How Bad…

My mind reels with thoughts of you.  All day.

I want to ask you questions, keep the conversation going.  All day.  Stupid questions too…

Questions like what your favourite colour is or what your favourite food is.

My brain hurts from having your face in my head all day.  I swear I have it memorized, that face.

Your eyes and your nose and your lips and your ears.  That damn line-up.  Your eyes.  Your mouth.  And those goddamn teeth of yours.

I hear your voice, randomly.  And I imagine it calling my name.  Over and over and over again.

I think of the length of you and how I want to climb you so bad…how I want to slowly crawl over you and kiss your thighs and your torso…

…your belly and your chest and your neck and your ears, dip my tongue along the edge of your earlobes, hear you moan.  That moan.

And your eyes.  I want to kiss your eyes.

And then I want to sit up on you and slide you, slowly, slide you into me, feeling my walls tear open with the thickness of you.

And then my head instinctively goes back, my eyes close, clear indication of the pleasure you’re filling me with.

I want to ride you slow but my insides want you fast.  My insides want to feel you deep in my belly, so deep that tears form in my eyes.

And thinking of this now, thinking of you now, thinking of how my walls will feel once you’re inside, thinking of how wet you’ll make me, makes me wet.

I feel a slight throbbing deep inside me and my mouth falls open slightly, as my tongue slowly slides across my lips, just from thoughts of you….

…that’s how bad I want you baby.

If Only For One Night – Part 1

one night

“Let me hold you tight
If only for one night
Let me keep you near
To ease away your fear
It would be so nice
If only for one night

I won’t tell a soul
No one has to know
If you want to be totally discreet
I’ll be at your side
If only for one night

Your eyes say things I never hear from you
And my knees are shakin’ too
But I’m willin’ to go through
I must be crazy
Standin’ in this place
But I’m feeling no disgrace

For asking”…- Luther Vandross – “If Only For One Night.”

I wasn’t expecting to see anyone in the lobby, especially at that time of night.  I’d just walked my friend out and was on my way back into the hotel when I saw him.  He was standing there, looking down at his phone and I was half hoping he wouldn’t even notice me, not the way I was dressed in my bare feet and lounging pants and hair looking all frizzy and shit.  But the other half was hoping he would notice me; the other half was already hoping he’d…

He looked up and I swear it was like a scene straight out of a chick flick.




I know. Wow.

You’re just, you’re so….

So are you…

I’m Shawn.

I’m Julia.

Julia. It’s so nice to meet you.

It’s so nice to meet you, Shawn.

So what are doing here at this time?

My girlfriend was here, she’s from out of town, and she just left to catch her flight, so I just walked her out to say goodbye. What are you doing here?

I’m actually supposed to be going home. I was just at a party.

Supposed to?

Well, yes, supposed to…


There was a pause for a few seconds.  We just stared and smiled.  I looked down shyly and he laughed.  Then he spoke:

I’m not ready to leave.

I know.

We stood there, just smiling and watching each other again.  You could tell from looking at us that our wheels were turning, we were contemplating things in our minds. I spoke next:

I can’t take my eyes off you.

I know. I can’t either. I can’t believe you’re just standing here looking at me like this. You’re a beauty.

He was sweet.  He looked sweet.  How stupid could I be, thinking someone looked sweet?  I swear it was like that cartoon where the devil sits at one shoulder and the angel at the other shoulder, trying to tell you what to do.  All I knew was I didn’t want to never have contact with this boy again.

Listen, this is crazy, but I swear I’m not crazy and if you are crazy, then I’m even crazier but….my friend’s gone and I’ve got her room till morning. You want to, just, maybe, I don’t know, chill, hang out, have a smoke….do you even smoke?

Yeah I do actually….

Well, then, how about we just hang out and smoke and talk and no one has to leave yet?

I’d like that.

His smile made me smile.  I couldn’t stop staring.  I kept shaking my head and playing with my hands.  I wasn’t nervous, I was giddy.  I wanted this boy at my side.  I wanted to touch him and kiss his cheek and I just wanted to….love him, if only for one night…

He followed me through the corridor and into the room.  I let him in and closed the door behind him.  I offered to take his jacket and he took it off and handed it to me.  I noticed his arms and the snug shirt.  He was thin, athletically so and I got an urge to hug him.  I hung up his jacket and turned to him.  He was rubbing his hands together like he was cold, or nervous, or both.

This is crazy. You’re beautiful.

