Grayson – Part 1

It’s a good day today. Esperanza let my hair hang loose. And I’m wearing a dress. We’re meeting Master Damian outside in the terrace for brunch today. I have to address him as Master Damian. Esperanza warned me. He can be mean if I don’t. And I know what happens when he’s mean.

Esperanza makes me feel better. Especially when she bathes me. She spoils me here. I enjoy the way she kisses me when I’m crying and she’s trying to soothe me. I especially enjoy it when she kisses me and Master Damian watches. I know he feels bad most times.

Someone is coming to meet me today. Usually it’s just the three of us but Master said this person is very influential and I should be extra sweet and submissive. So I took some extra medication. Esperanza let me lick it off her stomach. She’s so sexy.

I’m not wearing any panties under this dress. Imagine Master’s surprise when he reaches in between my legs. Esperanza applied special cream too. She said I need to be delicious. I’m so excited.

I got a glimpse of myself in the mirror today. The bruise above my eye is healing nicely. And the marks have almost disappeared from my breasts. My lips are chapped but that’s only because Damian likes to rough me up. Esperanza put some lipgloss on me.

I have to sit still at the table. Esperanza keeps scolding me. She makes me feel like a little girl. But how can I behave when I know we’re expecting a guest? I haven’t talked to anyone besides Esperanza in….weeks, I think. Master doesn’t really talk to me. He just gives me orders.

He just walked in. He’s wearing casual pants and a white tshirt. He’s so sexy. I can’t wait to have him in my mouth.

“Come here,” he directs this statement at me. I stand up and he twirls me around and plants a big, wet kiss on my lips. I try to inch my tongue into his mouth but he pushes me away and tells me to behave. He didn’t feel under my dress and I’m disappointed.

Esperanza gets up and he kisses her lovingly. I think they’re in love. But sometimes he loves me too.

He pushes Esperanza against the table and rips her blouse open to expose her bare breasts. He likes when we’re naked and ready for him. We rarely wear underclothes. Esperanza wraps her legs around his waist as he removes his belt. He always makes me watch, even when I try looking away.

There was one time Damian had his bodyguard hold my head down so he could shove his dick in my mouth after he fucked her. I told him I didn’t want to and I cried and struggled but eventually the drugs they gave me made me feel better; like how I’m feeling now. The drugs make me nice and I forget why I’m angry or sad.

He’s fucking her. She’s watching me. I know she wants to kiss me but I can’t do anything until Master says so. I feel the wetness and I wish I was her. I’ll get my chance soon enough. I just have to wait patiently and stop squirming or else things will go bad…

“Savannah,” he calls and motions for me. Esperanza sits up on the table and grabs my face and kisses me, passionately and deeply. I hear Master Damian’s moans and I know what’s coming up.

“Bend over,” he instructs me, just as I cock my ass up to him. Esperanza is standing beside me, her fingers gently playing with my hair. I know she’s close by just in case things get ugly. We both know how Damian loses control. I feel Damian in between my legs and I ready myself for the mixed pain and pleasure. Esperanza moans. I like when she moans. And I especially like it when Damian moans. Sometimes I wish it were just me and him, especially when he fucks her and makes me watch. But today I get to join in the fun and hopefully he’ll let me come.

He fills me up suddenly without any notice or warning. I love how deep he gets and how filled with his cock I feel. He makes me feel filthy. Today I like it. Most times I remember Michael and get sad.

He pushes into me again, taking me back to the present. Damian reaches around me and places one hand around my neck and fondles my breast with his other hand. I hear Esperanza moan and I can’t help but moan with her. Damian is nearing his satisfaction so he pounds into me deeper, faster. I arch my back to take him fully and prepare for the waves of bliss my body craves.

I feel my insides tighten and clench and I make sure to squeeze my muscles around his dick. I want him to want me the way he wants Esperanza…

Damian is fucking me fully now. He’s in full control and I feel my orgasm building. I want this release desperately. I want to come all over him – if only he’d let me…

Damian stills for a second, spilling into me. I try to move against him, furthering my pleasure but he smacks my behind. Hard. I look back over my shoulder and watch him, his eyes flickering in the sunlight. I hold his gaze and smile, noticing a hint of softness in his eyes; perhaps my thoughts are cloudy because of the drugs. I haven’t known Damian’s gentleness in a very long time.  I don’t know how long.  I’ve lost count of the days.  Or maybe it’s been weeks.  I don’t know.

Damian straightens himself up and Esperanza is at his side immediately. She holds my hand and helps me up and fluffs my hair. She kisses my mouth softly and says in her quiet and slightly accented voice, “I will take care of you later.”

“No need mi corazon,” Damian announces. “I have plans for Savannah later.”

Looks are exchanged between the two and I can’t help the pang of jealousy I feel. I miss what’s mine.

“Sit,” Damian instructs. “Eat.”

I sit at my designated seat in between Damian and Esperanza and reach for my orange juice. The maid comes around with some fresh fruit and croissants.

I sip my juice slowly, not really having much of an appetite lately. My thoughts wander to the first night I met Damian. I don’t regret what we did but….

I have so many questions. And whenever I’ve tried to ask them, things always get ugly.

I dismiss my thoughts so no one notices my change in mood. There’s a shadow by the entrance and I look up to lock eyes with the most amazing green eyes I’ve ever seen. I can’t help but stare.

Damian stands to greet him and the man doesn’t take his eyes away from mine. Damian looks over at me and frowns. I lower my gaze and glance at Esperanza who smiles a knowing smile.

