No Words…

No Words…

I don’t want to make my bed.

I don’t want to mess up the memories of my late night and my early morning with…


I want the rumpled up bed to remain like this, the print of his head on my pillow, the duvet tossed carelessly aside to enable him to move…

On top of me.

When his lips captured mine, all the questions didn’t matter.  My why’s and when’s and how come’s were answered as soon as his tongue touched mine.

Nothing mattered.

His voice, his face, his eyes, his smile.

That smile.

And then he looked down at me as he entered me, his eyes watching mine, his mouth reaching and I could sense the struggle between kissing me and watching me and kissing won because kissing me was what he was meant to do.

His strokes were in tempo with my heart, his moans in sync with my breath, and I laid still, capturing the moment in my memory so I could think about it now, write about it now, remember the details now.

He spoke my words, my thoughts, my feelings..

Do you know how good you feel?


I want to stay inside you like this forever.

And I smiled because I know.

I know. 

I knew then that I wanted him inside forever.

But then the waves started to threaten and I could feel him, and he moved, ever so rhythmically, pounding yet caressing, pushing yet touching, fucking yet…


So loving and maddening and frustrating and…

You’re amazing.  

Perfectly in tune with what my body was telling him, listening to how my body moved, yet, still I laid, capturing, remembering, thinking…

Memorizing his body and his strokes and his touch and his skin, my God his skin, and his mouth that made me tremble and go weak and limp under his command and still, I laid, motionless…

No words.

And I lay here now, remembering, thinking, memories of his body on this bed, his body on mine, his fingers on my skin, his tongue probing, finding…

I remember your taste.

And I can’t wait to have him again.

Lazy Love, Part II

*read part one here*

I make room for him on the chair that’s meant for one and he’s sitting entirely too close and I tell him he should be comfortable because it’s his house so he stretches a leg over me.  Again, this comfort.

We toast from our mismatched wine glasses and we sip and it’s clearly evident how magnetic this attraction is.  He asks me questions and watches my mouth as I answer him and he looks into my eyes and I’m distracted.

He suddenly places his finger in the middle of my spine and starts trailing it up and down, making me sit upright.  My head instinctively falls back and my eyes close, an open invitation for more.

He pulls me back towards him and places his finger on my chin.  He raises my head to his mouth and kisses me, softly but urgently.  I feel his need for me.

I stand up and hold my hand out to him.  In an instant he’s by my side, guiding me towards his bed.  He pulls my sweater over my head and my hands are on his chest, taking in every last muscle, my fingers not able to get enough of this man.  I want him underneath me.

He lays me down gently and turns me over on my belly.  His fingers grasp my waistband and my undies are slid over my behind, my legs.  He lays directly on me, feeling, wanting, needing.  His arousal is evident and I moan loud enough to let him know I’m ready.

FullSizeRender (2)

He pulls me up and kisses me, his lips and tongue lingering over my back, the curve of my behind, in between my legs and I’m anxious now, wanting this desire to be filled, completed.

“This is mine,” he whispers, barely audible.  “I’m going to make you mine.”

In one thrust, he’s inside, sending me over every edge, my body pulsing with every last touch of his.   His movements are calculated, rhythmic, smooth and experienced.  He’s aiming for my pleasure, my need, my want.

I push up against him, aching to reach mine but he’s a slow lovemaker, lazy almost, making sure I feel every last inch of him and I want to speed him up, I’m close, so close but he’s taking his time and I’m grabbing the bedsheets and holding onto his back and gripping his shoulders and yet he continues his slow and loving motion.

I give in to all the feelings and he senses this and starts moving faster.  He looks down into my eyes and smiles and briefly he stops, tenses up and I’m going against him, pushing and pulling and wanting all he’s got to give and together, in seconds, we call out and we’re done; hearts pounding, sweat beading, bodies sticking, spent and content.








It’s Your Birthday

Happy birthday.

I know it’s your day but I want to unwrap you. I want to peel away every item that’s keeping me from…

….that skin. That milk chocolate that melts in my mouth. Sweet. Delicious.

I want to intertwine my fingers with yours and look into your eyes and let you know when…

…I’m ready. That mouth that speaks nothing but sweetness, talking about “princess” and “baby” but you know I ain’t nobody’s princess. Take me from this kingdom though….

….take me anywhere.

It’s your birthday. Feel free to take me anywhere. Take this love I give you, do with it as you please.

I’ll make you remember today, make you wish every day was your birthday. I’ll blow at your ear the way I do and lick your navel like you like me to. Heh. You got me rhyming.

Lets celebrate. Let me unwrap you. And then…

…you can unwrap me too.

