Lazy Love, Part II

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I make room for him on the chair that’s meant for one and he’s sitting entirely too close and I tell him he should be comfortable because it’s his house so he stretches a leg over me.  Again, this comfort.

We toast from our mismatched wine glasses and we sip and it’s clearly evident how magnetic this attraction is.  He asks me questions and watches my mouth as I answer him and he looks into my eyes and I’m distracted.

He suddenly places his finger in the middle of my spine and starts trailing it up and down, making me sit upright.  My head instinctively falls back and my eyes close, an open invitation for more.

He pulls me back towards him and places his finger on my chin.  He raises my head to his mouth and kisses me, softly but urgently.  I feel his need for me.

I stand up and hold my hand out to him.  In an instant he’s by my side, guiding me towards his bed.  He pulls my sweater over my head and my hands are on his chest, taking in every last muscle, my fingers not able to get enough of this man.  I want him underneath me.

He lays me down gently and turns me over on my belly.  His fingers grasp my waistband and my undies are slid over my behind, my legs.  He lays directly on me, feeling, wanting, needing.  His arousal is evident and I moan loud enough to let him know I’m ready.

FullSizeRender (2)

He pulls me up and kisses me, his lips and tongue lingering over my back, the curve of my behind, in between my legs and I’m anxious now, wanting this desire to be filled, completed.

“This is mine,” he whispers, barely audible.  “I’m going to make you mine.”

In one thrust, he’s inside, sending me over every edge, my body pulsing with every last touch of his.   His movements are calculated, rhythmic, smooth and experienced.  He’s aiming for my pleasure, my need, my want.

I push up against him, aching to reach mine but he’s a slow lovemaker, lazy almost, making sure I feel every last inch of him and I want to speed him up, I’m close, so close but he’s taking his time and I’m grabbing the bedsheets and holding onto his back and gripping his shoulders and yet he continues his slow and loving motion.

I give in to all the feelings and he senses this and starts moving faster.  He looks down into my eyes and smiles and briefly he stops, tenses up and I’m going against him, pushing and pulling and wanting all he’s got to give and together, in seconds, we call out and we’re done; hearts pounding, sweat beading, bodies sticking, spent and content.








I Won’t Tell..

Baby I won’t tell

If you don’t want me to

‘Cause I got a thing for you

I’ll do anything for ya 

Baby I won’t tell 

I’ll never do bad to you

‘Cause baby you got it, and you got me

I got a thing for ya

I. Won’t. Tell.

I smoked.

I had to.  I mean, the satisfaction without the full satisfaction, you know, I just had to.

The way he pushed my hair aside, gently.  He didn’t pull it.  He gently slid it off my shoulders for easier access to my neck.

Just relax.  I want you to relax and enjoy yourself.  Let me enjoy you.

And his mouth moved better than I anticipated, more seductive, so seductive.

Your lips are softer and bigger than I thought.  I like that.

And he wanted to make sure I felt him, as he laid in between my legs, caressing and massaging my back and shoulders and that crazy gentleness I never expected.

This is mine.  It’s all mine now.

And I agreed, as he dipped his head low and in between and flicked his tongue and made me mad for waiting so long but made me writhe with excitement for finally, finally being there, underneath him while his head moved for better access.

I’m just getting started.  I’m not going to be done with you for a while.

And I moaned aloud at that and smiled as he licked my ear and did everything I should be doing to him, already anticipating the anticipation of what was to come.

He pushed up into me and his moans were my moans and he spoke; he spoke these words of want and lust and passion that I didn’t know existed and…

You’re going to have to come back.  I’m going to want this again.

I was still, my knuckles clenched as white as his duvet but yet, I was still, enjoying it, motionless, aside from the sound of his body against mine, my body accepting all the love he was giving, wanting not to break the spell…


And with an intensity, so much authority that had me questioning life and dreams, he cried out and let me have all of him.




black couple cuddling for wordpress

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I feel like you’d soothe my soul. You’d console me and make me feel better and you’d touch me without even touching me. You’d lay with me and stroke me and touch my hair, and you’d play with my curls. You’d look into my eyes and you’d stay there, quiet, feeling my need for peace. And you’d let my tears fall, and wouldn’t try to wipe them away because you know I don’t want you to wipe them. I just want you to acknowledge them. And you do. You acknowledge them silently.  And you watch my ears puddle up with tears but you don’t wipe them.  You wait until I turn my head and let the tears fall out while I look up into your eyes and then I close them again and settle back into position.

