Thirst For More (Thursdays)

Yum, yum
no blueberry;
after a couple of days away,
a few licks and
the feeling of a popped cherry;
we use chairs and
other household accessories as well
with the goal of uncaging
a singing Canary;
or Hummingbird
because the explosion
got her fluttering;
breathless and
muted notes,
the sweet taste of honey
coating the tongue,
going smoothly down my throat;
please put on a show,
let me spark up the evo,
3D, you holding your legs by your knees;
reaching out for my extension,
that feeling tension
making it hard for you
to breathe;
take these,
150 strokes,
push, then breathe
put it all on repeat…
it ain’t like you’re going to
insist that I leave.

And here you come.


Written by Lawrence Peoples a.k.a. People’s G. Riot ©

He Said, She Said


Hey baby. I thought of you this morning. I stretched out my legs and remembered the last time you were between ‘em. I miss you.

Really baby? Was just thinking about you too. It‘s been a while since we had time to enjoy each other. Miss the taste of you.

Do you remember? I remember your lips. I can almost feel them on mine now. Your tongue probing entry, wanting to explore my mouth.

Oh, I remember. The way you playfully resist at first and then moan as my tongue meets yours, pulling you closer the deeper we kiss, my hands trailing along your spine…

….as my fingertips trail your arms, your shoulders, your back. You know how much I love that back. I just got that feeling baby.

I love the feel of your nails grazing my skin. What feeling baby? The one you get when I kiss you along your neck and bite you? Or when I grab your ass to lift you to my mouth?

Yes. That one. When you grab my ass and lift me up and bring me closer to you. And the agonizing anticipation of having your mouth there, without touching me, yet teasing. God.

I love making you feel that way baby. And when your eyes get heavy, when that feeling hits you, knowing you‘re wet and ready for me.

But yet you make me wait. You’ll kiss me everywhere but there. I want you in my mouth now. I want to slide my hands over your chest and down over that cock I love so much. You know I love it don’t you? You know I can never get enough….

Yes. I know. And I know how much I miss those lips wrapped around my cock too. The way you slowly take me in and moan while I fill your mouth. It takes everything I have not to make a mess in your mouth. I swear you torture me for making you wait.

Why do you make me wait? Come here. I want you now. I want all of that weight inside me. I want to feel the length of your hardness deep inside me

I can’t wait to penetrate you slowly, to savour your moans before shoving every inch of me into you, to feel the softness of your legs beneath me, angling you just right so I can hit your spot repeatedly.

Can you stroke it? Thrust this pussy deep inside and fuck it fast? I want all of you inside. I wanna cry out in passion and anticipation while I writhe my softness against your hardness to get mine….

….wrap those legs tight and hold on baby, I wanna make your eyes roll back with every stroke, make sure your need is satisfied, leaving your softness swollen and tender….

Oh baby. How much longer?

~ Co-written with Mark “Tearless Poet” Dews.

I’m on my way…


It’s Your Birthday

Happy birthday.

I know it’s your day but I want to unwrap you. I want to peel away every item that’s keeping me from…

….that skin. That milk chocolate that melts in my mouth. Sweet. Delicious.

I want to intertwine my fingers with yours and look into your eyes and let you know when…

…I’m ready. That mouth that speaks nothing but sweetness, talking about “princess” and “baby” but you know I ain’t nobody’s princess. Take me from this kingdom though….

….take me anywhere.

It’s your birthday. Feel free to take me anywhere. Take this love I give you, do with it as you please.

I’ll make you remember today, make you wish every day was your birthday. I’ll blow at your ear the way I do and lick your navel like you like me to. Heh. You got me rhyming.

Lets celebrate. Let me unwrap you. And then…

…you can unwrap me too.

Happy birthday Michael.

Five years. We met for the first time right after your birthday; I wanting to make up for lost time, you wanting to stop time. Nothing’s changed since then aside from stronger feelings and happier hearts. And you? You make this heart smile. From the moment you pulled at my coat collar to kiss me, lips quivering in anticipation, hearts pounding, you had me.