Happy birthday Michael.

Five years. We met for the first time right after your birthday; I wanting to make up for lost time, you wanting to stop time. Nothing’s changed since then aside from stronger feelings and happier hearts. And you? You make this heart smile. From the moment you pulled at my coat collar to kiss me, lips quivering in anticipation, hearts pounding, you had me.

I want to celebrate. Unwrap me now…


Grayson – Part 1

It’s a good day today. Esperanza let my hair hang loose. And I’m wearing a dress. We’re meeting Master Damian outside in the terrace for brunch today. I have to address him as Master Damian. Esperanza warned me. He can be mean if I don’t. And I know what happens when he’s mean.

Esperanza makes me feel better. Especially when she bathes me. She spoils me here. I enjoy the way she kisses me when I’m crying and she’s trying to soothe me. I especially enjoy it when she kisses me and Master Damian watches. I know he feels bad most times.

Someone is coming to meet me today. Usually it’s just the three of us but Master said this person is very influential and I should be extra sweet and submissive. So I took some extra medication. Esperanza let me lick it off her stomach. She’s so sexy.

I’m not wearing any panties under this dress. Imagine Master’s surprise when he reaches in between my legs. Esperanza applied special cream too. She said I need to be delicious. I’m so excited.

I got a glimpse of myself in the mirror today. The bruise above my eye is healing nicely. And the marks have almost disappeared from my breasts. My lips are chapped but that’s only because Damian likes to rough me up. Esperanza put some lipgloss on me.

I have to sit still at the table. Esperanza keeps scolding me. She makes me feel like a little girl. But how can I behave when I know we’re expecting a guest? I haven’t talked to anyone besides Esperanza in….weeks, I think. Master doesn’t really talk to me. He just gives me orders.

He just walked in. He’s wearing casual pants and a white tshirt. He’s so sexy. I can’t wait to have him in my mouth.

“Come here,” he directs this statement at me. I stand up and he twirls me around and plants a big, wet kiss on my lips. I try to inch my tongue into his mouth but he pushes me away and tells me to behave. He didn’t feel under my dress and I’m disappointed.

Esperanza gets up and he kisses her lovingly. I think they’re in love. But sometimes he loves me too.

He pushes Esperanza against the table and rips her blouse open to expose her bare breasts. He likes when we’re naked and ready for him. We rarely wear underclothes. Esperanza wraps her legs around his waist as he removes his belt. He always makes me watch, even when I try looking away.

There was one time Damian had his bodyguard hold my head down so he could shove his dick in my mouth after he fucked her. I told him I didn’t want to and I cried and struggled but eventually the drugs they gave me made me feel better; like how I’m feeling now. The drugs make me nice and I forget why I’m angry or sad.

He’s fucking her. She’s watching me. I know she wants to kiss me but I can’t do anything until Master says so. I feel the wetness and I wish I was her. I’ll get my chance soon enough. I just have to wait patiently and stop squirming or else things will go bad…

“Savannah,” he calls and motions for me. Esperanza sits up on the table and grabs my face and kisses me, passionately and deeply. I hear Master Damian’s moans and I know what’s coming up.

“Bend over,” he instructs me, just as I cock my ass up to him. Esperanza is standing beside me, her fingers gently playing with my hair. I know she’s close by just in case things get ugly. We both know how Damian loses control. I feel Damian in between my legs and I ready myself for the mixed pain and pleasure. Esperanza moans. I like when she moans. And I especially like it when Damian moans. Sometimes I wish it were just me and him, especially when he fucks her and makes me watch. But today I get to join in the fun and hopefully he’ll let me come.

He fills me up suddenly without any notice or warning. I love how deep he gets and how filled with his cock I feel. He makes me feel filthy. Today I like it. Most times I remember Michael and get sad.

He pushes into me again, taking me back to the present. Damian reaches around me and places one hand around my neck and fondles my breast with his other hand. I hear Esperanza moan and I can’t help but moan with her. Damian is nearing his satisfaction so he pounds into me deeper, faster. I arch my back to take him fully and prepare for the waves of bliss my body craves.

I feel my insides tighten and clench and I make sure to squeeze my muscles around his dick. I want him to want me the way he wants Esperanza…

Damian is fucking me fully now. He’s in full control and I feel my orgasm building. I want this release desperately. I want to come all over him – if only he’d let me…

Damian stills for a second, spilling into me. I try to move against him, furthering my pleasure but he smacks my behind. Hard. I look back over my shoulder and watch him, his eyes flickering in the sunlight. I hold his gaze and smile, noticing a hint of softness in his eyes; perhaps my thoughts are cloudy because of the drugs. I haven’t known Damian’s gentleness in a very long time.  I don’t know how long.  I’ve lost count of the days.  Or maybe it’s been weeks.  I don’t know.

