Lazy Love, Part II

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I make room for him on the chair that’s meant for one and he’s sitting entirely too close and I tell him he should be comfortable because it’s his house so he stretches a leg over me.  Again, this comfort.

We toast from our mismatched wine glasses and we sip and it’s clearly evident how magnetic this attraction is.  He asks me questions and watches my mouth as I answer him and he looks into my eyes and I’m distracted.

He suddenly places his finger in the middle of my spine and starts trailing it up and down, making me sit upright.  My head instinctively falls back and my eyes close, an open invitation for more.

He pulls me back towards him and places his finger on my chin.  He raises my head to his mouth and kisses me, softly but urgently.  I feel his need for me.

I stand up and hold my hand out to him.  In an instant he’s by my side, guiding me towards his bed.  He pulls my sweater over my head and my hands are on his chest, taking in every last muscle, my fingers not able to get enough of this man.  I want him underneath me.

He lays me down gently and turns me over on my belly.  His fingers grasp my waistband and my undies are slid over my behind, my legs.  He lays directly on me, feeling, wanting, needing.  His arousal is evident and I moan loud enough to let him know I’m ready.

FullSizeRender (2)

He pulls me up and kisses me, his lips and tongue lingering over my back, the curve of my behind, in between my legs and I’m anxious now, wanting this desire to be filled, completed.

“This is mine,” he whispers, barely audible.  “I’m going to make you mine.”

In one thrust, he’s inside, sending me over every edge, my body pulsing with every last touch of his.   His movements are calculated, rhythmic, smooth and experienced.  He’s aiming for my pleasure, my need, my want.

I push up against him, aching to reach mine but he’s a slow lovemaker, lazy almost, making sure I feel every last inch of him and I want to speed him up, I’m close, so close but he’s taking his time and I’m grabbing the bedsheets and holding onto his back and gripping his shoulders and yet he continues his slow and loving motion.

I give in to all the feelings and he senses this and starts moving faster.  He looks down into my eyes and smiles and briefly he stops, tenses up and I’m going against him, pushing and pulling and wanting all he’s got to give and together, in seconds, we call out and we’re done; hearts pounding, sweat beading, bodies sticking, spent and content.








Ambition Of A Ride Her

I could enjoy waking up to my cock in your mouth and my balls in your hands, enjoying the tips of your nails over my skin, the veins pulsing in your mouth.  I wanna see those eyes gazing into mine as you crave me, please me, so ambitiously.

Ambitiously?  You’ll be easy to please, hard from the moment I slide you in my mouth, eager and ready to shove all of your length inside my warmth.

See how ambitious that is?  Yes, I’m eager.  Eager to watch you soak my cock with your spit, pulling back just enough so I don’t come.

You want to mess up my face, don’t you?

Nah.  I want to mess up your voice.


Yes.  I want to find ways that you can suck all this out of me, throat fuck deep into that mouth baby, lick the shaft, smack your lips on my balls; I want to run my fingers through your hair and pull on it while my cock is fully submerged in your mouth, the tip lodged in the back of your throat, holding on to your head as I fuck your mouth, you delightful fuck, making me come repeatedly.

Wow.  You want to spill that load into my mouth that bad?


And I’ll take it.  And once I’ve had enough of sucking you, I’m going to sit this pussy up on you and feel you deep within my walls.  And you’ll be torn because you’ll want to get back into my mouth, but all it makes you do is fuck me harder because you’re so mad at your indecision, that you’ll slam up into me, making my eyes tear and pulling my hair so hard, I’ll cry out.

I’m going to want to fuck you from the front, feel those tits pressed against me.

I know.  Because I’m going to want to feel you press down on me while I run my fingers along your spine, over that curve of your behind, pull you closer into me, deeper.

I want to give you all the sensations; fuck your mouth, play with your clit, suck on your thighs and see where you give up first.  I say you’ll stop sucking, only because the kisses on your thighs would drive you up the wall and you won’t be able to concentrate on my dick.

You’re right.  I won’t.

I’m going to fasten a belt around your throat and make sure you take it all, you delicious fuck.

Jesus.  You can’t do me like this.

I can.  You’re mine to fuck and I will do you as I please.


black couple cuddling for wordpress

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I feel like you’d soothe my soul. You’d console me and make me feel better and you’d touch me without even touching me. You’d lay with me and stroke me and touch my hair, and you’d play with my curls. You’d look into my eyes and you’d stay there, quiet, feeling my need for peace. And you’d let my tears fall, and wouldn’t try to wipe them away because you know I don’t want you to wipe them. I just want you to acknowledge them. And you do. You acknowledge them silently.  And you watch my ears puddle up with tears but you don’t wipe them.  You wait until I turn my head and let the tears fall out while I look up into your eyes and then I close them again and settle back into position.

