Damian,” I heard her say.  Fuck.  These were words I’d heard.  I did this to her.  I made her moan and groan like this.  I should be there.  Not him.

I watched as Damian pushed his pants down, freeing his cock for her to see.  And she smiled.  I saw her smile.

There was a jab at my heart, some kind of feeling I wasn’t willing to explore right now.  I was entranced at this show.  This was definitely a guilty pleasure.

Damian teased her with his cock, making my woman crazy with desire for him.  And then her voice again.

“Damian, please, we don’t have much time.  Please just fuck me.”

She wanted to get fucked.  She was filled with desire for this other man.

He pushed into her and she moaned again.  I watched as she writhed against him, looking to get her 30 seconds of pulsating pleasure.

I was enjoying this more than I cared to admit.  I wanted her so bad just then, I wanted to please her and make her come.  I wanted to be that guy.  My dick stood rock-hard against the fabric of my boxers, making me want to pound into her.

She was going to come.  I knew this.  I could tell by her movements that my woman was on the brink of her orgasm.  I wanted so bad to give her my pleasure…I wanted to be Damian…

…fuck.  Fucking hell.  I swear my heart fell to the ground…..

Savannah opened her eyes and looked over at the door.


Michael’s Story: Savannah, My Princess

I’m an extremely sexual person.  The problem was, I hadn’t found a woman who satisfied my deep and dark and erotic urges.  Until I met her…

I needed to satisfy these needs and I wanted to indulge in some intense, dark, crazy sex.  And she did it.  Here’s my story about Savannah, my Princess:

I met her online and everything seemed too perfect.  We spent several days emailing each other, speaking of our desires, our likes and dislikes.  Finally, after what seemed an eternity, we decided to meet.

We met at a coffee shop on the other side of town, in her ‘hood.  I was nervous as could be.  I had seen photos and was very impressed with her as she was with me but what kind of vibe would we have face to face?  Was she all I hoped she was going to be?

I sat in my ride looking out for her.  From what I knew she was tall with thick legs, dressed nice and had long, dark, curly hair.  Was I ever surprised at what I got.

As I sat there waiting, I saw this beautiful female walk out of the coffee house.  “Shit”, I thought to myself, as I watched with admiration this woman with a fine, juicy ass walking to her car.  This was all I could think about.  “If that’s her and she’s as freaky as I think she is, this is going to be fun”.

I stepped out of my ride and approached her.  “Savannah?”  And she replied, “Yes Michael, how are you?”  And there it began. 

We talked for about an hour as we gazed into each others eyes and all I could think about was getting her ass naked and doing all the things I love doing to a woman.  When it was time to part ways, she asked me, “Are you going to kiss me?”  Right then, I grabbed her by her coat collar, pulled her towards me, and pressed my mouth against her full lips.  Almost instantly I wanted her.  Her tongue explored the inside of my mouth and I could feel my dick quickly getting hard.  I needed to have this girl.  I needed to be inside her.  I needed to feel her skin. 

We kept in contact and the more I talked to this girl, the more I knew I wanted to fuck her.  Finally, she invited me to her house and I thought excitedly and anxiously, “Damn, it’s on now!”  We both knew I was going for one thing…

Driving to her house, my head was filled with erotic thoughts about her, wondering what her sexual limits were, wondering if I could satisfy her the way I knew she could satisfy me.  There was no doubt in my mind whether or not she could please me.  Something about her aura, her personality, told me she could satisfy my needs.

I finally arrived at her door, my heart pounding and my cock stiff as a rock.  I was so excited, I thought I would come in my jeans.  She greeted me at the door wearing a sexy piece of nothing.  Damn.  She looked good.  And she smelled like flowers, roses and lilies.  I’ll remember that scent for the rest of my life.