Damian straightens himself up and Esperanza is at his side immediately. She holds my hand and helps me up and fluffs my hair. She kisses my mouth softly and says in her quiet and slightly accented voice, “I will take care of you later.”

“No need mi corazon,” Damian announces. “I have plans for Savannah later.”

Looks are exchanged between the two and I can’t help the pang of jealousy I feel. I miss what’s mine.

“Sit,” Damian instructs. “Eat.”

I sit at my designated seat in between Damian and Esperanza and reach for my orange juice. The maid comes around with some fresh fruit and croissants.

I sip my juice slowly, not really having much of an appetite lately. My thoughts wander to the first night I met Damian. I don’t regret what we did but….

I have so many questions. And whenever I’ve tried to ask them, things always get ugly.

I dismiss my thoughts so no one notices my change in mood. There’s a shadow by the entrance and I look up to lock eyes with the most amazing green eyes I’ve ever seen. I can’t help but stare.

Damian stands to greet him and the man doesn’t take his eyes away from mine. Damian looks over at me and frowns. I lower my gaze and glance at Esperanza who smiles a knowing smile.

“He’s yours, mamasita. You will enjoy today,” she whispers. I don’t know what she means but I smile at her.

Damian and the man exchange some words and they both walk over to the table. Damian introduces him to me as Grayson.

Grayson is taller than Damian and his skin is creamy, like melted chocolate. His white polo is snug around his arms and chest and he is absolutely breath-taking at this precise moment. His hair is wavy and faded evenly and he’s beautiful. He’s older. I can tell by the way his eyes crinkle when he smiles at me.

I am immediately smitten.

And something tells me Master will be upset…

(This is where it all began.)

Dear Michael

I don’t know what to think anymore.  I’m not sure if you left me for him or if you don’t even know I’m here.  I’m praying it’s the latter.

He pinned me down.  I had no control.  He had my arms pinned behind my back as he pounded away.  And I think I liked it.  I think I did.  But the tears were streaming down my face.

She just watched.  I don’t remember if the look on her face was enjoyment…..or if there was possibly a hint of pity?  Perhaps sadness?

He made me come Michael.  He made me scream his name.  And I did.  I had no control.  His dick is huge and its thick and the way he moved inside me….I raised my hips up against him further, unwillingly but wantonly.  I wanted him deeper.

And he pushed deeper.  My breathing got heavier.  Eventually I started to scream.  And I had no control.

He made me scream his name.  Did I tell you that already?  I was crying and screaming his name.  And I wish I had the words to explain the look on his face.  He scares me Michael.  And I have no control.

He turned me over and pressed my head down into the mattress until I couldn’t breathe.  I was starting to panic but she spoke from where she was seated.  She said something in Spanish, something I didn’t understand.  He let go of my head then and I came up for air.  He listens to her.  I know he listens even though he makes the rules.

He came inside me Michael.  He made no noise but I knew from his movements and from his breathing that he came.  And I felt it run out of me.  I felt him come out of me.  And it ran out of my pussy and down my legs.

He watched it.  He watched my face.  He took his fingers and rammed them into me.  He brought his fingers to my mouth and traced my lips.  I didn’t want to taste it.  It wasn’t yours.

Where are you?  Why’d you leave me here?  Why haven’t you been back?  How long has it been?  Do you not care?  Don’t you want me anymore?  I wouldn’t blame you.  I wouldn’t want to be with me after him either.

Within minutes, he was hard again.  He had me on my knees facing him.  I didn’t want to do it Michael.  I didn’t want to.  But I had no control.

I can’t tell you what happened.  It would be too much for you to bear.  It was too much for me.

She came over and took me to the bathroom and ran a bath for me.  She was so pleasant and gentle.  She wiped my face clean with a warm cloth, removing any trace of him from my skin.  Tears still fell and she wiped them too.  Then she kissed me, full on the mouth.  I closed my eyes and felt her tongue on my lips, inside my mouth, tracing my teeth with her tongue.  She sucked at my mouth, as if she wanted to suck his taste from me.  She enjoyed it too much.

I’m weak.  I’m confused.  I’m weary and dazed.  I wish I could recall my steps.  I wish I knew how I got here.

You need to help me.  How are you going to save me?  How do I get out?  The only sunlight I see is the morning rays that come through the window.  And I think of you.  I remember your smiling face and then I cry some more.  As soon as she comes in, she draws the curtains closed and your smile fades.  She tells me every morning that the Master likes it this way.