And you cuddle me with just enough space for me to breathe because you know I can’t be smothered, you know I need my space.

But at that moment, I need you. And I know you would do this.

And you know not to say anything because I don’t want to hear anything. I don’t want any noise or any sounds or anything getting in the way of this moment of ours, even though it’s really only my moment and I’m just allowing you to be in it.
And I know you’d inhale with my deep breaths and you’d exhale with my sighs. And that alone would be enough to just soothe me.

I know if you were here, you’d just soothe me.  And that’s all I need right now.

#MusicMonday – Imagination – Eric Bellinger

*listen to this sexiness here*

Girl come through and let’s do what we do in your imagination
When I’m gone, show me how you pretend
How do you bend your knees?
How do you arch your back?
How do you scream my name when we’re in your imagination?

I know that you hate how much I be on the road
And how I be working late all night at the studio
I know you’re a woman and I know you’ve got needs
But I know that you never, never sneak out on me

How do you do it when it’s three o’clock in the morning?
And how do you touch it when you in that bed all alone?
Show me, show me, show me…

Girl come through and let’s do what we do in your imagination
When I’m gone, show me how you pretend
Girl you gotta show me.
How do you bend your knees?
How do you arch your back?
How do you scream my name when we’re in your imagination?

Do I be on top of you? Do you be on the bottom?
And do we use protection? If we do, you know I got ’em
Do we skip the foreplay? Tell me, do we sixty-nine?
Do you prefer a quickie, or do we go hard all night?

I want to know what turns you on. I swear I’m dying to know baby.
So I can be all that and more.

Girl come through and let’s do what we do in your imagination
When I’m gone, show me how you pretend
How do you bend your knees?
How do you arch your back?
How do you scream my name when we’re in your imagination?




You know the feeling….

….it’s like your eyes meet and you fall but you don’t know where you’re falling but it’s instant and every other lover that’s ever existed means nothing is nothing won’t ever be nothing compared to this right here and right now but you don’t know what this is or where it’s going or if it’ll ever happen again but you want it to happen again because those eyes and those hands and that mouth my God that mouth keeps you up at night and you lose sleep over something you have no goddamn clue about but you want to know and you are fucking bugging because every inch of your being wants you connected wants you near wants you skin to skin to this person who freaked you all the way fuck out because you don’t feel you haven’t felt you don’t want to feel but this is something it’s gotta be something for it to consume you like it is and you want to scream you want to yell because this frustration of wanting and not having and not knowing is madness and sadness and anger and you want to cry but you don’t know why you’re crying you have no reason to cry and you ask questions but you have no answers and you think you’re going crazy because all you know is their name and how your name sounds so good oh so good in their mouth and their laugh oh my God their laugh in the back of your mind and you remember it and smile and that voice you know that voice and you remember that voice and that voice resonates with every damn syllable spoken and you want to reach inside that place where that voice comes from and you just want to crawl and be inside that voice and that body and that mouth and you’re crazy you’ve gotta be crazy because these feelings are crazy and there’s no other word to describe you you’re just crazy and you fucking hate crazy but crazy is how they make you feel and fuck it all to hell you want all of this all the time but you don’t know you don’t know but you know.

You know the feeling.

All Her Love

It brings me great pleasure to have @WisdomIsMisery guest post as “Michael”.  Stalk his site (and sexy photos).  I bet you’ll love him as much as I do.  Thank you for being “Michael”, if only for one day.

And she promised me that it would take some time, but she would leave him alone, and the thought of her loving only me, that’s the thing that keeps me strong. – “All Her Love” – Donnell Jones

It was another boring meeting. Damian sat upfront preaching to a round table of employees about quarterly earnings. Michael was beginning to despise him. He could almost hear the arrogance in Damian’s every word. He gritted his teeth at the thought of Damian fucking Savannah replaying in his mind, again. He couldn’t take it anymore.

He turned away and began to tune out.

His Blackberry vibrated in his pocket. His heart thumped at his throat. He quickly said a prayer, hoping it was a message from Savannah. He looked down and his heart quickly sunk. It was an email with the updated statistics Damian was talking about. Dammit.