I want to celebrate. Unwrap me now…


Baby, It’s Cold Outside, Part 2

*Read “Baby, It’s Cold Outside, Part 1” here*

Logan flirted wildly as they dined together.  She felt so comfortable around him.  She discovered that Tyler was a country boy who had moved to the next town over a few years ago on a job promotion.  He was also polite, charming and very attentive, intently watching her lips move when she spoke.  She was having such a good time that she actually felt a tinge of disappointment when he asked to use the phone to call his family.

When he excused himself and went into the living room to make the call, she started clearing the table to make room for dessert, hoping he had time to have a slice of her pie.  She was really enjoying his company.  As she moved about the kitchen she found herself thinking about his mouth and imagining how soft those lips would feel on hers.  She wondered how his hands, which she had closely examined each time he lifted his fork to his lips, would feel as they gripped her behind. “Oh Logan, you’ve had too much to drink,” she whispered.

“Excuse me? Did you say something?” She turned toward the sound of his voice and was slightly taken aback by how close he was to her.

“Oh, it was nothing,” she said quietly, admiring his gorgeous eyes once more.

“So?  Did you get through to your family?”

“I sure did.  It seems the roads are closed all the way around town.  I’ll have to make my way over to the nearest motel and wait ‘til the plows clean up the snow in the morning so I can get my truck towed.”

He glanced out her window at the snowflakes swirling violently through the air. “It’s real cold outside.”

She fought the feeling to ask him to stay over.  She didn’t want him to get the wrong idea.  Still, he could easily sleep on the couch; but the way he was looking at her…

“Well, there’s no rush then, right?  How about we have another drink and you can taste some of my apple pie before you trek back out there to face the storm?” she said sweetly.

“I’d like that, Logan,” he smiled and then lifted his hand to touch her cheek.

“Good.” She leaned into his hand, letting him cup her face.

“You’ve been quite the hostess. Thank you very much for welcoming me into your home and feeding me.”  He ran his finger along her bottom lip.

“You’re a beautiful woman and it’s taken every ounce of my control not to grab you and do some very dirty things to you.”  Dear God.  Logan felt her pulse quicken.

“What if I want you to lose control?” she whispered.  “What if I were to tell you I’d like to know just what kind of things you’re talking about?”  He stepped towards her and pinned her body against the kitchen counter.

“It starts with your mouth. I’ve been imagining what your mouth tastes like and how it would feel against my skin. I want to feel your tongue on my neck, down on my chest.”

He grabbed the back of her head with one hand, startling and exciting her at the same time, and with the other, he reached down below her waist and cupped her bottom.

“I’ve imagined my hands on your body, caressing your breasts, your back and this fine ass here.” His hands slid down to her thighs, gripping them firmly. In one fell swoop, Logan was off her feet, her legs wrapped around his waist, her arms encircling his neck, and her lips only inches from his.

He carried her into the living room.  “I envisioned carrying you to your living room floor and removing every last bit of clothing from your body.  I want to see your skin glowing in the firelight.  I want to see your beautiful brown eyes shine in the darkness of the room.”

Logan pressed her body into his and inhaled his scent, feeling heady at all the feelings being reawakened inside her.  He lay her gently down on the rug in front of the fire and resting his chest against hers, Tyler studied her face, passion and lust evident in his eyes.

“Logan, are you sure you want me here?  Are you certain you want this?”  She swallowed hard.

“Yes Tyler.  I’m positive.”  He kissed her, his soft, full mouth pressing against hers.  She wanted desperately to feel all of him.  She parted her lips and he took the invitation, sliding his tongue slowly into her mouth, as he kissed her deeply.  Logan could feel the length of him growing in between her legs.  She hadn’t felt the hardness of a man in a long while. She wanted more.

Logan parted her legs, inviting him in.

“Tyler”, she spoke breathlessly.  “I want to feel you inside me.”

Tyler began to unbutton her blouse revealing the soft pink of her lace bra. She arched her back as he kissed the newly exposed skin.  He turned her over onto her belly, unzipped her skirt and slowly slid it over her full hips. She heard him take in a sharp breath of air when he noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties.  His tongue followed his hands down her back to her behind, where he bit her gently. Logan groaned loudly and turned around to face him.  She sat up, her hands working feverishly to remove his shirt.  As she slid his dress shirt off his shoulders, he unbuckled his belt. She quickly unzipped his pants, revealing the prominent bulge in his boxer briefs.  She watched him watch her as she eased his rigid cock out of his underpants with both hands.  Tyler parted Logan’s legs and slid his length deep inside her.  Logan closed her eyes and cried out, surges of pain and pleasure running through her body. She coiled her arms around his back, pressing him further into her.  She opened her eyes to gaze into his, and saw the intense pleasure she was feeling reflected in his eyes.  She rocked her body in time with his and wrapped her legs around his waist, driving his cock deeper inside her.