Savannah brought me into her home.  “This chick really has it together”, I thought to myself.  I got comfortable and she brought me a glass of red wine.  She joined me, crossing her legs as she sat beside me.  That was all I could focus on, those sexy legs and everything in between.  We sat there, enjoying our wine and each other’s company.  There was excitement in the air.  She was flirting, smiling, licking her lips and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her.  We knew why I was there, but we were stalling the inevitable, adding more excitement to the anticipation that had been there for months.  Finally, after some brief conversation, the kind of conversation you need to concentrate on, she took me by the hand and led me into her bedroom.  Inside her room, there were candles lit, casting a dim light over her bed.  I stood at the foot of that bed, Savannah in front of me.  She kissed me.  Oh how sweet her kisses are.  Her lips, so soft and juicy.  She put her hand on my chest and slowly pushed me back onto her bed.  I grabbed her so she could fall with me.  She wasn’t expecting that and I could tell she didn’t like being controlled.  She straddled me and I could feel the warmth from in between her legs through my jeans. 

“Michael”, she whispered, “I’ve been waiting for this”.  Her mouth was all over me, running up and down my neck, teasing me.  I was going to teach her a lesson she wouldn’t forget.

Just as soon as that thought had crossed my mind, Savannah got aggressive.  She was pulling at my shirt, trying to pull it off my body.  I was tugging and grabbing at her lingerie, trying to feel under it.  And under it, there she was…her soft, olive skin glowing in the candlelight.  Her pussy, nice and bare,  as if she knew what I liked.  Before I knew it, I was naked.  As we laid there kissing and caressing each other, I softly slid my hands in between her legs. “No”, she cried, “Me first”.  Savannah mounted me and pinned my arms down.  She kissed me all down my neck, moving to my chest, running her tongue along my stomach.  And the hottest part about it was, while she was doing this, she never took her eyes off me.  I felt her grabbing my manhood, stroking it.  I began to moan with pleasure.  It felt so good to have this woman appreciate me like this, appreciate my being a man.  I could tell she enjoyed being a woman, she enjoyed taking care of her man.  I let out a gasp as I felt the warmth of her mouth on the tip of my dick. 

“Watch me Michael”, she demanded, as her mouth began to descend.  I could feel her tongue flickering all over my manhood, my cock getting harder and harder.  I moved under her, grabbed a handful of her hair and began to guide her head up and down.  She seemed to enjoy this and moaned, my dick full in her mouth.  And the girl had some skills.  I’ve never had a woman able to take all of me in her mouth.  She stuck out her tongue and deep-throated my dick, spreading my legs for easier access to my balls, licking and caressing my sensitive area.  I felt her finger tickle my ass and I thought I would bust from the pleasure.

Savannah threw my legs over her shoulders to gain access to all of me.  I felt her tongue getting closer and closer and then, I felt the warmth on my ass.  As I stared down at her face, I could tell she was enjoying every second of the pleasure she was giving me.  I felt her tongue flickering all over as she stroked my cock.  I was struggling not to come, almost on the verge of my orgasm.  I pulled away.  It was my turn.  I wanted the control.

I pulled her face to mine, kissing her deeply, tasting the pre-cum in her mouth from my dick.  I threw her on her back and thrust my head in between her legs.  She gasped.  I slowly slid my tongue into her already dripping wet pussy.  I moaned.  Her pussy was so sweet.  I laid in between her legs, enjoying her and all the while she was trying to get away. 

“Michael, I don’t want to come like this, please, fuck me, let me feel you”, but I didn’t allow it.  I wanted to make her come now and make her come again afterwards.  As my tongue flickered around her clit, I inserted one finger into her tight, juicy pussy.  She was moaning like crazy.  Then I inserted the second finger and I could feel her pussy squeezing my fingers, pulsing, I could feel her almost coming, about to get there.  She was still trying to get away but I wasn’t going to let it happen.  I kept licking and thrusting with my mouth and fingers and then, suddenly, she had no control over her pussy any longer and I felt her starting to come.  I put my mouth completely into her pussy and then she screamed, “Oh my, oh fuck, oh Michael!!”  Her sweet juice filled my mouth.  I swallowed every drop of the sweetness flowing from her and rubbed my face all over her pussy.  Finally, I let her go, letting her get away.  I smiled, satisfied for satisfying this woman.