This is so crazy. And you’re beautiful. And just so you know, I swear I don’t do this. I’ve never done this. Ever.

Neither do I. But, here we are right? Both of us being crazy together.

I sat on the edge of the bed and motioned for him to sit down.  He did.  He sat down, close enough where our thighs were touching.  He didn’t move.

It was stupid and crazy and fun and just overwhelmingly romantic all at the same time.  Conversation flowed and eventually we got so comfortable that we were laying on the pillows, propping our heads up on our elbows, close enough to touch. He held my hand, I’d touch his arm, wanting always to keep the connection between us, wanting always to make sure the attraction was still there.  And two hours passed, just like that.

I reached out to touch his face, unable to resist any longer.  I wanted more. I ran my index finger along his cheekbone and he closed his eyes and welcomed my touch.

I feel so right with you. This feels so right. I don’t want this night to end. Do you feel this energy? Do you feel this between us?

I didn’t know what to say.  I felt it. I felt his warm energy and his sweet vibe and I wanted it. I wanted it to continue. I leaned over and kissed him, pressing my lips tightly to his.  His eyes softened visibly and he almost melted into me, responding more than I expected.  He moaned.  I moaned.  He laid his hand over my cheek and I was right where I needed to be.  I said:

I don’t even know you. But I want this. I want you. Let me love you. You should let me love you, just tonight…

Part 2 cont’d…

Love In The Club


“You could be anywhere you wanted but you decided to be here with me, no coincidence, it was meant to be.”



I finally asked him. It’s been crazy in my mind for a while but I finally built the courage and asked him.  Not like I was asking him such a difficult task, but because of him being attached and all….I was skeptical and afraid of being let down. Much to my pleasant surprise, he didn’t have a problem with the idea…….

I asked him if we could go out…..in public. Besides that agreed-upon time we met in that cheesy motel room, we’d never been out in public. Oh and going out for fast food at 1 in the morning because we were hungry after making love didn’t count either. I meant out. Dancing, partying, hanging out-and-coming-home-together out. It’s always been a fantasy. I’ve never brought a man home from a club to make love to. And the thought has always been so enticing and sexy to me. The drinking, the music, the vibe, the touching, the closeness are all forms of foreplay for me. And knowing you’re going home to have really great sex with a really great guy is just the icing on the cake….

It was a Saturday night. We had previously agreed on a time and place to meet and we were going solo. Him and I. That evening, I got dressed with him in mind. In the bathtub, shaving my legs, I pictured his big, beautiful, chocolate-colored hands running up and down my legs that I know he enjoys so much. The sheer thought of that brought a tingle in between my thighs. I couldn’t help but touch myself. Amazing how just thinking about his mouth makes my insides quiver and I can feel the moisture start to build up. I washed my hair and thought of his hands holding my hair up so as not to get in the way of my face while I’m giving him oral. He likes to watch me. I know he does. And thinking about giving him pleasure made me want to please myself. But I resisted the temptation…….I was saving my pleasure for him that evening.

I put on a dress. Mid-thigh, black and tight in all the right places. My ass looked fabulous in it and I knew he’d like that. He appreciated my thick legs and fat ass like no other lover before him. I applied my lip gloss and strategically sprayed my perfume just where I expected him to go later that night…….behind my knees. A moan unwillingly escaped my slightly parted lips as that thought ran through my mind. Fuck! Why couldn’t I control this desire I had throbbing inside me? Why was it every time I spent longer than a minute thinking of the things he did to me, I got this way? This deep, longing, sexual hunger I have that only Michael can satisfy? I brushed the thought away and slid my feet into my heels and ran out the door before I changed my mind about pleasing myself. I was intent on giving him everything I had that night. All my pleasure was for my Mac Daddy.

I arrived first. Excitement running through my veins, I couldn’t wait to see him. I decided to have a drink to calm myself down. And everyone knows what alcohol does to me. One drink and my sexual level rises, as if it wasn’t already high enough. I made my way through the crowd to go out through the back for a quick cigarette, knowing men’s eyes were on me. I smiled to myself knowing Michael would be just as pleased. As I turned the corner, I smelled a familiar scent. I turned around to see if he was behind me……….I could swear it was his smell. He wasn’t there. My heart was beating uncontrollably. I knew within hours he’d be in between my legs and again the moisture started….I got outside and lit my cigarette, leaned against the wall and closed my eyes, trying to push the thought away.