“Oh Logan baby, you feel so sweet, so good,” he moaned between ragged, shallow breaths.  He bent his head to kiss her again as he began moving faster inside her.  Logan bucked harder beneath him, thrusting her body up to meet his demands.

“Tyler,” she whispered. “Don’t stop. Don’t stop.”  She was getting close and she sensed that Tyler was too.

“Oh baby girl,” he growled into her ear, his whole body tensing as he continued to pound himself into her.

“Oh God.  Don’t stop, Tyler.  Don’t stop,” she shrieked as her orgasm tore through her, tremors exploding through her body and down into her legs.

Minutes later they lay in each other’s arms in front of the fireplace, both their bodies glistening with sweat. Tyler looked up at the grandfather clock next to the fireplace as it struck midnight, and then turned to gaze into Logan’s eyes.

“Merry Christmas, Logan. Thank you for one of the best Christmases I’ve had in a long time.”

“And to think we wouldn’t have met if your truck hadn’t broken down on my street.” Logan kissed his lips softly. “Merry Christmas to you, Tyler.”

Baby, It’s Cold Outside, Part 1

Logan curled her legs up under her butt and pulled the blanket over her body, glad she’d turned on the fireplace. It was nasty out; the wind was blowing the sleet and snow against her living room window. Oh, Santa’s going to have a tough time out there tonight!

She smiled when she realized that she was actually happy that her flight back home was canceled. She’d secretly wanted to spend Christmas alone this year, especially since her bitter breakup with that asshole. She pushed the thought away. “It’s about me tonight”, she said aloud. She was going to have a great Christmas without him. After all she had an absurdly over-sized roast in the oven and the apple pie she’d prepared from scratch was ready for baking. She reached for her snifter, took a sip of the generous amount of dark liquor she’d poured herself, and instantly felt the burn run through her. Logan closed her eyes and rested her head back on the couch, savouring the moment.

The high winds of the storm outside rattled the glass in the window, and Logan got up to look outside, just in time to see a pair of headlights slowly snaking down her street. She watched intently as the large vehicle slowed down and came to a halt. Oh dear. Someone’s stuck. She waited to see if there was any movement from the truck. A few seconds passed and its headlights went off as the driver’s side door opened. Her inquisitiveness took over and she continued to watch as a figure stepped out of the vehicle.

It was a man, a very tall man. He struggled to shut the door of the truck as the harsh winds of the blizzard blustered around him, while trying unsuccessfully to keep the scarf around his neck. She couldn’t make out his face, but her eyes stayed on him as he began walking up the street.

I hope he gets to his destination safely, she said to herself as she turned away from the window and headed into the kitchen.

The wind howled again, louder and this time the whole house seemed to shake. Her mind immediately went back to the man stranded outside in the cold. She removed her roast from the oven and just as she was replacing it with her apple pie, she heard a knock at her door.

When she answered the door, cracking it ever so slightly in an effort to keep the cold out, the force of the wind pushed it wide open, bringing a blast of cold air with it. Instinctively, she crossed her arms over her chest, her hands rubbing her arms, as she looked up into the face of the man she’d been watching through her window just moments before.

“Good evening ma’am. I’m terribly sorry to bother you on Christmas Eve but I’ve run into some trouble.”

He spoke with a slight drawl and she could have sworn she saw the corners of his full lips turn up slightly as he spoke. His complexion was dark, more than a few shades darker than her own caramel skin tones, and his eyes were light, almost hazel. In a word he was handsome, incredibly so. He was clad in a long black overcoat and a toque, with the scarf that she had seen him struggling with earlier still hanging loosely around his neck. She stood there dumbstruck and motionless for a few seconds before realizing that she was staring.