It had been a few weeks since he talked to Savannah, not since the party. It wasn’t her fault. A myriad of emotions, mainly pride, kept him from reaching out to her. He’d made a few attempts after that night with no success. She hadn’t returned his messages or his calls. He was almost certain Damian had something to do with this, so he gave up trying to contact her. Instead, he spent many nights with his hands clasped behind his head, dick hard, thinking about her. He was horny. He was angry. Jealous? No. No, not jealous? “Why would I be?” he wondered to himself. They weren’t even together. It’s only pussy, he tried to reassure himself.

“Michael? Michael?!” Damian’s voice rudely interrupted his thoughts.

Making a half-hearted attempt to hide the animosity in his voice he responded, “What?”

He couldn’t tell if it was in his head but it looked like Damian enjoyed this moment. A slight smirk appeared briefly in the corner of his mouth before disappearing behind a steely gaze. “Thank you for joining us, Michael. Will you have those numbers finalized for us by our next meeting?”

“Yes,” Michael replied simply, even though he had no idea what the hell Damian was talking about or why he was even talking to him about it. He didn’t care either.

The room was a tensed hush. Michael gazed without emotion into Damian’s eyes. He wasn’t the least intimidated; it wasn’t a new experience for either of the men. It looked as if Damian considered pushing the subject further before deciding against it. He swiveled slowly in his chair putting an end to their brief standoff and continued with the presentation.

Michael reached for the Blackberry he’d set on the table earlier so he could give his full attention to staring down Damian. Not before he made eye contact with Scarlett, the newest member of their team. She seemed surprised, but not afraid, to find him staring back at her. She allowed a brief smile to form before turning away and pretending she was listening to the presentation. He hadn’t noticed Scarlett’s pretty smile around the office until now. He’d been too preoccupied with thoughts of Savannah. But he knew exactly what that look meant. He just had too much going on right now to explore it.

He searched his phone for the folder of photos of Savannah and clicked on his favorite one, a body shot of Savannah naked from the neck down greeted his eyes. Her hand covered her pussy, except for the two fingers she had placed inside of it. He was instantly hard.

Just like that, he was lost in his thoughts. Aided by the visual, his imagination began to run wild. He’d taken this picture of Savannah lying on her couch in her living room months earlier. The very couch he had fucked her on so many different occasions. He remembered her sliding those fingers out of her pussy and placing them slowly into her mouth while keeping her eyes focused on his.

He cleared his throat and shifted restlessly in his chair. He was horny as shit. He gave a quick look around the room before adjusting himself underneath the table. No one was paying attention. Fucking Savannah, he thought to himself before returning to his thoughts…

Savannah had been playing with herself in the corner of her couch. Nearing climax, her muffled moans and failed attempts at silence had lured him from the other room. He leaned against the wall and watched her from the hallway.

He loved how nasty Savannah could be, especially when she was nearing orgasm. It was obvious. Her hand was beginning to move with increased force as she pulled it from inside her pussy and began playing with her clit. She grabbed her breast with her free hand and was just starting to come when she must have felt his eyes on her. She didn’t stop though. She only slowed down and began rubbing her clit in softer, slower circles. Her breathing became more controlled. Her eyes were begging him to come over to her. She wanted him to make her come.

Michael was already shirtless. He began slowly making his way towards his Savannah. The way she looked at him alone turned him on. He could feel her eyes exploring his muscles as she continued rubbing on her clit in anticipation of having him inside her. He wasn’t doing much better at containing himself either. The anticipation made him excited too and he could feel his dick start to grow hard beneath his pants.

When he came within arm’s distance of her, Savannah leaned forward for his belt. It turned him on even more to be this desired by her. She was so excited, her hands fumbling clumsily with his buckle before finding the clasp. She ripped at it and tossed the belt away in a single motion.

Without the belt’s support, his pants dropped just enough for her to trace the V-shape where his stomach met his inner thigh with her tongue. She paused long enough to place a gentle bite on his right side, following it up with a soft kiss. Pain before pleasure.

She unbuttoned and tugged at his jeans. As she got them below the length of his dick, it stood fully erect. He was ready for her. Moving to her knees, Savannah squeezed eagerly between his cock and the couch. His dick was even with her mouth. She started at the tip, moaning softly as she began to play with her clit again. She slowly took as much of him as she could into her mouth.