And I have no control Michael.

What’s Michael thinking?

The Pleasure Principle – Chapter 2 – Damian

We walked into the mansion and my eyes widened at the sight. The house looked like it belonged on an exotic island.

The bank president’s home was situated on a hill, just outside the city, overlooking a small, man-made lake that connected to the outdoor pool. Guests were already gathering around the bar outside on the patio.

I stood back and admired the decor.

Red velvet curtains. Dark brown walls. There were erotic paintings hanging from the walls, what looked like figures in different sexual positions. It was very Kama Sutra. I shot Michael a look. He was in awe just as much as I was.

Michael came to my side. “Wine?”, he asked. I smiled, admiring the smug look on his face, his satisfaction in knowing my drink preference.

I watched him make his way to the bar on the patio, loving the way the linen pants fell from his hips. I closed my eyes for a brief moment and imagined his hips on top…

“You like the artwork?” A man’s deep voice behind me. I started to turn around to look and then, “Don’t turn around. Let’s observe this together.”

His voice was deep, deeper than Michael’s. I didn’t think that was even possible. My heart skipped a beat in anticipation to hear what he’d say next…

“You notice the figures in this artwork? Can you see the position the female is in?”

I swallowed hard and tried to concentrate on the female figure in the painting. This man’s voice felt like warm, melted chocolate on my body.

“You can tell the female is in lust with her lover. You see how her lips are parted? She needs to be pleased. She wants to take him in her mouth. See that?”

I shifted my stance, not feeling uneasy with this man’s words. The fact that he didn’t make me uneasy is what made me uneasy. Dammit. Where was Michael??

He took a step forward, making my heart beat even faster. I didn’t move.

I could feel the heat exuding from his body, the scent of him wafting through the air. I stared straight ahead at the painting in front of me, forgetting what I was looking at.

“You’re so sexy Savannah”, he whispered in my ear. I straightened my back. How did he know my name? I tried to turn around to see who this mystery man was when suddenly I felt his tight grip on my elbows, preventing me from moving any further.

I got the sudden urge to fall back into his arms, to press my back onto his chest. This was so inappropriate. Why was I even pondering this with this mystery man who smelled like heaven and sounded like ecstasy? I didn’t even know what he looked like!

“I’ve heard so much about you”, he continued. “He speaks very highly of you. And speaking of which, there he is now.” He dropped his hands and my body felt…bare almost. Fuck.

“Ahh, Michael, I was wondering why you left this sexy woman here all by herself. I wouldn’t trust her alone, you know,” and then he laughed, a sexy, rough, hearty laughter.

I stepped away from the mystery man, reaching out to Michael. I turned around, anticipation knotted in my stomach waiting to see what this man looked like.

My knees went instantly weak. My palms got sweaty. And my heart was thudding out of control. Dear God.

I held onto Michael’s hand for stability.

“I see you’ve met Mr. Williams,” Michael said to me.

I turned to Michael. Then to the mystery man.

“You’re Michael’s boss?”, I stammered.

Mr. Williams held out his hand and took mine into his. He lifted it up to his lips and kissed my hand ever so seductively, his lips lingering a second longer than they should have. I could have sworn something stirred inside me…

Mr. Williams had dark, shining, mesmerizing eyes. He seemed to know what I was thinking. This was NOT what I expected the bank manager to look like…

“I’m not Michael’s boss today. Please,” he said, “call me Damian,” and he smiled.

I turned to Michael again, secretly cursing Damian’s smile and his perfect set of white teeth. I took the glass of wine from Michael’s hand and tried not to gulp it.

Michael was tall but Damian was taller. Michael’s skin was hot chocolate. Damian’s was dark chocolate. Michael had eyes I could stare into all night. Damian’s eyes shone like a star in the night.

I blinked hard and cursed myself for comparing my lover to this mystery man. What a man he was…

“I was showing Savannah my collection of erotic art,” explained Damian with an air of smug confidence, as if he knew, yet again, what I was thinking, “And I was just about to show her the pieces around my home. Do you mind if I borrow her Michael?” My body jerked slightly when he said “borrow”.

I quickly prayed that Michael wouldn’t mind. Something about this man made me want to hear him talk. Damian could talk to me all night. Dammit. Michael.

Michael bent down and kissed my mouth. “Go ahead,” he said, taking a sip of his beer and glancing at his boss. “And you,” he directed this to me, “behave.” I saw the mischievous twinkle in his eye.