Flustered, she sat up.  She grabbed my face, kissing me deeply, enjoying the taste of her pussy in my mouth.  She leaned back, this time holding my face as she fell back.  Almost instinctively, my cock entered her pussy as I settled on top of her.  “Oh this pussy feels so good”, I moaned.  “Shut up and fuck me Michael, give me your big black dick”.  I began moving inside her, making sure to get in as deep as she could take me.  She was still holding on to my face, as if for dear life.  She moaned in sheer delight and whispered into my ear, “Don’t stop baby, please don’t stop.  Beat that pussy baby, beat it”.  I pounded away, enjoying her pretty face and her moaning.  I pulled out of her, my cock glistening with her juices by the candlelight.  She pulled me up to her face and took all of it in her mouth, licking off every last bit of her wetness, enjoying every inch of my cock.  Once she’d had enough, she turned around on all fours, bending over for me, allowing me full access to her pussy, burying her face in the pillow.

I spread her ass and licked her pussy from behind.  I tongue fucked her and moved my tongue to her ass.  She gasped loudly when she felt my tongue on her and moved with me, ensuring my tongue went as deep as it possibly could.  Then, without hesitation, knowing she would be pleasantly surprised,  I straightened up and slid my dick into her pussy.  I grabbed her hips as I began to thrust with full force, slamming into her.  One hand grabbed a handful of hair while the other spread her ass so I could get in as deep as possible.  “Oh Michael, you’re hurting me”, she cried.  And then, “I love it, I love this pain”, she cried again.  I forced my thumb into her ass and she gasped at the feeling of being completed filled by me.  I grabbed onto her hair and fucked her pussy, slapping and fingering her ass.  “You like that baby girl?”, I asked, “Tell me you love it, tell me you love my dick inside you”.  I almost came from her moans.  “Oh I love it baby, I love your dick inside me“, she replied, backing her ass up even further for my enjoyment.  “I love it, please don’t stop, come for me, my pussy wants you baby.”

I thrust in and out of her, feeling her pussy grip my dick.  I felt the onset of an incredible orgasm and I couldn’t control it any longer.  I began slamming my cock into her from behind, harder and harder.  And then I felt it, the uncontrollable feeling of her orgasm again, this time the intensity on my dick bringing me to my own orgasm, the warm juice overflowing into her pussy.  I slammed into her again, enjoying the throbbing of her pussy against mine.  She wriggled her ass deeper on me, clamping her pussy on my dick, making sure she milked every single drop and finally, we came.

We collapsed on the bed, intense with feelings.  Immediately she dropped her head and sucked whatever was left on my still-hard cock, that look of hunger in her eyes.  “Mmm, we taste so good together“, she said, smiling up at me.  “We’re going to get along really well Michael”, she said softly.

She snuggled into me and we slowly drifted off to sleep, only to wake up a couple of hours later, re-energized and ready for round two.  It’s no wonder I keep coming back to my Princess.  She’s always ready for me.

I don’t spend as much time with my Princess as I’d like.  Life, work and the distance keep us apart.  My times with Savannah are imprinted permanently in my mind and my heart.  I’ll always be in lust with her.  Time passes but the feelings always remain…


Michael cupped my face in my hands. “Sav, let me please you with my mouth, let me do what I want to do to you”. My wrinkled brow made him continue. “I want to feel you squirm under my touch. I want to have you in my mouth. I want the ultimate control of your body”.

I covered his hands, still on my face, with my own hands. “Michael, I don’t understand. You do please me. I haven’t had a man please me and satisfy me the way you have”. Slowly I removed his hands from my face and placed them down around my behind.

We had been watching a movie, cuddled on my couch under a blanket, sipping some wine. The weather was cooling down outside. The brightly colored red and orange leaves had already started to fall off their branches from the tree in my yard.

Before the movie was even over, Michael had moved his hands in between my legs, claiming he was looking for warmth. Within minutes he had me laid down, legs spread, comfortably positioned where he proceeded to kiss my forehead, my eyelids, my nose, placing soft, sweet innocent kisses everywhere on my face except my mouth. I had laid there, patiently, eyes closed, waiting to feel his mouth on mine.

He didn’t kiss my mouth…..instead he proceeded. Lower and lower, past my belly, down over my pajama bottoms. I’d stopped him there, pulling him back up to me. I kissed his mouth, letting my tongue slide into his, finally exploring his tongue, lightly running my tongue over his teeth, over everything his beautiful mouth had to offer. He kissed me back passionately, biting my lower lip, sucking and tugging at my lips with his teeth. I had gasped, throwing my head back, allowing him access to my neck, which he sucked on and let his tongue slide up and down over my neck. “I want you Michael”, I’d whispered.