As it hit the back of her throat for the first time tears welled. Her mascara ran down her cheeks but she didn’t protest when he placed his hands on the side of her head. She responded to his taking control of her face by moaning against his dick.  He could feel her orgasm build as she moved her mouth faster on his dick, taking him all the way in and then all the way out. Savannah quickened her hand movement on her clit, moaning louder with every touch. She was hungry for him and she demonstrated this fact very well. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and threw his head back in enjoyment, wanting so much to pound her pussy but loving the warmth and wetness of her mouth. He reached down over her hand and slid two fingers easily inside her.  The sexy sound that escaped her lips was enough to make him bust.

He continued his movements in her pussy, enjoying the juice overflowing onto his fingers, while fucking her face so passionately.  He loved the look on her face while she sucked on his cock, her eyes fluttering open just enough to look up at him.  He felt the spasms on his fingers and he pressed deeper, harder, wanting to feel her muscles contract. She stroked the base of his dick with one hand and continued stroking her own clit. He knew she loved the feel of the double orgasm and knew she was about to blow. She moved away briefly to spit on the length of his dick and took him back into her mouth hungrily. Michael wanted so badly to fuck her but he realized he was about to come, hard, if she kept this up. She saw it in his eyes and stuck her tongue out to take him in deeper. Her breathing got shorter and he pushed his fingers up deeper inside her, hitting that spot in his lover that he knew so expertly.

 He didn’t stop his experienced fingers, enjoying every inch of her walls that he could reach.  Just then, with her hand still stroking her clit, and his fingers deep inside her juicy pussy, Savannah came, pausing briefly to yell out Michael’s name.  He tried to pull away so he could fuck her, feel her wet pussy wrap around and clench on his dick, but she didn’t allow it.

She shivered and bucked against his hand, exploding her orgasm all over his fingers.  She maneuvered her free hand between his legs and spread it out across his lower back. She pulled him towards her forcefully, his dick pushing deeper into her mouth until it reached the back of her throat. Michael felt her throat tighten around his dick. His knees grew weak as surges of pleasure began traveling through his body. He was about to come, just like Savannah wanted. He knew she wanted to taste him.

Michael’s hands grasped her shoulders. He was losing control. “Fuck, baby….shit. I’m about to…”

The shifting of chairs and the start of intense conversations around him startled Michael back into reality. The thought of coming into Savannah’s eager mouth had his dick so hard it was throbbing underneath the table. An hour had passed? Had he been thinking about her this entire meeting? Fuck.

With the room clearing out, Michael pretended to shuffle his files a bit longer. He needed a few extra minutes to allow his erection to subside. Comfortable it was under control, he finally stood. He was startled to find Scarlett standing next to him. He was also surprised to find how tall she really was standing this close. With her heels on, she was almost able to make direct eye contact. But she wasn’t looking in his eyes.  She was looking down. He traced her eyes to the slowly dissipating bulge in his pants.

When he looked back up, she had that flirtatious smile from earlier in the meeting on her face yet again. She opened her mouth to speak but it was then that Damian cleared his throat from across the conference room. They were the only ones left in the room.

“Michael, would you mind staying behind for a minute? Scarlett, you too.”

Hey Lover

“Hey lover, this is more than a crush” – LL Cool J
You said you wanted me “unfiltered”.  This is me, “unfiltered”….I miss you.  My body misses you and my mind misses you even more.  My eyes imagine your mouth, the perfect shape of your full lips, on my neck….you know the way I throw my head back and trail my fingertips down my neck?  Yes.  I know you know.  I imagine your lips there.  And right here.

I see you and the way you’re positioned.  Inviting.  Waiting.  Fully aroused at the thought of having me.  How do you want me?  Bent over?  Ready.  Laying on my back?  Always ready.  On top of you? Mmmm…

I read your text messages, over and over throughout the day, when I’m anxious to hear from you and throughout the night, when my body aches for your touch, knowing you can’t be with me, because you’re….oh, you know why.

“Oh I adore you. I truly adore you.”

That was two nights ago.  And my body jerked when my brain read “adore”….

“You like when I beg don’t you?  Well I’m begging Savannah, I’m begging you to let me kiss you more.  Please me with that mouth until my eyes roll to the back of my head.  Let me eat that juicy pussy as you tighten your legs around my head.”