I stood there speechless, my heart feeling warm from Michael’s presence and my body tingling from standing in between these two creatures. A wicked thought snuck into my head and I quickly pushed it back into the corners of my mind.

Damian didn’t waste one minute. He took my hand and led me across the living area. I turned back to see Michael watching me, a smile on his lips.

I followed Damian slowly around his home, hearing but not listening to the facts on his erotic art paintings. I couldn’t help but watch him.

Damian had long. slender fingers, the kind of hand that would cup my breast perfectly. His lips were just right, enough to cover mine with sweet kisses. I looked at his legs. They were clad in flawlessly pressed dress slacks. A designer belt held his pants pleasantly in place. He was wearing a white dress shirt, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, displaying the perfect amount of soft hair on his forearms.

And his arms. His muscular arms were noticeable under his shirt, aching for my fingertips to caress them.

“You’re having a hard time concentrating, aren’t you?” he asked, obviously amused at my reaction. I almost melted when I realized how sexy his dimples were.

I looked up and stared intently into his eyes, making sure he could read the seriousness in my eyes. “What makes you think so Mister, um, Damian?” For some odd reason, I wanted to continue calling him Mr. Williams. There was an air of authority about him.

“For starters, your nipples are hard,” he said, reaching out to touch my breasts lightly with the back of his hand. I didn’t flinch. Damian looked down at me, no reaction on his pretty face.

“And secondly, I know for a fact you’re moist underneath this dress,” he almost whispered, dropping his hand from my breast. I almost groaned out loud thinking he would feel under my dress but he wouldn’t dare, would he?

I smiled and stood my ground. Damian didn’t touch me and I hated myself again for wanting him to.

What was wrong with me? My lover was more than enough for me. Why was I allowing these lustful feelings to overcome my awareness of what was really happening. This was my lover’s boss! Nothing about this situation was right!

“Are we done here?”, I tilted my head for emphasis, “because Michael might be getting lonely for me,” I said.

“Michael has told me about your freaky ways Savannah. The thoughts alone are enough to keep him company,” he replied.

“How do you know I’m not lonely for him?”, I challenged, wondering how much Michael told his boss about me.

Damian moved in closer, making me almost unable to look up at him any further.

“You?”, he laughed. “Oh, Savannah. You don’t get lonely.”

Damian reached down and picked a strand of hair from in front of my face. He held it in between his fingers, looking intently into my eyes.

“Can I share a secret with you?”, he asked.

I was intoxicated by this man. By his scent, his movements, his voice, his presence. This is wrong, I told myself. But my body didn’t seem to agree. My body was telling me this was so right.

Damian grabbed my hand and pulled me with him around the corner of the living room into another room, what looked like a walk-in closet. I consciously wanted to pull my hand away from him and run to Michael but physically, I wasn’t able to.

“I want you. From the moment I stepped into the room and saw you in this red dress, standing seductively looking at my artwork, I wanted you. I’ve known for a while about yours and Michael’s sexual adventures and I‘m jealous. I want what Michael has.” He paused, just enough to stroke my face lightly. “Give me a taste. Give me a taste of what you’re about Savannah.”

I was engulfed by emotions. My Michael. I couldn’t do this. I loved Michael. I had never ending love for him. Michael pleased me in every which way possible. Michael was the perfect lover.

Why then, why then, dammit, was I feeling this way about a man I had never met before in my life? Damian was the epitome of sexy. His demeanor. His voice. His overbearing attitude. His over-the-top self-confidence. His eyes. His hands. Something about him made me want to bring him to his knees! I wanted to shut him up, I wanted to make him groan, I wanted to hear him call my name in mercy. How dare he talk to me this way? He was Michael’s boss, not mine!

I put my hands on his arms, confirming my thoughts about his muscles from earlier and pushed him back against the wall with all my might. I ran my hands up to his shoulders and then to his face. I cupped his face in my hands and pulled his face down to mine. I made sure he saw the hunger in my eyes before I pulled his mouth down onto mine. I sucked on his lips, kissing and biting his tongue. I moved deep into his mouth and sucked on his tongue hungrily. Oh God. He was kissing me perfectly, his mouth in sync with mine. My mind was whirling with thoughts and emotions and I realized how badly I wanted to wrap my legs around him.

Damian seemed to know, yet again, what I was thinking and with one swift movement, he grabbed my ass and lifted me up onto him. I put my hands around his shoulders and threw my legs around him, feeling his hardness under the silky material of my dress. Damian slid one hand under my dress and groaned sexily out loud when he realized I wasn’t wearing any panties.