Which was when he got up and stood there, in the middle of my living room, looking down at me.

“What is it? Why’d you stop?” I asked.

“You want me Savannah?”

“Yes Michael, I want you. Of course I want you”.

“Let me please you. The way I want to please you”.

I laughed. This was when he put his hands on my face.

I still didn’t understand what he was getting at and why he thought he didn’t please me. Maybe my senses were impaired because of the wine.

We stood there, together, his arms wrapped around my body, my arms around his waist.

“Come”, I said and guided him towards my bedroom.

I stood at the foot of my bed . He came towards me and touched my hair. I reached over to him and ever so slowly lifted his white t-shirt over his stomach. I let my fingers slowly slide up the newly exposed skin, gently teasing and caressing. Michael’s hands clenched my hair tighter and I gasped loudly. “Michael.”

Michael pulled my head back in order to access my neck easily. With the other free hand, he pulled my tank top over my head and threw it over his shoulder. He turned me around and cupped my breasts from behind. I leaned my body into his, turning my head to kiss him. He ran his tongue from my mouth to my cheek and up into my ear. I moaned, loudly again, enjoying his experienced tongue as he moved again from my ear down to my neck, onto my shoulders.

I turned around and reached for his jeans. He pulled my hands away.
“I meant it when I said I wanted full control of your body. Tonight, it’s all about you baby”, he said.

I knew my Michael. He loved giving me control. He enjoyed watching my mouth on his dick. He loved watching my body pound on top of his, he loved surrendering himself to me. He knew how satisfied I got from giving him pleasure. All this talk about wanting to please me was confusing.

I thought back to our last encounter, the night of the club, in the shower, when I gave myself fully to Michael. I remembered the look on his face when I told him I would give him what he wanted. I reminded him of that night.

“No baby, you don’t get it. Let me show you”, he said with a wicked grin on his face.

A thrill shot through my body, a rush of excitement. The feeling you get when your lover leans in for that kiss. The kind of feeling you get when your lover first thrusts his hard cock into your wet pussy. The kind of feeling that you don’t want to end.

Michael laid on the bed and pulled me on top of him, my bare soft breasts crushed by his bare hard chest. He ran his fingers down my back, making me arch in pleasure. Dear God, I thought, he knows exactly where to touch my body.

I kissed him, hard, fiercely and passionately. I wanted all of him. I wanted to consume his whole being with my mouth. I wanted to take as much of him in as I could, this lust overwhelming my body and my mind.

I felt the hardness through his jeans and smiled my lustful smile. Slowly I made my way down, over his chest, trailing kisses on his body, ready to feast on his manhood and please him the way I knew how.

Suddenly, Michael grabbed me and turned me over. In one swift movement, he pulled my pajama bottoms off and got on top of me, pulling my arms up above my head. He looked deep into my eyes, recognizing the hungry look of lust. He kissed me again, this time, gently, slowly, ever so lovingly. I tried to move under him, wanting to escape his grip so I could climb on his body. Michael tightened his hold on my hands above my head and smiled.

“Let go Savannah, give yourself to me. I want you the way you won’t allow me. I want you completely. Allow yourself to let go Savannah, give me your control”.

I laughed nervously and said, “Oh Michael, just fuck me please”.

He let go of my hands and moved in between my legs, spreading them and allowing himself full view of my already wet pussy.

“Your pussy is glistening baby“, he said. My pussy throbbed, aching for his dick. He looked up into my eyes and then again at my pussy. Again, the throbbing, almost as if it was enjoying the attention.

“Michael please”, I begged.

Michael bent down and with the slowest of motions, licked the wetness in between my thighs. I moaned. He did it again. And then again. And each time felt like it was at an even slower pace. My mouth parted in anticipation.

“You’re so sweet, you taste so sweet”, he said.

I moved my hands to his belt buckle, struggling to get it off, wanting desperately to feel his big cock in my hands. Again, he pushed my hands away. He got off the bed.

“Do you trust me?” he asked.

“Of course I trust you”, I answered.

“Well, I don’t trust you”, he said with a smile, deftly removing his belt and sliding his jeans over his muscular legs.

