Dear Michael

I don’t know what to think anymore.  I’m not sure if you left me for him or if you don’t even know I’m here.  I’m praying it’s the latter.

He pinned me down.  I had no control.  He had my arms pinned behind my back as he pounded away.  And I think I liked it.  I think I did.  But the tears were streaming down my face.

She just watched.  I don’t remember if the look on her face was enjoyment…..or if there was possibly a hint of pity?  Perhaps sadness?

He made me come Michael.  He made me scream his name.  And I did.  I had no control.  His dick is huge and its thick and the way he moved inside me….I raised my hips up against him further, unwillingly but wantonly.  I wanted him deeper.

And he pushed deeper.  My breathing got heavier.  Eventually I started to scream.  And I had no control.

He made me scream his name.  Did I tell you that already?  I was crying and screaming his name.  And I wish I had the words to explain the look on his face.  He scares me Michael.  And I have no control.

He turned me over and pressed my head down into the mattress until I couldn’t breathe.  I was starting to panic but she spoke from where she was seated.  She said something in Spanish, something I didn’t understand.  He let go of my head then and I came up for air.  He listens to her.  I know he listens even though he makes the rules.

He came inside me Michael.  He made no noise but I knew from his movements and from his breathing that he came.  And I felt it run out of me.  I felt him come out of me.  And it ran out of my pussy and down my legs.

He watched it.  He watched my face.  He took his fingers and rammed them into me.  He brought his fingers to my mouth and traced my lips.  I didn’t want to taste it.  It wasn’t yours.

Where are you?  Why’d you leave me here?  Why haven’t you been back?  How long has it been?  Do you not care?  Don’t you want me anymore?  I wouldn’t blame you.  I wouldn’t want to be with me after him either.

Within minutes, he was hard again.  He had me on my knees facing him.  I didn’t want to do it Michael.  I didn’t want to.  But I had no control.

I can’t tell you what happened.  It would be too much for you to bear.  It was too much for me.

She came over and took me to the bathroom and ran a bath for me.  She was so pleasant and gentle.  She wiped my face clean with a warm cloth, removing any trace of him from my skin.  Tears still fell and she wiped them too.  Then she kissed me, full on the mouth.  I closed my eyes and felt her tongue on my lips, inside my mouth, tracing my teeth with her tongue.  She sucked at my mouth, as if she wanted to suck his taste from me.  She enjoyed it too much.

I’m weak.  I’m confused.  I’m weary and dazed.  I wish I could recall my steps.  I wish I knew how I got here.

You need to help me.  How are you going to save me?  How do I get out?  The only sunlight I see is the morning rays that come through the window.  And I think of you.  I remember your smiling face and then I cry some more.  As soon as she comes in, she draws the curtains closed and your smile fades.  She tells me every morning that the Master likes it this way.

And I have no control Michael.

What’s Michael thinking?

The Pleasure Principle – Chapter 1

I was standing in the middle of my walk-in closet, towel wrapped around my hair, holding a red dress in one hand and a black one in the other.

“Wear the red one”, Michael called out from my bedroom.

I made a face.  I knew he’d say that.  It was extra snug around my curves.

“I’m going to meet the bank’s president baby!” I yelled.

“That’s exactly why you should wear the red one!”, he replied.  I heard him chuckle.

I smirked and hung up the dresses.  I headed to the bathroom to dry my hair.

Michael’s boss was holding a charity event and Michael asked me to be his date.  Immediately my stomach jumped in anticipation when he first told me about it.  Being out in public with Michael had to mean something….

“So you’re wearing the red dress for my boss?”, he spoke in a low voice, suddenly appearing behind me in the bathroom.

“I’m wearing the red dress for you”, I said, looking at him in the mirror.  I noticed the expression in his eyes.

I turned around slowly.  “You’re supposed to be getting ready”, I said softly, my mood changing slightly.

“Shake out your hair for me”, he demanded.

I giggled.  “You want me to shake out my hair?”

“Shhhh.  Just do it”.  He unwrapped the towel around my head.  I closed my eyes and seductively rolled my head back, purposely exposing my neck.