You never have to beg baby.  Ever.  All you have to do is ask.  I am open and uninhibited and unfiltered when it comes to you.  YOU evoke these emotions.  You bring out my sexiness.  You make me moist with thoughts of your mouth alone…..

“I feel your passion.  My body wants that passion transferred to me.  I want to get on top of you, look you in the eyes and fuck you until you scream my name.  No.  Not fuck you. I want to make love to you.  I want to look deep into those eyes and kiss your mouth and run my tongue down your neck and suck on those breasts and kiss your stomach.  Can you feel me there?  Can you feel my tongue on you now?  I want to feel the love and passion you have for me.  I want to hear you moan as I take you from behind, grabbing your hair and pulling you closer against my dick as you pull away from the pain.”

Dammit.  You used that word.  I ignored it then.  But it keeps pushing back into my mind.  Now.  Today.

Do you remember what I said?

“Please don’t be just saying this for the sake of saying it lover.  Because I feel the exact same way.”

And your simple reply:

“I’m not. It’s what I feel”.

I miss you.  My body misses you.  And my mind misses you even more.

Love In The Club


“You could be anywhere you wanted but you decided to be here with me, no coincidence, it was meant to be.”



I finally asked him. It’s been crazy in my mind for a while but I finally built the courage and asked him.  Not like I was asking him such a difficult task, but because of him being attached and all….I was skeptical and afraid of being let down. Much to my pleasant surprise, he didn’t have a problem with the idea…….

I asked him if we could go out… public. Besides that agreed-upon time we met in that cheesy motel room, we’d never been out in public. Oh and going out for fast food at 1 in the morning because we were hungry after making love didn’t count either. I meant out. Dancing, partying, hanging out-and-coming-home-together out. It’s always been a fantasy. I’ve never brought a man home from a club to make love to. And the thought has always been so enticing and sexy to me. The drinking, the music, the vibe, the touching, the closeness are all forms of foreplay for me. And knowing you’re going home to have really great sex with a really great guy is just the icing on the cake….

It was a Saturday night. We had previously agreed on a time and place to meet and we were going solo. Him and I. That evening, I got dressed with him in mind. In the bathtub, shaving my legs, I pictured his big, beautiful, chocolate-colored hands running up and down my legs that I know he enjoys so much. The sheer thought of that brought a tingle in between my thighs. I couldn’t help but touch myself. Amazing how just thinking about his mouth makes my insides quiver and I can feel the moisture start to build up. I washed my hair and thought of his hands holding my hair up so as not to get in the way of my face while I’m giving him oral. He likes to watch me. I know he does. And thinking about giving him pleasure made me want to please myself. But I resisted the temptation…….I was saving my pleasure for him that evening.

I put on a dress. Mid-thigh, black and tight in all the right places. My ass looked fabulous in it and I knew he’d like that. He appreciated my thick legs and fat ass like no other lover before him. I applied my lip gloss and strategically sprayed my perfume just where I expected him to go later that night…….behind my knees. A moan unwillingly escaped my slightly parted lips as that thought ran through my mind. Fuck! Why couldn’t I control this desire I had throbbing inside me? Why was it every time I spent longer than a minute thinking of the things he did to me, I got this way? This deep, longing, sexual hunger I have that only Michael can satisfy? I brushed the thought away and slid my feet into my heels and ran out the door before I changed my mind about pleasing myself. I was intent on giving him everything I had that night. All my pleasure was for my Mac Daddy.

I arrived first. Excitement running through my veins, I couldn’t wait to see him. I decided to have a drink to calm myself down. And everyone knows what alcohol does to me. One drink and my sexual level rises, as if it wasn’t already high enough. I made my way through the crowd to go out through the back for a quick cigarette, knowing men’s eyes were on me. I smiled to myself knowing Michael would be just as pleased. As I turned the corner, I smelled a familiar scent. I turned around to see if he was behind me……….I could swear it was his smell. He wasn’t there. My heart was beating uncontrollably. I knew within hours he’d be in between my legs and again the moisture started….I got outside and lit my cigarette, leaned against the wall and closed my eyes, trying to push the thought away.

That smell again. It was his scent and it was filling up my lungs and clouding my head. Then, as if from afar, I heard the deep familiar voice, “Hey sexy”. I opened my eyes…………and there he was.

