Savannah & Michael

I love him beyond all my control and I lust him with every inch of my body….

He makes me sexy.  He makes me seductive and it’s all his doing.  He unleashes a side of me I never knew I had and the worst part is…..

……he has no idea how I feel about him.  I can’t have him.  We can’t ever be.  And even though I’m worthy of real love, I will take all he has to offer for the time being.

I’m not ready to end this freaky affair……

3 thoughts on “Savannah & Michael

  1. Lose control, like a 6 year old holding a pitbull… This freak affair is not to be talked about while I’m pulling your hair

    This feeling is mutual, you make me unleash the beast when your legs are spread time for me to eat. This is my fantacy why can’t we ever be? This is how I feel about you, but my love is never true.

    Please take this offer, cause when the sun rises this will be just another author

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