And you cuddle me with just enough space for me to breathe because you know I can’t be smothered, you know I need my space.

But at that moment, I need you. And I know you would do this.

And you know not to say anything because I don’t want to hear anything. I don’t want any noise or any sounds or anything getting in the way of this moment of ours, even though it’s really only my moment and I’m just allowing you to be in it.
And I know you’d inhale with my deep breaths and you’d exhale with my sighs. And that alone would be enough to just soothe me.

I know if you were here, you’d just soothe me.  And that’s all I need right now.

#MusicMonday – Imagination – Eric Bellinger

*listen to this sexiness here*

Girl come through and let’s do what we do in your imagination
When I’m gone, show me how you pretend
How do you bend your knees?
How do you arch your back?
How do you scream my name when we’re in your imagination?

I know that you hate how much I be on the road
And how I be working late all night at the studio
I know you’re a woman and I know you’ve got needs
But I know that you never, never sneak out on me

How do you do it when it’s three o’clock in the morning?
And how do you touch it when you in that bed all alone?
Show me, show me, show me…

Girl come through and let’s do what we do in your imagination
When I’m gone, show me how you pretend
Girl you gotta show me.
How do you bend your knees?
How do you arch your back?
How do you scream my name when we’re in your imagination?

Do I be on top of you? Do you be on the bottom?
And do we use protection? If we do, you know I got ’em
Do we skip the foreplay? Tell me, do we sixty-nine?
Do you prefer a quickie, or do we go hard all night?

I want to know what turns you on. I swear I’m dying to know baby.
So I can be all that and more.

Girl come through and let’s do what we do in your imagination
When I’m gone, show me how you pretend
How do you bend your knees?
How do you arch your back?
How do you scream my name when we’re in your imagination?



What do you wanna do?

I think an amusement park would be fun.  That natural high feeling, y’know?  Get excited, exhilarated….feed you some cotton candy.

What else would you feed me?



The wetness from in between my thighs.

Oh yeah?


Well then, I’d rather feed you this dick, fully hard and leaking from the tip.

Like, feed my mouth, or….?

Everywhere.  Your mouth, in between your legs, everywhere….pull out and let the tip slide just over your ass.  But I know you wanna see your climax running down my face…..that’s later though.  After the amusement park…

If Only For One Night – Part 1

one night

“Let me hold you tight
If only for one night
Let me keep you near
To ease away your fear
It would be so nice
If only for one night

I won’t tell a soul
No one has to know
If you want to be totally discreet
I’ll be at your side
If only for one night

Your eyes say things I never hear from you
And my knees are shakin’ too
But I’m willin’ to go through
I must be crazy
Standin’ in this place
But I’m feeling no disgrace

For asking”…- Luther Vandross – “If Only For One Night.”

I wasn’t expecting to see anyone in the lobby, especially at that time of night.  I’d just walked my friend out and was on my way back into the hotel when I saw him.  He was standing there, looking down at his phone and I was half hoping he wouldn’t even notice me, not the way I was dressed in my bare feet and lounging pants and hair looking all frizzy and shit.  But the other half was hoping he would notice me; the other half was already hoping he’d…

He looked up and I swear it was like a scene straight out of a chick flick.




I know. Wow.

You’re just, you’re so….

So are you…

I’m Shawn.

I’m Julia.

Julia. It’s so nice to meet you.

It’s so nice to meet you, Shawn.

So what are doing here at this time?

My girlfriend was here, she’s from out of town, and she just left to catch her flight, so I just walked her out to say goodbye. What are you doing here?

I’m actually supposed to be going home. I was just at a party.

Supposed to?

Well, yes, supposed to…


There was a pause for a few seconds.  We just stared and smiled.  I looked down shyly and he laughed.  Then he spoke:

I’m not ready to leave.

I know.

We stood there, just smiling and watching each other again.  You could tell from looking at us that our wheels were turning, we were contemplating things in our minds. I spoke next:

I can’t take my eyes off you.

I know. I can’t either. I can’t believe you’re just standing here looking at me like this. You’re a beauty.

He was sweet.  He looked sweet.  How stupid could I be, thinking someone looked sweet?  I swear it was like that cartoon where the devil sits at one shoulder and the angel at the other shoulder, trying to tell you what to do.  All I knew was I didn’t want to never have contact with this boy again.

Listen, this is crazy, but I swear I’m not crazy and if you are crazy, then I’m even crazier but….my friend’s gone and I’ve got her room till morning. You want to, just, maybe, I don’t know, chill, hang out, have a smoke….do you even smoke?