He stood in front of me, dressed in jeans and a white dress shirt, untucked, sleeves rolled up just enough to show a slight bit of his arms. Those arms that so turn me on. He was wearing jewellery, earrings, a chain, his watch. It took all my strength to not jump on him and wrap my legs around his waist. Instead, I casually stepped forward and kissed him full on his mouth. He hugged me and almost instantly I felt his hardness up against my soft body. Oh this was going to be a long night before I got mine……

He took my hand and led me inside the club to a dark corner and held me from behind. I could still feel his great hardness, right there in the middle of my ass. His hands had begun their journey, feeling my stomach, up to my breasts, down my arms, all while swaying to the beat of the music. He paused to place his face in my hair and neck and immediately the shivers shot up my spine. I could feel his tongue darting in and out of his mouth on my neck. Gentle soft licks that drove me wild. His hands continued. Beyond my navel, in between my legs, slowly he pressed his hands into my thighs. He moved one hand to my back and ever so discreetly, put his hand up my dress. I laughed when I figured out what he was doing. He needed to feel what I had underneath. And much to his surprise, he discovered I didn’t have anything on. I could hear his sharp intake of breath as be dug his fingers deeper into my flesh. I parted my legs slightly and moved my hands behind my back. I needed to feel him. I had to feel his greatness in my hands. He pushed my hands away and continued with his exploration. I’d given him easier access and I felt his finger run up and down my ass. I moved back…….I wanted to press up on him, feel his big cock against my ass. It was my way of inviting him………..letting him know he had full access to me, any way he wanted it. But yet again, he pushed me away. He wants to be aggressive tonight, I thought to myself. I couldn’t wait to give him a taste of his own medicine.

His hand was still massaging my ass, and I could feel him getting closer and closer to my moisture. As though he could read my thoughts, he inserted two fingers up inside me and they slid right in. He raised his hand up to my mouth and I licked his fingers, tasting my sweet juice. I turned around and whispered, “Taste me”, and kissed him, deeply, rolling my tongue around inside his mouth. He moaned. I had to have him. Right then and there.

I took his arm and started walking. He didn’t ask any questions. By the look in his eyes, I could tell he wasn’t going to deny me my needs. We walked up the steps to the second floor and I snuck into the men’s room, with him following behind. I pushed him into a stall and backed myself up against the door. I pulled him to me and kissed him, still tasting my sweetness on his tongue. My hands were everywhere. His head, his back, his arms, oh how I love his arms. My desire to have him made me scratch his back. I moved my hands down to his pants and unzipped him. His manhood was bulging erect, ready and waiting to be devoured. I dropped down and immediately his hands went to my head, pressing my face to his dick. I looked up at him and without removing my eyes from his, I opened my mouth and slid him in. His body shuddered and I felt the vein of his bulge in my mouth. This just turned me on more. His pleasure was my main concern tonight and seeing him uncontrollably shudder that way made me moist way deep inside. Deep inside, where my fire burns brightly and only Daddy Mac can extinguish. I stuck out my tongue and pushed him in further, deep-throating him until I couldn’t take him anymore. Steadily I moved my head back and forth, pausing to lick him passionately from the base of his dick, up his shaft to his head. I held the head in my mouth and sucked hard, holding his shaft with one hand and stroking his balls with the other.

“Oh baby, you do that so well”, he said. I sucked non-stop, rhythmically moving my head to each stroke of his shaft, all the while looking into his eyes. He was almost ready, I could tell by the way he looked at me. I didn’t want this to end just yet so I stopped suddenly, stood up, turned around and bent over, giving him full view of my wet pussy. I grabbed his legs from behind and pressed him into me. As if his dick had a mind of its’ own, it slid into my juice. I pulled out, got back down and quickly sucked all my wetness from his cock. The sudden hungry sound that came from his throat made me moan and he grabbed the back of my head. This man had no idea how he made me feel.

Before he could get carried away, I stopped, turned around and bent over again, thrusting my ass up against him and re-wetting his cock. He was enjoying every second of it. Back and forth I went, bending over and getting his cock wet, then bending down and taking him deeply in my mouth to lick myself off. He was going crazy, his hands on my ass, trying to thrust faster and deeper into my pussy. But I pushed him away every time. “Relax baby”, I said. “We got all night”………….

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