“He’s yours, mamasita. You will enjoy today,” she whispers. I don’t know what she means but I smile at her.

Damian and the man exchange some words and they both walk over to the table. Damian introduces him to me as Grayson.

Grayson is taller than Damian and his skin is creamy, like melted chocolate. His white polo is snug around his arms and chest and he is absolutely breath-taking at this precise moment. His hair is wavy and faded evenly and he’s beautiful. He’s older. I can tell by the way his eyes crinkle when he smiles at me.

I am immediately smitten.

And something tells me Master will be upset…

(This is where it all began.)

Cuando Quieras, Donde Quieras – Segunda Parte

I was sitting on the edge of the bed in the hotel room, anticipation in my veins.  The pretty older lady sat next to me, her hand on my knee and a glint in her eyes.  I could tell this wasn’t her first time.

Despite it being mine, I wasn’t nervous.  I kept thinking back to the scene in the pool when my sexy lover took me from behind.  Dammit.  I still didn’t know his name.

The husband laid on the king-size bed beside me, his arms folded behind his head, his eyes fixed on me.  The bulge in his swim shorts was still very apparent.

My lover sat in the chair in front of me, his eyes fixated on the older lady.  I felt a tinge of…..something.  I shrugged it off, knowing any feelings involved would ruin this moment.

I was still wet from the pool and my lover’s lovemaking and excused myself to the washroom.

“Let me come with you”, said the husband as he quickly arose to his feet.  Excitement ran through my body yet again, a smile creeping on my lips.  I looked over my shoulder at my lover who winked at me.

The husband didn’t wait until we reached the washroom.  He slid his arms around me and cupped my breasts, pushing my swimsuit top away.  I bent over to feel his bulge against my ass and he sighed out loud.

I turned the shower on and stepped in, removing my swimsuit bottom slowly over my hips.  The husband did the same, revealing a wonderfully smooth hard shaft.  My lips parted instinctively and I motioned for him to step into the bathtub with me.

The warm water ran over my body and the husband’s hands followed.  He was rough and demanding and attentive.  He didn’t leave one inch of my body untouched.  I bent over again, this time holding onto the faucet for support and with no hesitation, he pushed his hard cock inside my warm, wet pussy.  I cried out in pleasure, enjoying the feel of his length inside my walls.

I turned my head around my shoulder to find my lover standing naked at the doorway, watching the husband fuck me from behind.  I smiled, an inexplicable feeling of naughty all over me.  This was more pleasure than I could possibly handle.

My lover walked over to the tub, grabbed my head and rammed his heavy cock into my mouth.  I moaned against him, making sure he felt the vibrations from my throat.

The wife appeared and walked over to my lover.  She too was naked, her breasts perky and nipples hard.  I almost wanted to lick them…

She tongue kissed my lover elaborately and slowly.  She sucked on his tongue as I sucked on his cock and her husband fucked me from behind.  My lover reached in between her legs and pushed two fingers into her.  She moaned a soft moan and continued kissing him as her husband watched.

My lover pulled his cock away from my mouth and took me by the hands, guiding me back into the bedroom.  I was dripping wet, but we ignored it.  The husband and wife followed close behind.  I looked at my lover and remembered his kisses from the pool and immediately wanted his mouth on mine.  I turned around and threw my arms around his shoulders and looked him deep in his eyes before I welcomed his tongue in my mouth.  He was passionate and sexy and the thought of sharing him with the wife…

…I pushed the thought away from my head and enjoyed his mouth.

I felt the wife behind me, her hands around my waist.  She trailed kisses down my back and I arched at the sensation.  Her husband stood behind her fondling her breasts.  My lover stopped kissing me and took her nipple into his mouth.  I turned around to face her.  I wanted to watch my lover please her.

I stepped aside and watched as she grabbed the back of my lover’s head and pressed him into her chest.  She threw her pretty head back and I got the sudden urge to kiss her.

I’d never kissed a woman before but these emotions and feelings were driving me over the brink of sexual madness.  I wanted my selfish pleasure in every way.

I leaned in and kissed her.  Her lips were soft and moist and I wanted more.  My lover and her husband stood and watched as I put my hands on her breasts and massaged them gently.  She moaned again and stepped closer to me.  She put her hands on my ass and pulled me roughly towards her.  I kissed her deep this time, enjoying her small tongue in my mouth.

We fell onto the bed, still kissing and touching and grabbing, our lovers watching nearby.  She moved in between my legs and spread them, her eyes on me.  I pushed up on my elbows, wanting to take in as much of her body as I could.  I motioned for my lover to kiss me but he stood there, looking down at me, unmoving.  Instead her husband got on the bed and straddled my face.  He looked at me, wanting reassurance to continue.  “Yes”, I pleaded.  “Give me everything”.

Just then the wife delved deep into my pussy, her small tongue working magic on my clit.  I grabbed the bed sheets and groaned out loud, wanting desperately to get fucked again by my lover.  The husband pushed his dick into my mouth and it was his turn to moan.

My lover leaned over the bed and whispered in my ear, “Do you like this?” he asked.  “Do you think you could take much more of this?”  I couldn’t answer him but instead sucked the husband’s dick hungrily, not bothering to disguise the wonton look on my face and my desire to get fucked.  I wanted the wife’s mouth and her husband’s dick in my pussy.

I wanted it all.  I writhed against her mouth and grabbed the husband’s ass and pulled him further into my mouth all the while, watching my lover.

He was smiling that wicked sexy smile of his when he said, “Si mi amor.  You’ll get it all”.