The sight of his bare legs made me weak in the knees and I reached out to touch him. Michael was delaying this and I needed to have him in my mouth, I needed to feel his fully erect cock in my mouth.

I sat up on the edge of the bed and wrapped my arms around him, pulling him to me, my mouth open and ready to have his hard dick inside my mouth.
He pushed me hard onto the bed, surprising me with his force. “And this is why I don’t trust you”, he said.

“You move too fast, you expect too quickly, you fuck too hard”, he continued as he climbed on top of me again, this time, fully naked. He mounted me, the way I’d done to him many times before and gently squeezed my breasts. My eyes closed to enjoy the full pleasure. “You take control of my body and you fuck this dick until I can’t take anymore and I have no choice but to bust”. I let the sound of his deep, smooth voice caress my body as I laid there enjoying the feel of his hands on my breasts. “You make me come, over and over again. You don’t stop until you have every bit of me for your satisfaction. So tonight”, he paused to take my nipple in his mouth. I opened my eyes and watched him as he licked the tip of my hard nipple and then gently bit it. “So tonight, I will make you come over and over again. Tonight, I want total and entire control of you. Tonight, I will make love to your pussy”.

My thoughts were all jumbled and nothing was making sense, except in my head, I knew that whatever it was Michael wanted was guaranteed to bring me sensual pleasure.

Quickly he threw my legs over his shoulders and settled in between my legs. I glanced down and met Michael’s gaze, a smile forming on his lips. All of a sudden, he delved deep into my pussy, making me squeal with delight. “Oh fuck!”, I yelled out. He kissed in between my thighs as if he was kissing my mouth, licking and nibbling and gently biting. This feeling was ecstasy. I moved my legs away from his face and squirmed my way underneath him, trying to position myself so he could fuck my throbbing pussy.

He moved away and again with a devilish grin said, “You see what I mean? Let yourself be pleasured”. He moved quickly off the bed and reached for his jeans, removing his belt from the belt loops. “You don’t let me do what I want Savannah, you don’t let me enjoy you. You don’t listen do you?” He brought the belt back onto the bed and smacked my breasts lightly with it. Surprisingly, a surge of anticipation rushed my body and he noticed this. “Hmmm, did my little freak just get a little freakier?” he said, lightly smacking my breasts again. The thrill of the slight pain excited me further and I needed to feel Michael inside me.

“Michael”, I pleaded again.

“Shhh”, he said. A thrill raced through my body at the sound of his voice with such unexpected authority. He raised my arms above my head for a second time. “I’m going to tie you up baby”, he said, “But I need to make sure you trust me”.

I was breathing hard, barely able to speak my complete trust. I nodded.

“I need to hear you say it. I want you to know that the second you ask me to stop, trust that I will stop and untie you, understand? I need you to know that I wouldn’t do anything ever to hurt you in this lifetime or any other lifetimes I will have the pleasure of living again with you”. I was intoxicated by his words. They were erotica in my head.

“Yes, I trust you. I trust you wholeheartedly. I trust you won’t hurt me. Now Michael, please”, I breathed.

He tied the belt around my hands, and made sure I couldn’t come free. He reached down and kissed me, assuring me of my trust in him. He took the untied end of the belt and wrapped it around my bedpost. He had a smug look on his face, like he was finally getting what he wanted.

Michael didn’t waste any time. His mouth went back to my pussy and continued kissing and licking and sucking. It seemed the more he sucked, the wetter I became. I ground my hips against his mouth, inviting him in deeper. And deeper Michael went. He touched me with his fingers, gently, unsure of my response. When he inserted one finger, I moaned loudly. And then he pushed a second finger inside and I cried out. He removed his fingers and held them up for me to see.

“See this?”, he asked. “See your sweetness? This is all mine, all mine to have baby girl. You’re not getting any of it. You don’t get to lick this off my dick baby. You don’t get to enjoy the taste of your own pussy off my dick”. My mouth opened and I stuck out my tongue, hoping to entice him.

“That’s not going to work baby. All this juice, all this sweetness is for my pleasure.” He bore into me with his fingers, moved inside me and brought them up to my face, closer to my mouth this time. I raised my head off the pillow trying hard to reach his fingers with my tongue. He laughed and put his fingers in his mouth, lazily licking every last drop, teasing me with his tongue.