Yeah I do actually….

Well, then, how about we just hang out and smoke and talk and no one has to leave yet?

I’d like that.

His smile made me smile.  I couldn’t stop staring.  I kept shaking my head and playing with my hands.  I wasn’t nervous, I was giddy.  I wanted this boy at my side.  I wanted to touch him and kiss his cheek and I just wanted to….love him, if only for one night…

He followed me through the corridor and into the room.  I let him in and closed the door behind him.  I offered to take his jacket and he took it off and handed it to me.  I noticed his arms and the snug shirt.  He was thin, athletically so and I got an urge to hug him.  I hung up his jacket and turned to him.  He was rubbing his hands together like he was cold, or nervous, or both.

This is crazy. You’re beautiful.

This is so crazy. And you’re beautiful. And just so you know, I swear I don’t do this. I’ve never done this. Ever.

Neither do I. But, here we are right? Both of us being crazy together.

I sat on the edge of the bed and motioned for him to sit down.  He did.  He sat down, close enough where our thighs were touching.  He didn’t move.

It was stupid and crazy and fun and just overwhelmingly romantic all at the same time.  Conversation flowed and eventually we got so comfortable that we were laying on the pillows, propping our heads up on our elbows, close enough to touch. He held my hand, I’d touch his arm, wanting always to keep the connection between us, wanting always to make sure the attraction was still there.  And two hours passed, just like that.

I reached out to touch his face, unable to resist any longer.  I wanted more. I ran my index finger along his cheekbone and he closed his eyes and welcomed my touch.

I feel so right with you. This feels so right. I don’t want this night to end. Do you feel this energy? Do you feel this between us?

I didn’t know what to say.  I felt it. I felt his warm energy and his sweet vibe and I wanted it. I wanted it to continue. I leaned over and kissed him, pressing my lips tightly to his.  His eyes softened visibly and he almost melted into me, responding more than I expected.  He moaned.  I moaned.  He laid his hand over my cheek and I was right where I needed to be.  I said:

I don’t even know you. But I want this. I want you. Let me love you. You should let me love you, just tonight…

Part 2 cont’d…

Telephone Love


“Hey baby”, that voice. Damn his sexy voice. I could recognize it anywhere. Deep and smooth. Like a silk scarf down your naked back.


“I hear your smile.”

I laughed. “I know you do.”

“What are you wearing?”

“Michael! That’s so cliché! I’m in the office. What do you think I’m wearing?”

“Entertain me baby, it’s been a long day”.

“Want to talk about it?”

“No. I want to talk about your pussy and how wet it gets.”

“Hush now!” I said, trying to ignore the feelings that his words brought me.

“Like how it’s already wet.”

“It just throbbed.”

“If it’s throbbing, it means it needs something in it. I believe it’s calling for something that would thrust deep and hard continuously.”

“Why not deep and slow Michael?”

“I can go hard and slow in your throbbing pussy and you know it. I aim to please and you baby, are so easy to please.”

I closed my office door. “I hate you for arousing these feeling inside my mind and my body.”

“What feelings would that be? Lust? Raw, sexual desire? Vulnerability?”

“Those words just flowed out of your mouth, didn’t they?”

“Yep. And I could drop a few more if you want.”

“Go on. Let me hear it.”

“Aggravation, frustration, neediness, selfishness…you’re feeling it all aren’t you Savannah? Craving, yearning, longing, wanting. Hate. Maybe even love.”

My breath caught in my throat. Love. Damn it.

He continued. “Why are you so silent? Are you thinking about me? Thinking of my hand in between your thighs?” He was so oblivious to my feelings.

“You don’t know how bad this pussy throbs for you. Only you. You make me wet and crazy and wild.”

I heard a shuffling. Then, “Damn baby, thinking about you wet and crazy and wild made me hard. Sit down; this could take a while.”

I did as he commanded, as if he was there, guiding me.

“I want your juicy pussy. In my mouth. On my dick. I want to kiss you, tongue kiss you deep.”

My mouth opened instantly at the thought. “I hate you Michael.”

“I want to hear you say that as you pound on my dick. With every thrust. And as you scream it louder, I’ll fuck you harder, from behind, while I grab your hair and pull it back. Where’s your free hand?”

“It’s in between my legs,” I whispered.

“Touch yourself.”

“I can’t,” I moaned.

“Yes you can. Lock the door, close the blinds and touch yourself. Do it.”

Again, as if in a trance, I walked over to the door, locked it and closed the blinds. I didn’t even care if anyone was watching at this point. I wanted to hear Michael continue…..

“Pants or a skirt?”