I heard Michael groan.  And then, with sudden urgency…..

…..his hands were in my hair, his mouth on my neck.  I didn’t know whether to pull him closer or push him away.

“I’m not even dressed Michael”, I moaned under my breath.

“I know.  Get on your knees”.  I opened my eyes and looked at him.  He was serious.

My heart pounded in my throat, excitement running through my veins.  He still had it.  Michael was still able to bring the sexiness out in me.

I dropped to my knees, my hair damp and cold on my bare back, my mouth instantly wet and ready to please.

I didn’t hesitate.  Immediately I took his hardness in my mouth, reaching underneath to stroke him where I knew I’d get a reaction.

“Fuck you Savannah”, he said quietly.

I smiled, loving the pleasure I was giving him.  Michael grabbed the back of my head, urging me to take him deeper.  I stuck out my tongue and took him in my mouth as far as I possibly could, leaning my head back to accomodate him.

“Baby, if you keep that up….”

I grabbed his cock and sucked hard, sliding my tongue up and over the tip, dipping lower with my tongue, not leaving one inch untouched.  Steadily I held him in my mouth, sucking him with short and fast strokes, moves I knew guaranteed results with my man.

He pulled away quickly and pulled me up towards him, grabbing my face to kiss me.  It was my turn to moan.  His mouth was enough to bring me close to the edge.  His tongue rolled around my mouth, sucking and kissing and feeling so right.  He sucked on my lower lip, gently biting and teasing.

“Turn around”.  Again, his demanding voice.

“Michael, it’s getting late, we should….”

“Turn around I said”, he replied, slightly louder this time.  I turned around.

Michael put his hands on my back and bent me over, his hardness against my ass.  I turned around to look at him, wanting to see the expression on his face once he felt how soft I was inside.

With one single thrust he pushed into me.  I don’t remember who moaned louder………

Michael stood there, holding onto my hips, eyes closed.

“Baby, you feel so good inside”, he whispered.

“Michael, I can’t take you”, I said.

He looked at me.  I could read a glimpse of sweet emotion across his face.

“You can’t take me?  You want to bet you can take me?”

He tightened his grip on my hips and slammed his body into mine.  I screamed out, both in pleasure and in pain.  I pulled away, trying to ease the pain inside.  He felt so good, I wanted him but I couldn’t have him all.

“Woman, you’re going to take all of me”, he groaned, slamming into me again.  “Take this dick and enjoy it, let me fuck you the way I want to fuck you and you’ll enjoy it too”.

My pussy was responding, I could feel the wetness in between my legs.  Michael was filling me up and my head was dizzy, full of emotions.  I wanted his pleasure, I wanted to please him but….

Michael pulled away and grabbed me again, pulling me close to him.  He looked into my eyes, hunger and passion written all over his face.

“I don’t want to hurt you but nothing would please me more than to fuck you hard the way I want to”.  And then he kissed me, his mouth just as hungry and passionate as his eyes had been a second ago.  I wanted this man….I wanted him bad.  And I was willing to give myself to him any which way he desired.

I pushed him away and bent over again, guiding his cock into my wet and now throbbing pussy.

I braced myself for this painfully yet pleasurable sex I was about to give Michael.

“Do it.  Fuck me Michael.  Isn’t that what you want?  You want to fuck this pussy?  Give it to me”, I said breathlessly.



Michael pounded into me, hard and fast, his full length deep inside, hitting spots inside me I didn’t know I had.  I remained still, turning my face over my shoulder to watch him.

Michael’s eyes were dark and drunk-like, proof that something was right.  He stared into my eyes….

“Baby, only you.  You do this to me, you make me want to fuck you like this.  I want this pussy every day.  I want to feel your wet pussy against my cock all the time.  You feel so good baby”.  Michael moved, thrusting his cock into me, smashing into my body.  I arched my back, inviting him further, trying hard to hide my pain.

“Fuck”, Michael swore again.  “You know I’m going to come baby”.

I pushed back, never taking my eyes from his, enjoying the feel of his hardness inside me.