I laid my head back and closed my eyes, anticipating his next move. Michael licked me again, slowly at first and then faster, his tongue working its magic inside me. He put his fingers inside and this time, he hooked them ever so slightly, and I thought I was going to come. I thrust my hips off the mattress, higher up against his mouth, gyrating and moving to the thrust of his fingers. He didn’t stop. He continued the movement of his fingers inside me while his mouth licked and probed and sucked.

I wanted to grab the back of his head hard and press his mouth deeper into me but I couldn’t, I was under his command and unable to do anything. My pleasure was beyond my control.

“Dammit Michael”, I cried out, more in desperation than in anger. I felt the waves rushing over me and I knew I was going to come in his mouth and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

“Michael”, I cried out again. He looked up at me, lust in his eyes, but didn’t stop his movement. His fingers still inside me, his mouth on my wet pussy, licking and kissing, as if he knew I was on the brink of my orgasm, continuously moving his fingers simultaneously with his tongue. He stroked around my clit gently with his tongue and no words could explain the feeling this tiny action brought me. I threw my head back hard into the pillow and clenched my muscles. He felt this and licked around my clit again, this time with a slightly harder stroke.

The way he did this, the way his tongue moved around the sensitive hood of my most private and sensual part of my body had me love-drunk. My head was now shaking from side to side, uncontrollably. I looked down at him again and with his eyes still on mine, he pushed his fingers deeper yet, his tongue now lashing at my clit, faster and faster still.

What he did next was inexplicable beyond any words.

Michael grabbed my ass and lifted it off the bed. With one long, excruciatingly slow movement of his wonderful, pleasing tongue, he licked me, from my ass, up and around my swollen pussy and back down to my ass. I froze in amazement, allowing my body full submission to Michael’s mouth.

I was crying out loud non-stop, my head thrashing on the pillow. Uncontrollably, almost subconsciously, I wrapped my legs around Michael’s neck and he moaned loudly, expressing his pleasure in my submission. When he moaned, I felt the vibrating waves pulsate through my pussy and I screamed out louder. Michael didn’t stop. He slid his hands underneath and grabbed my ass again, allowing his mouth to drop lower. He thrust his tongue into my ass. I thought I would die from this immense pleasure. His mouth moved again into my pussy and he followed with his fingers.

“Michael, oh dear, fuck, Michael, oh dear, oh my…” I couldn’t control my moaning, my legs tightly wrapped around his neck, his mouth sucking away, his fingers pressed up into my spot, I was overcome by emotions, emotions controlled by my pussy. Michael was moaning with me, his mouth non-stop full of action on my pussy.

Michael felt my orgasm before I did. He moved his fingers faster, his tongue stroke got stronger and my hips thrust up into his face, readying myself for my explosion. He continued movement of his fingers deep inside me and he moved once, twice, never losing the rhythm with his tongue and then, “Ohhhhh my God”, I screamed. “Ohhhh, fuck me with that mouth baby”, I yelled and I ground my pussy against his mouth, adding an extra bit of measure to my orgasm. I screamed uncontrollably, eyes rolling into the back of my head, writhing my hips against his hand, his mouth, non-stop waves overflowing me with sensuality and pleasure.

My body tensed up and I came with an incredible force, my body uncontrollably convulsing against the mattress. I felt the moisture releasing and Michael moaned with pleasure, enjoying the result of his love’s work.

I stopped moving. My body laid there, limp and lifeless and unable to move, hands still tied above my head. Michael moved away from in between my legs, his lips wet from the juice of my pussy and kissed me deeply, finally allowing me to taste myself from his mouth. He looked at me, my eyes struggling to open to look back at him. I could see the satisfied look on his face. He moved on top of me, making sure I felt his still erect cock on my stomach.

“Baby girl?”

“Mmm”, I moaned.

“Guess what?” he asked.

“Mmm”, I moaned again, not the slightest bit interested in what he had to say.

“It’s my turn”…….

The Things You Make Me Do

“I want you now”, he said.

“No baby….we got lots of time,” I told him, trying unsuccessfully to hide my desire.