“Holy shit,” he moaned into me, his face in my hair, inhaling my neck. I threw my head back, urging him to kiss me there and he did. His mouth sucked on my neck, his tongue flicking in and out lightly.

I wasn’t feeling any guilt at having another man’s hands on my ass, pushing my dress higher and further away, trying to get to my treasure. I was wet. I could feel the wetness in between my legs and I wanted Damian to feel it too.

“Damian,” I muttered. “Damian, please.”

“This feels so right Savannah. You feel so right. I want you. I want all of you. Let me have all of you,” he whispered into my ear.

Damian brought me down to the carpeted floor and quickly unzipped his pants. I moved my hands quickly, trying to free him from his pants as fast as I could. I wanted him in my mouth. I wanted to have him in my mouth. I wanted to make him scream my name. I got up on my knees and then…

“No,” said Damian suddenly. “I want you my way,” he said, and dropped down to his knees. He placed me gently on my back and lifted my legs. My dress was scrunched up around my waist, my pussy anticipating his every move, getting wetter by the second.

Damian looked at me again, this time expressing his hunger. He delved swiftly into my pussy with his mouth, his tongue lapping at every bit of wetness in between my legs. “Mmm,” he moaned, “you taste so good.”  I moaned with him, trying unsuccessfully to be quiet. I grabbed the back of his head and brought him in deeper. Dear. God. I brought my hips up higher, wanting desperately and anxiously to feel the thrusting inside my core. I grabbed his head again and this time brought it up to my face, kissing and licking his mouth, moaning again at the taste of me on him.

I was out of breath. “I want you,” I panted. “I want you so bad Damian.” I wanted him everywhere. I greedily and selfishly wanted my pleasure. And I wanted it everywhere. I wanted his mouth on my pussy and I wanted his dick in my pussy. I wanted his dick in my mouth, I wanted to please him. I don’t know which urge was stronger.

Damian pulled his pants down lower, giving himself freedom to move. I smiled when I saw his cock, my pussy now throbbing uncontrollably to have him inside me. Damian was well endowed and I wanted every inch of him inside me.

Damian positioned himself above me, teasing me lightly with the tip.  I thrust my hips up to meet his pleasure and he moved away.

“Damian, please, we don’t have much time. Please, just fuck me.”

Damian entered me and thrust himself up inside. “Oh my,” he whispered. “Savannah.”

I closed my eyes, tears uncontrollably welling up from the sudden pain. Oh God, he felt so good…

“Move with me,” I said, adjusting my legs to meet his thrusts, enjoying the slam of his body against mine. I felt the beginning of my orgasm deep inside, wanting so much to have his dick inside my mouth.

“Damian,” I stammered, almost ready to come, “Dame…” I stopped suddenly. A movement from the door caught my eye…

I froze.

Damian froze. Slowly he turned around.

And there, at the doorway, stood Michael.

*See Michael’s reaction here*

Say Yes

“Open your heart and let me pour my loving inside of you. You make me feel like living and breathing again, I wanna touch you. Don’t say no. Just say yes.” – Avant’s ‘Don’t Say No, Just Say Yes’.

Baby boy….you awake? Wake up for me please. Good morning lover.

I need you, hard as fuck, here in this bed, in between these sheets. I want that morning love baby. But promise me we’ll do it slow? I want to ride it slow. I want to feel every inch of it inside me. Ripping through. Slowly.

You’re going to let me climb on top of you, right? While I’m at it, can you put your hands on my ass? Guide me deeper. And deeper still. Yes. Like that.

My breasts are in your face, your mouth. They’re enough to fill your mouth wholly. Suck on this flesh baby. Yes, bite it. Just. Like. That.

My hands are on your chest, I need your support, I need to hold myself up, keep me from grinding all that I’ve got on this dick that feels like….it feels like…

…I can’t think…

I want it bad. I want this dick bad and you know this too don’t you? I want it slow but it’s going to end up fast and hard and then faster and harder…

…and you’re only going to want me from behind, ass up, making me moan in pain and oh, so much pleasure.

Baby, say you want to fuck me. Say you want this pussy. C’mon, let me hear you say it. Say yes…

…yes. Feel that? Feel how good this is…

Oh no no no no no, please don’t pull my hair, please please please please don’t. Don’t. Do. That. It’s just going to excite me…more…

You’re so sweet. This sweetness inside has me wet, you feel it don’t you? Baby, control me…try to control this…

I lied. I want you fast now. It’s not you, it’s me. I want you harder. All of you. You’re laughing at me… want to know what’s all of you? I want to inhale you into every pore of my body. I want you in my hands, my hair, my mouth, my body and especially…

…yes, especially here. That’s all of you.