That smell again. It was his scent and it was filling up my lungs and clouding my head. Then, as if from afar, I heard the deep familiar voice, “Hey sexy”. I opened my eyes…………and there he was.

He stood in front of me, dressed in jeans and a white dress shirt, untucked, sleeves rolled up just enough to show a slight bit of his arms. Those arms that so turn me on. He was wearing jewellery, earrings, a chain, his watch. It took all my strength to not jump on him and wrap my legs around his waist. Instead, I casually stepped forward and kissed him full on his mouth. He hugged me and almost instantly I felt his hardness up against my soft body. Oh this was going to be a long night before I got mine……

He took my hand and led me inside the club to a dark corner and held me from behind. I could still feel his great hardness, right there in the middle of my ass. His hands had begun their journey, feeling my stomach, up to my breasts, down my arms, all while swaying to the beat of the music. He paused to place his face in my hair and neck and immediately the shivers shot up my spine. I could feel his tongue darting in and out of his mouth on my neck. Gentle soft licks that drove me wild. His hands continued. Beyond my navel, in between my legs, slowly he pressed his hands into my thighs. He moved one hand to my back and ever so discreetly, put his hand up my dress. I laughed when I figured out what he was doing. He needed to feel what I had underneath. And much to his surprise, he discovered I didn’t have anything on. I could hear his sharp intake of breath as be dug his fingers deeper into my flesh. I parted my legs slightly and moved my hands behind my back. I needed to feel him. I had to feel his greatness in my hands. He pushed my hands away and continued with his exploration. I’d given him easier access and I felt his finger run up and down my ass. I moved back…….I wanted to press up on him, feel his big cock against my ass. It was my way of inviting him………..letting him know he had full access to me, any way he wanted it. But yet again, he pushed me away. He wants to be aggressive tonight, I thought to myself. I couldn’t wait to give him a taste of his own medicine.

His hand was still massaging my ass, and I could feel him getting closer and closer to my moisture. As though he could read my thoughts, he inserted two fingers up inside me and they slid right in. He raised his hand up to my mouth and I licked his fingers, tasting my sweet juice. I turned around and whispered, “Taste me”, and kissed him, deeply, rolling my tongue around inside his mouth. He moaned. I had to have him. Right then and there.

I took his arm and started walking. He didn’t ask any questions. By the look in his eyes, I could tell he wasn’t going to deny me my needs. We walked up the steps to the second floor and I snuck into the men’s room, with him following behind. I pushed him into a stall and backed myself up against the door. I pulled him to me and kissed him, still tasting my sweetness on his tongue. My hands were everywhere. His head, his back, his arms, oh how I love his arms. My desire to have him made me scratch his back. I moved my hands down to his pants and unzipped him. His manhood was bulging erect, ready and waiting to be devoured. I dropped down and immediately his hands went to my head, pressing my face to his dick. I looked up at him and without removing my eyes from his, I opened my mouth and slid him in. His body shuddered and I felt the vein of his bulge in my mouth. This just turned me on more. His pleasure was my main concern tonight and seeing him uncontrollably shudder that way made me moist way deep inside. Deep inside, where my fire burns brightly and only Daddy Mac can extinguish. I stuck out my tongue and pushed him in further, deep-throating him until I couldn’t take him anymore. Steadily I moved my head back and forth, pausing to lick him passionately from the base of his dick, up his shaft to his head. I held the head in my mouth and sucked hard, holding his shaft with one hand and stroking his balls with the other.

“Oh baby, you do that so well”, he said. I sucked non-stop, rhythmically moving my head to each stroke of his shaft, all the while looking into his eyes. He was almost ready, I could tell by the way he looked at me. I didn’t want this to end just yet so I stopped suddenly, stood up, turned around and bent over, giving him full view of my wet pussy. I grabbed his legs from behind and pressed him into me. As if his dick had a mind of its’ own, it slid into my juice. I pulled out, got back down and quickly sucked all my wetness from his cock. The sudden hungry sound that came from his throat made me moan and he grabbed the back of my head. This man had no idea how he made me feel.

Before he could get carried away, I stopped, turned around and bent over again, thrusting my ass up against him and re-wetting his cock. He was enjoying every second of it. Back and forth I went, bending over and getting his cock wet, then bending down and taking him deeply in my mouth to lick myself off. He was going crazy, his hands on my ass, trying to thrust faster and deeper into my pussy. But I pushed him away every time. “Relax baby”, I said. “We got all night”………….

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