He laughed, that throaty, deep laugh of his. “You want me inside you, don’t you?”, he taunted, recognizing the look in my eyes. “You want me up in you, you want me to move slowly inside you, until I hit your spot, that spot that makes you scream and makes your pussy shudder, don’t you?”

“No Michael, I don’t,” I lied and pulled completely away from him. I pulled my dress back down and tried to get out of the bathroom stall.

He put his hand on the door and closed me in under him. “I’m going to get you later. I’m going to fuck you until you scream. I’m going to ram my dick up inside you so hard, you won’t know what hit you,” he whispered.
I stared at him and said nothing. I was weak and breathless and if he pressed up against me with his hardness another second, I would come. I didn’t want to. Prolonging our orgasms would make them that much more intense and I wanted this to be a night he’d never forget. Anticipation is half the fun. I promised myself I would make him come with an intensity and fierceness he’d never felt before.

I pulled away from his embrace and walked out of the stall straight out the bathroom door, ignoring the looks and calls I got on my way out. I waited for him, secretly hoping he hadn’t finished himself off.  But something told me he wouldn’t.

The bulge underneath his jeans when he walked out confirmed it. He was still horny. And our night was just beginning.

We went out onto the dance floor. I needed to move, dance, sweat.  I needed to get rid of the sex thoughts that had conjured up in my mind from being with him.  So I moved ahead of him to dance.  He was reluctant.  He stood there, hands in his pockets, watching me. And instantly I had a wicked thought.  I danced, my back to him, feeling his piercing eyes on my body. I moved ever so seductively, to the beat of the music, swaying my hips back and forth, running my hands through my hair, down my body, over my backside.  This wasn’t helping my level of heat for him.  It made me even more turned on.  I was so anxious to have him in between my thighs.  I needed to look at him.  I wanted him to see the look in my eyes. I turned around and stared.  He stared back.  He motioned for me.  I ignored him, fully knowing he was longing to touch my body.  Oh and how I wanted to touch him in return.  I wanted to grab his head and kiss his mouth, run my hands down his back, grab his arms and hold him.  I wanted to grind up on him and feel his dick through my dress.  He smiled, fully reading my thoughts.

Just as I started to move towards Michael, I felt a pair of hands around my waist.  I turned to see a man, in his mid-twenties, dark-skinned, tall, very handsome, smiling at me.  He wanted to dance. Hmmm, I thought, wickedness already creeping into my mind.  I didn’t move away.  Instead, I began to move with this hot stranger, feeling his tempo in order to get in sync.  And in sync we got, all the while Michael watching me enjoy this torturous movement that was keeping me hot and sweaty.  The man pulled me in tighter, holding on to my thighs.  I stood my ground and moved with him, letting him grind up on me to the rhythm of the music.

My eyes never left Michael’s.  I bent over slightly, sticking my ass further into the stranger.  We moved and danced and I could feel his manhood starting to rise in between my legs.  The man was getting hard, beating and whining and grinding himself against my ass.  I was getting excited.  The tingle was back inside me.  Instinctively, my lips parted and I stuck out my tongue, ever so seductively at Michael.  This man was hard, enjoying the feeling of my body on his dick and I was getting excited while Michael watched me.  I saw his lips curve up in a smile.  He knew exactly what I was feeling.

I turned around suddenly to the stranger and thanked him. He took my hand in his and brought it up to his mouth and kissed it. Surprisingly enough, he let me go without insisting. I had to control myself in order not to run to Michael. Ever so calmly I walked over to him and grabbed his head and tongue-kissed him deeply, sucking on his tongue, mimicking the movements of sucking his dick. He moaned. I stopped. “Enough,” I said. “Let’s get out of here.”

We got outside and walked towards the parking lot where his car was parked. “You drive,” I told him. I slid in the passenger side while he got into the driver’s seat.

“Did you enjoy the dance?”, he asked.

“Did you enjoy the show?”, I asked back.

Again, that throaty sexy laugh. “Hell yeah,” he said. “I was waiting for that guy to bust in his pants while he dry-humped you. And you looked like you were enjoying him,” he said as he looked at me.

“Yes. I was enjoying him. I was enjoying him while looking at you and wishing you were in his spot.”

We drove in silence for a while. Not uncomfortable silence. Just peaceful silence, the kind you enjoy after sex, laying in each other’s arms, uncomplicated silence.