…I’m loving the way you never tell me to shut up…..the way you pull down on my hips and…

…I can’t even speak anymore. I can’t. I know you like to hear me, I know you love these moans of mine and…..ohhhhh this dick has me moaning baby.

I need to grind this now baby, you know I need to, oh God, it’s now, I can’t, listen to me, baby, I’m going to scream out, baby, I, oh man, oh fuck, please, now, push up, just like that, baby, I…ohhhhhhhhhhh yessssssss.

I love when you say yes.

Nobody – Part One

He’s sitting across from me, watching TV while laying on my couch.  I’m sitting on the other couch, watching him watch my TV.

Let me tell you about my lover…..

His arms are naturally muscular, thicker than most average men.  They cradle my head during our rare, soft moments and hold me up during our lovemaking sessions.

His hands, with his long, defined and manicured fingers, have no trace of hardness on them…they’re the hands of a businessman, a man who uses a keyboard and a Blackberry and a calculator.  I’m sitting here thinking of his hands and how he’s close enough to touch.  I reach over and clasp my hand in his.  He looks over, smiles and instinctively, almost sub-consciously, takes my hand up to his mouth and kisses my palm.  Instant electricity.

I don’t know why I feel this way about him or when or how it even started.  I’m starting to think this can’t all possibly be lust.  I care about the man, I know I do and I know he cares about me too.  But this electrifying heat he brings to my body, this fire that only he ignites…’s unfathomable.

He’s wearing sweats.  I can see the definition of his manhood through them.

His legs are long and lean.  I love biting his legs, licking the curve of his knee.  He moans every time.

He just caught me staring at him.

“Something you want to tell me baby?”

I’m shaking my head at him.

“You sure?”  He knows me too well.


He winked at me.  That’s how this evening started.  A simple wink.  And then, that look.

I had been sitting at the dinner table, waiting for him to join me.  I heard him down the hall and glanced over my shoulder.  I watched as his tall frame walked towards me.  Just as he reached me, he winked and smiled.  He walked behind me and I tensed up.  I felt his heat on my back before he even touched me.

I sat up straight in my chair.  He lifted my hair off my back, exposing my neck.  He kissed me, softly planting gentle kisses along my shoulder and neck.  I couldn’t help but moan out loud.

“That’s what I love to hear baby,” he said, pressing his face deeper into my neck, trailing kisses down my back, as far down as he could.

I arched my back, urging him to continue.  Dinner could wait.

He pulled me off the chair and pressed me into him, allowing me to feel his shape  through his clothes.  I sprawled my hands along his back, enjoying every line and curve.  Michael looked down at me and smiled again, before bending down to kiss me.

His kiss was soft at first, just a simple movement of lips.  And then, hungrily, he parted my mouth with his tongue and delved deeper, probing, kissing, sucking.  This time, it was his turn to moan.

“I want to love you,” he said.

Something inside me stirred.  That word.

I swallowed hard.  “Love me Michael”.

He pushed my chair back into place and led me into the living room.

Michael gently tossed me onto the couch and immediately came down on me.  He kissed me, with the force and affection that he knows turns me on.  He kissed my face, lingering along my chin, flicking his tongue gently.  He moved up and kissed my eyelids then stopped to look into my eyes.

“This is crazy,” he said.  “Nobody makes me feel like this.  Nobody does what you do.”

Michael must have been reading my heart.

He lifted me up and moved me on top of him, putting me in a straddling position.  He grabbed my face and kissed me again, deeper this time, indicating his desire and lust for me.  I kissed him back, running my tongue over to his ear.  He took in a sharp breath of air.  I continued my exploration, paying special attention to his ears, gently biting and tugging.  Michael grabbed the back of my neck.  “Stop it,” he insisted.  I put my hands on his chest and pushed away, trying to lower myself on his body, inching my way to my favourite spot.

“I want you in my mouth,” I said.

He gripped my behind forcefully and thrust himself up into my groin.  “No.  I want you here.”

I felt him.  I could feel his hardness underneath the flimsy cloth that was my pajama bottoms and suddenly, instantly, I felt the wetness in between my legs.

I was weak with desire.  Enough time had passed.  I wanted Michael desperately inside.  I succumbed to him.  I let my body  yield completely to his touch.  And Michael knew it.  He sensed it.

Without removing his eyes from mine, he grabbed my hips and moved them on his.  I threw my head back.

“Look at me,” I heard him say.  “Savannah baby, look at me.”