I heard his sharp intake of breath. “You’re not wearing underwear? That’s my girl.  This just got better baby. Put your hand inside your pants. Remember last week, when I was going crazy on your pussy? Remember how much you told me you loved my mouth on you? And what I was doing to you? Think about that. Put your hand inside your pants and tell me what you feel.”

I slid down into my chair, allowing myself easier access. I unbuttoned my pants and slid my hand inside.

“What do you feel Savannah? Describe to me what you feel.”

“I, um, oh this is so crazy,” I stuttered, wishing hard that Michael was there doing it for me.

“Yes, we’re crazy. I’m crazy for that pussy baby and you want this dick. I’m hard. I’m ready to fuck you. Do you want to fuck Savannah?”

I nodded my head, silently, as if he could see me.

“I know you want to fuck me. You want to climb on this dick and ride it don’t you? Tell me what you feel on your fingers.”

He was breathing faster, I could hear it. I loved our passion. I loved how quickly he turned me on, how sensual he made me feel…..and I didn’t even have to think about our sex, just his face. His pretty yet manly, defined face, that mouth, those full lips demanding my own mouth on his.

“What do you feel Savannah? Tell me.”

“I don’t know, I, my fingers aren’t there yet….Michael, why don’t you just come by? Do this for me.”

“No. I want to hear you on the phone. Come on baby, let’s make love….let’s have some phone sex.  You’ve done it before, remember?”

I smiled. I thought back to the time I called his phone and left him a voicemail. I remembered the day perfectly. He was stressed at work, trying to close a business deal and he had been in and out of meetings. It was my day off and I had been laying lazily in bed. Thoughts of my lover had come to mind and I let my hands wander. That’s when I decided to call him and surprise him with that sweet voicemail.

“Yes, I remember, you still have it saved on your phone don’t you?”

“I do baby. But now I get to hear you live and you can help me out. Come on.”

“Michael…?”, I asked, getting into my visual mode and thinking of his body.

“Yeah baby?” That voice.

“What do you want?”, I asked again in my bedroom voice.

“I want you straddling my hips as you run your hands on my body and place your soft, gentle kisses all over my face the way you do. I want those soft kisses to change into your erotic kisses, when you dart your tongue in and out of your mouth as you kiss me.” I heard the sharp intake of breath again. “God, I love those. I love when you’re getting turned on and all you want to do is lick me, lick my lips.”

I thought about kissing him. This time I took a deep breath in.

“I got you where I want you”, he said.

“Do you? How so lover?”

“There’s no going back Savannah. You need to help me out. I’m sitting in my car, with a stiff dick, ready to fuck the hate out of you. You need to make me come. I want your mouth on mine, I want to grab your hair and pull it back, I want to expose your throat and kiss you there. I want to run my tongue up to your ear and bite your earlobe. I want to lick you from behind, let my tongue slide just enough to hear you moan out loud.”

I moaned uncontrollably.

“Yes baby, just like that. I love the way you moan. I love the way you scream my name when you come. I want to lick you, I want my tongue inside you, just the way you like it and roll it around just enough to keep your juices flowing.”

I urgently pulled my pants down to my hips. As much as I didn’t want to do this, I couldn’t control it. My mind was reeling. Michael wasn’t touching me, his words were. His words were caressing my body and my mind was bringing me to memories of sexual bliss, of what could be if he was with me. I sat there, my head thrown back, as if allowing Michael complete access to my neck the way he wanted. My free hand had started it’s journey, lingering just above where pleasure was guaranteed.

“Touch it,” he said. “I want to know how wet you are.”

I moaned softly this time and slowly let my finger glide inside. Thoughts automatically rushed to that feeling….the feeling when he first enters me.

“Ohhhhh Michael,” escaped my lips.

“Tell me,” he said.

“I’m so wet baby, “ I whispered. “It’s so wet for you Michael. I want your mouth here.”

“You want my mouth on you sweetness? Want me to rub my lips on that clit? I’ll slowly run my tongue up and around it, just the way you like it. I’ll stick my tongue up in there as far as it will go. Taste it. Let me hear you taste it.”

I brought my finger up to my mouth and slowly licked the tip, as if I was putting on a show for my lover. I stuck my tongue out and licked and sucked my finger, allowing Michael to hear every lick and smack of my lips.

“Baby, I’m so sweet,” I managed to say in between licks. “I want more.”

“Do it again. Push your finger inside. Put two fingers. Get them all juicy and wet and let me hear you lick it.”

I did as he said, letting two fingers slide inside. I stretched my legs out, allowing the pleasure to overtake complete control of my body. I moved my fingers, pushing them in as far as I could.