I waited for him to get on the highway before I made my move. I leaned over and licked his ear, flicking my tongue in and out. He took a sharp breath, confirmation that what I was doing was right. I continued, running my tongue down his neck, across his jaw line, to his mouth, down his chin, back up to his ears. He moved away. “You need to stop that, I’m driving.” It was my turn to laugh. “Driving? Oh baby, what’s wrong, can’t you concentrate?” I moved my hands in between his legs and felt his still-hard cock. He adjusted himself, giving me easier access, his hand automatically at my knee, pushing my dress aside.

“No, no, no, no sweet thing. It’s not your turn.”

I moved quickly and swiftly removed his belt, unzipped his pants and stuck my hand down into his boxers.

“Ohhhh fuck,” he moaned. “I can’t do this.”

Just then I bent down and slid him in my mouth, the taste of my own pussy juice mixed with his pre-cum reigniting all my senses. Michael moaned a pleasureful sigh. One hand came off the steering wheel onto the back of my head, applying slight pressure into his groin. I took as much of him in my mouth as I could. I licked him and sucked him hard and fierce, never stopping the rhythm of my head up and down on his hardness. His breathing was getting faster. I stopped abruptly and asked him, “What do you want Michael?”

“I want you,” he answered.

“No, wrong answer, what do you want Michael?”

“You, I want your pussy knocking against me the way you were knocking your ass against that guy in the club,” he said, his hand still on my head, hoping I’d get down to finish the job.

“Pull over,” I told him. He did as I asked. He killed the ignition and turned to me. Again, I insisted…..

“Tell me what you want Michael. Tell me how you want it,” as I massaged and caressed and stroked his balls and the sensitive spot right underneath where I knew would make his toes curl.

“I want you to suck my dick. I want to eat your pussy and lick you all up. I want to play with you and make you come. I want you to ride me so I can feel your body orgasm over and over again. I want to stick my dick in your ass. I want to come inside that ass so you could feel my warmth explode inside you,” he said, his hand stroking my hair and my face.

“Oh Michael, tonight you get to have whatever you want, however way you want it,” I said and immediately went back down to his full, hard dick. I sucked and sucked, harder and harder until I knew he couldn’t control himself. His breathing was coming rapidly now and both his hands were on my head, as he thrust upwards towards my mouth. “I want to fuck you,” he said. “I want to fuck you now, I want to feel all of you all over me, I want you to lick your creamy pussy off my, oh fuck,” he trailed off.

I moved my finger lower underneath his balls and stroked him. I needed him. My whole body needed to feel him. He continued, “I want you, I want you up on this dick, I want to ram it inside you until you cry. I want to come over and over again and I want to make you come over and over again.”

My sucking continued, faster and harder. I slid him in and out of my mouth, dragging my tongue along his shaft. I pressed my face deeper, letting my tongue find that spot, the spot that curled his toes. I let my tongue stroke it, all around the rim, darting in and out of that spot. His breathing was now out of control.

“Fuck baby girl, I’m going to bust,” he said and tried to pull away. I didn’t let him. I stayed there and moved with him, allowing him full access to my mouth, my tongue. I moved with him and sucked hard, slipping a tiny bit of finger ever so gently into his ass. I thought I was going to orgasm from the excitement. “I’m not going to stop Michael,” I uttered quickly before slipping him back into my mouth.

That’s all he needed to hear. He threw his head back and I felt the vein on his big cock suddenly throb out of control. This was his moment. This was the fierceness and intensity I wanted. I sucked and sucked, deeply into the back of my throat. I felt him thrust, then his body stopped moving and finally, his sweet juice overflowed into my mouth.

“Fuck baby, oh man, fuck yessssss……”, he cried out. I smiled, still trying to swallow all of him, feeling almost satisfied for giving him such pleasure.

I got up and kissed his mouth, letting him taste himself on me. He smiled again and said, “Oh God. The things you do to me……”

I kissed him again, deeply, fully. I was in heat, and I needed Michael to cool me down. I had that familiar look in my eyes, the look only he knows so well. I turned to him and said, “The things I do to you??  Oh baby…….it’s the things YOU make me do…….

Now take me home please….”

Savannah finally gets hers in the next story.