I looked back at Michael, seeing the hunger for me all over his face.  I grabbed his head and kissed him, hard, deep and passionately.  Oh, how I wanted to feel his hardness inside me.  I moved my hips on him and he held on, guiding me, moving my body on him.  He was fully erect underneath his pants and I wanted to pull him free and slide him into my wetness.

“Michael,” I breathed.

“Baby, listen”, he said. “Listen to me, just relax, slow down…let me enjoy you.  I want this to last baby girl, don’t rush us.”  He paused to suck at my throat.  And then….

“Show me how sexy you can be.”

I kept my eyes on him and moved.  I moved my hips over him and allowed him to feel how sexy I was – in between my legs.

He smiled.  “You got it.  Keep moving.”

Michael placed his hands firmly on my ass and led me in movement.  Slowly.  Painstakingly slow.  He moved me up towards him.  I arched my back and and threw my head back.  He pulled me back onto him.

I stopped moving and looked at him again.  “What are you doing?”

“Teasing you,” he said.


“Shhhh.  I want you to come when I say come.”

I bit my lip.  Dear God.  This was going to be torture.

He lifted me and placed me on my living room floor.  Without skipping a beat, Michael placed his mouth on my breast, over my tank top.  I squirmed.  The feeling of his wet mouth over the thin cloth on my breast was a sensation I’d never felt.  He looked up at me and again, without missing a beat, moved over to the other breast.  Fuck.

I put my hands on his face and guided him up to mine.  I kissed his mouth, his eyes, his cheeks.  I gently nibbled at his jaw and slid my tongue down his neck.  Michael kissed me back.  I closed my eyes and felt his wet mouth on my ear, his tongue darting in and out to tease my flesh.

He turned me over on my stomach and pulled my hands up above my head.  “Don’t move,” he commanded.

I felt Michael move down past my waist and then suddenly, his head was at my pajama waistband.  Ever so slowly he moved, inching his way down until he settled on my ass and bit it, gently.  I straightened myself on the floor, feeling the sexual tension all over my body.  Whatever Michael was up to, he had better finish this up quickly.

He lifted my tank top with his mouth, letting his mouth linger on every exposed part of my back.

I groaned.  This was my weak spot and Michael knew it.


He moaned but didn’t stop.  He slid his long tongue languidly up my back, making me writhe against the floor.  I tried unsuccessfully to grind on the floor, hoping to cause friction in between my legs.

Michael reached the back of my neck and sucked hard.  I slammed my hands on the floor.

“Fuck,” I yelled.

“Fuck?”, he asked, coming up to whisper close to my face.  “Fuck what baby?”

I opened my eyes so he could see me.  “Fuck you.”

With one quick, swift movement, Michael slid his hand underneath my pussy from behind and held it there.

“You’re so wet baby.  I can feel your wetness through your pants,” he said, pleasantly surprised.

I didn’t say anything.  I couldn’t say anything.

“You want me to fuck you don’t you?”, he asked.

“Uh-huh,” I uttered.


“I…I don’t care how.  Michael…”

He moved on top of me from behind and pressed his hardness into my ass.  He was fully erect and I could feel all of him through our clothes.

“I want to fuck you like this,” he teased.  “Do you want me like this Savannah?”

“I don’t care.”  I hated when he teased me.

He raised my ass up to meet him and pressed into me again, this time moving with me, allowing me to feel every inch of his length on me.

This was more torture than I expected.  I got on my back and put my legs around him, inviting him in further.  I started to pull my pajama pants down and he stopped me.

“I told you, you’re going to come when I want you to come,” he whispered.

He laid on top of me and moved, arousing every lustful sensation in my body.  I don’t remember wanting Michael so badly.

“Move with me, let me feel you, let me feel how much you want me baby girl, push that pussy on this dick, come on baby.”

He wanted me to get aggressive, he was taunting me, testing me to see how far I’d go.  I was wet.  I was soaked through my pajamas.  If he pressed up on me a minute longer, I would bust.

Michael dropped his mouth down onto mine.  He licked my mouth, pausing to suck on my lower lip.  He thrust his tongue into my mouth and I returned his kiss.  Deep and passionately and longing, I kissed him, to show him how much I wanted him.

“You feel this?”   He pushed his dick down on my pussy as if he was fucking me hard.  I raised my hips to meet his and felt the pressure of his hardness against my softness.

“Dammit!” I cried out, feeling the warmth in between my legs.  I wanted him to feel my wetness on his dick.  I wanted him to feel how good I felt underneath my clothes.

He laughed.  “I feel how wet you are.  You see how much you’re enjoying this?  Let yourself go.  We don’t need to make love in order to make love.  Show me baby….show me how much you want me.”

To be cont’d……