He looked down at his feet shyly. “I’m sorry. I don’t want to scare you or nothin’. I’m s’posed to meet some family about 30 miles from here but my truck didn’t make it and my cell is outta juice.”

“Well…uhhmm…come in,” she stammered, moving aside to make space for him in her tiny front hall. “It’s bitterly cold out there. I’ll let you use my phone.”

His arm brushed against hers as he tried to squeeze inside, and she felt her face flush. She closed the door and leaned her back against it, admiring the view of his back. Wow.

He turned to look at her and she felt a warmth exuding from him. His eyes trailed down her body to her ample hips and then back up to her face. He lingered at her mouth and again she noticed the beginnings of a smirk.

“I’m Logan,” she said, offering him her hand.

He removed his toque. “Pleasure to meet you ma’am. Name’s Tyler. Tyler Smith.” He took her hand in his and lifted it to his lips, his eyes meeting hers before he bowed his head to kiss it. Again, that warmth.

“It smells delicious in here,” he said, without releasing her hand.

“Well I just took my roast out of the oven, and put my apple pie in,” she replied, smiling.

He smiled back at her broadly, revealing a perfect set of pearly white teeth.

As she took in his smile, Logan felt a sense of peace and…something else she couldn’t put her finger on. Here she was standing in front of a beautiful stranger, who spoke with a drawl and had all the charm of a southern gentleman. The fireplace was casting a warm glow in the room, the wonderful scent of herbs and spices were wafting throughout the house and it was Christmas Eve. Maybe this will be a merry Christmas after all. She caught herself staring at him again and quickly said, “I’ll get my phone so you can call your family. Would you like to sit for a while and have a drink?” The words had escaped her lips before she’d even thought about asking them.

“That’s quite hospitable of you ma’am, but I don’t want to impose. So, I’ll just take that drink, make my call and then just wait for the tow truck in my car.”

Logan laughed. “Have you seen it out there? It’s freezing outside. I can’t let you wait in your car. You can wait as long as you have to in here, where it’s warm. In fact why don’t you stay and have dinner with me? My roast is more than big enough for two.” Damn. Did I really just ask this man to stay for dinner?

Tyler looked at her, as if trying to assess if she really meant what she had just said. “Well, Logan,” he spoke slowly, as he carefully removed his coat, “You’re in luck because where I come from they say you should never let a pretty lady have dinner alone…especially not on Christmas Eve.”

Logan grinned at him and took his coat. He followed her into the living room where she poured him some cognac. “There you go. Something to make you warm,” she said, handing him the glass. When he took the glass from her, his long fingers grazed hers, sending a shiver of yearning through her entire body.

“You know what, Logan? As delightful as I know this cognac is going to be, I don’t need it for warmth. The cold left my body the minute I saw your pretty face.”

Thank you, Santa! Logan smiled mischievously, as she picked up her glass and raised it to his. “Well then, here’s to an enjoyable evening with a new-found friend.”

To be continued…


Written by Rorey and edited by Shay and yours truly.
I can see it in your eyes,
You want this as much as I do.

My desire,
Is to take us higher, two bodies in carnal lust,
Friction eliminated, love emancipated,
Two souls moving as one.

This is love, beneath the stars, just you and I,
Devouring and lusting in each others arms,
As we explore each other’s body and neglect our minds.

Time is of the essence,
Lest we get caught….up in time.

Our union defies the law of what’s legal,
So let’s make it official,
Pretend, if only for a moment,
That we stood before a priest,
That we have your father’s blessing,
That you wore a white dress,
With black lacy underwear,
For my eyes only,
That your hand and heart is mine.

Let’s consummate this union behind closed doors,
Where no one but God can judge.
I pray, that He forgives us….
Forgives me…despite the fact that I’m going to make you scream my name.
I pray He forgives me, forgives us for giving into this sin,
As you grip my inches of pleasure as we engage….

Deeper we move in passion,
Falling prey,
To forbidden lust.

Let’s meet at six past nine,
Ignore the missionary as we take love from behind,
Succumbing to each other, gripping, riding, sucking,
Our bodies entwined in lust.

Tonight I want you more than ever,
And by the end of it all, amorous sounds of pleasure will be echoing these walls,
As we climax,

I can taste you on my lips now,
I want you now,
I want this now….

Come.  Meet me…..