He grabbed my ass and thrust as fast and as deep as my body would allow.  And then………

“Oh baby….Savannah….dear God, Savannah, I love it, I love this, you feel so good baby, oh fuck….”  Michael moaned and pushed into me one hard last time.  I felt his cock throbbing inside me.

He stood there, over me, enjoying the last seconds of his orgasm.  And then, ever so gently and completely softened compared to his mood just seconds before, he took my shoulders and brought my body up to him.  He kissed my back up to my neck, then my ear and finally my face.

I smiled, completely satisfied from pleasing my lover.  He smiled back and kissed me again.

“Now”, I asked, “Are you ready?”

*Ready to meet the bank president?*


“Take me to bed with you”, you asked.  I obliged.  You wanted to “make love”.    I told you it wasn’t possible.  I said, “We’ll end up fucking.  It always ends in fucking baby”.  But you persisted, staring intently into my eyes.

Remember how you told me to take off my shirt?  You were so demanding, yet so sensual.  And I did, becoming submissive to you and to my usual controlling nature.  You tried.  You wanted terribly to “make love”, even as you entered me from behind, a very non-loving position, in my opinion…

You paused to lick my juices ever so slowly from my clit to my…oh fuck this lovemaking baby…I grasped the sheets on my mattress, moans of ecstasy  coming from my throat, your mouth making that love you’re claiming in between my legs, my body wanting nothing more than to be fucked…

You paused again, to kiss the small of  my back, running your tongue lightly up my spine, encouraging me to push back further onto your hardness, making you lose focus of your “love making”, your thrusting becoming quicker and deeper, just the way I like it, my moans turning into screams, bringing you back to your reality, your act of “making love”, ruining my desire to get fucked…

Remember telling me to turn on my back?  “I want to see your face in ecstasy, I want to watch you”, were your words…

I lifted my legs to accommodate your position, enabling entry of your full length…”Oh yes, fuck me”, escaped my lips as my eyes rolled back, my hands reached out to your ass, pressing you deeper into me, enjoying the fullness of you inside my walls…

Your mouth hungrily kissed mine, your lips sucking at my lips, my chin, my face.  Oh. My. Dear. Sweet. “Your pussy is going to make me come”, you said, slowing down your thrusting, allowing me time to move against your hips, the rush of MY pleasure now seconds away.  I looked up at you, watching you watch me.  “You’re smiling at me”, I whispered breathlessly. “Why are you smiling?”

“I like the way you look when you come.  I see all your sexiness” and you kissed me, anticipating the throbbing that was just about to…

…my fists clenching in the sheets, head thrashing on the pillow, your hardness up inside me, grinding, my legs reached up and wrapped around your hips.  It’s now and it’s uncontrollable and you moved so swiftly with me, your mouth waiting for my screams so you could swallow them…hindering my cries…

And you’re fucking me, trying hard to slow your movements on me, my body writhing against you…and now…

Oh. Yes. Baby. Fuck. Oh. Yes. Harder. Yes. Baby. Dear. God. Oh. Yes.

“Come again”, you said.  And you’re not stopping.  You’re not stopping, you’re beating it faster, as deep as it can get because…I know why….now it’s my turn to smile.  I know it’s your time.  “Come again”, you repeat.  “Why baby?  Why do you want me to come again?”  I moaned in pleasure, loving your insistence on pleasing me again and again.  I moved my hips to meet your thrusts, enjoying every sensation of pleasure running through my body, so ready and able to come again…

…and I came.  Again.  And then one more time.  And you continued, fucking me the way I loved, doing my pussy, oh so right until…

….it was your turn.  Your mouth came down on mine, sucking and kissing and leaving me breathless from your kisses. 

Oh. Yes. Baby. Your. Pussy. Is. So. Sweet. Oh. Fuck. Oh. Fuck.

Quiet peacefulness, aside from our hearts beating in our throats.  Minutes passed.  You pulled away, sadness now overwhelming me from the absence of your body from mine. 

And then, as you moved away, you kissed the back of my knee. 

That, right there?  That was “lovemaking” baby….