“Let me hear you moan Savannah.”

“Michael”, I panted, my heart thumping a little bit louder at my chest. “I want you so bad Michael”, I said, emphasizing every word.

“I want to fuck you from behind, I want to hear your ass smack against me. I want to grind on you hard and fast, until you pull away from the pain.”

I groaned loudly.

“You’re going to make me come like that Savannah.”

“Good. Come Michael. Let me hear you scream my name the way you do. I want to grab your head and pull you towards me. I want to kiss your mouth and bite your lips and suck on your tongue. Then I want to suck on your dick. You feel that baby? Can you feel my tongue on your dick the way you like it? Feel my tongue lick the length of your shaft? I want to lick you Michael, I want to run my tongue all over your body until your toes curl. I want to rub you and caress you and make you moan.”

My movements were controlled now, my fingers sliding in and out rhythmically.

“I want to ride you. I want to bounce up and down on your dick while my breasts dance in front of your face. I want your mouth biting my nipples, gently first, then harder. I want you to suck on them harder.”

Michael was moaning loudly and it made me more excited. I wanted him bad.

“I want to suck you, take you deep in my throat while I play with your balls then slowly slide your dick out while I make sure you feel my tongue slide down your shaft. I’ll keep it wet in my mouth baby. I want that hardness in my mouth. I want that dick now in my pussy. It’s throbbing baby, thinking about that good dick inside me. Slide it in and take it out and put it in my mouth so I can taste myself off of you. Kiss me. Tongue kiss me deep so you can taste me.”

“Savannah, I wish I could taste you right now.  I love the way you work your tongue on my cock baby.”

“My fingers are wet baby. My pussy is throbbing. If we keep this up, I’m going to explode.”

“No, wait,” he pleaded. “I want to take you on your back and throw those legs over my shoulders. I want to tongue fuck you while I play with your clit.”

I was breathing deeper now, my eyes closed, my head resting on my chair as I sat there, pants down to my hips, with my fingers deep inside my most precious pleasure area.

“I can’t have this baby. I want you here, now. I want your body on top of mine. I want to feel you deep inside. This isn’t going to satisfy me. I want all of you. Your mouth, your hands, your dick. I want it all Michael. I want you as deep as you can possibly go. Fuck me Michael please?” I was whispering loudly, moaning, whining almost, the desire and lust audible in my voice.

“Your pussy is so good to me. I want to thrust up inside you until you scream. I want to move with you, grind up against your hips while I kiss on your neck.”

“I want to bite your shoulders Michael. I want to hold on to your arms and rock back and forth with you. I want to feel you deep inside, until you hit my spot…”

Right then, as I said ’hit my spot’, I felt the waves rush over me. “Michael,” I said.

“Oh baby, you sound so good. Let me hear you come. Let me hear you moan my name baby. Can you feel this cock inside you? You’ve got me so hard right now baby. I want to get it inside you and fuck you until you scream.”

I moved my fingers faster. My head was still thrown back, my mouth semi-open and my tongue continuously licking my lips. I wanted Michael in my mouth and in my pussy. The thought of him and his kisses and his mouth and his dick were bringing me over the edge. I was going to come right then, sitting in my office on my office chair and there was no holding back.

I struggled to keep the phone to my ear but I wanted Michael to hear me. He was moaning my name over and over again, I knew he must be close to coming.

“Baby, this pussy is so wet for you. I want your dick inside me. I want it in my mouth. I want you pressing heavy on me baby, dear Michael, I want you please.” I tried to keep my voice at a low level but I knew how uncontrollable I could get. “Michael…” My fingers continued their thrusting as I moved my body with my hand. Michael was at the brink of satisfaction and I wanted to come with him.

I wanted him there, I wanted his body on top of mine, I needed to feel him. I let my phone rest on my shoulder and placed my free hand on top of my other hand and pressed deeper inside. With one final thrust, I came, tensing up my body and sitting still, motionless, feeling my orgasm on my fingers, my muscles clenching and tightening.  And at that moment, I heard Michael:

“Savannah baby, oh fuck, yes, you feel so good, suck it, suck that dick baby, take it deep, oh yes, baby, take it, take it all, oh yes,” and then his moaning.

I sat there, trying to catch my breath, my fingers still inside me, as I waited for the pulsing to subside. I could hear Michael on the other end, panting, also trying to catch his breath.

And then he laughed, that deep and sexy laugh of his and I couldn’t help but laugh with him.

“Baby girl,” he said.

“Hmmm,” I replied lazily.

“You never cease to amaze me.”

I smiled.


“Yes baby?“ I asked, my eyes still closed, my mouth still formed into a smile.

“I can hear you smiling.”