And This Is Why…

I’m sitting here, half nude, my hair is wet, dressed in the robe you hate so much, thinking about the question you asked me:

What makes you come so hard?

It’s always the anticipation. Always. Knowing you’re coming at a specific time, my getting ready for you, the bathing, drying, perfuming of my body. Putting on my red lips that I know you’re only going to mess up with your big mouth when you kiss me.

Waiting, half-naked, for that time when you’ll arrive. I’m always half-naked, wearing the booty shorts that you love that define my curves the way you like. Or sometimes I’m wearing the robe you hate so much.

The one that always makes you ask:

Why aren’t you naked yet?

So all of that anticipation.

That’s what makes me come so hard.

Combine that with thoughts of having your dick in my mouth and how I KNOW it’ll be sloppy. My mouth waters just thinking about the deep throat. It really does hit that thing at the back of my throat and the spit just comes uncontrollably. It’s amazing really.

And then I think of your moans because you fucking moan so loudly as if you’ve never had head like that and then you push down on my head to get deeper and I gag.

That’s what makes me come so hard.

And then I think of how I’m going to kiss you and how your mouth just devours mine and how your tongue matches mine and I swear I’m wet thinking about it now.

I love kissing you.

And then, God help me…

Thinking of when you’ve finally had enough and my mouth is all smeared and my bed is wet from the saliva that dripped out of my mouth while I had you in the back of my throat and I got tears and slobber all over my chin and you’re ready to fuck me.

Thinking of when you turn me over to look at my face so you could watch me when you finally enter me….because you like how I look and how my eyes roll and how my mouth drops open…

You know those first few seconds. I make sure you know, I’ve told you enough times. Those few seconds when you first slide in. That one two three four five seconds where you are trying so hard not to pound it. You’re trying so hard to control it.

But you can’t ever control it, can you?

That’s what makes me come so hard.

And then you pull away and do it again and then you pull away and do it again, trying to recreate that one two three four five seconds. And then you go down and lick me clean with that motherfucking mouth of yours and I always beg to kiss you after that.


And then you come back and you put your mouth on mine and I suck your tongue and you put that big fucking cock back inside me and at this point, at this point, there’s no turning back.


And you need to keep kissing me and you need to keep fucking me and I just hold on to your ass and thrust up against you and I swear it’s only been two minutes since you’ve been inside me but you know that’s all I need…

And you ask for it.

Lemme feel it baby. Lemme feel that pussy come baby…

That’s what makes me come so hard.

And I swear to God, you’re not even done the damn sentence yet and I’m throbbing all over that dick.

And you know I don’t hold back. You pause inside me for a few seconds every time, just to feel it clench around your dick but you know how I always yell out, not wanting you to stop, not wanting you to hold back and you don’t, you fuck it just how I like it, just how I’ve begged for it, and I’m still coming and you’re enjoying every second of my orgasm and you’re smiling, proud, so proud, and I’m still coming and it’s wet baby, so wet and you know I want to come forever, I don’t want it to end.

And I’m spent. Panting. My mouth open, my tongue out and always ready to take you but I have to come again because you didn’t stop your thrusting and I want more, I always want more and that second orgasm is cute and quick and fun and I have to stop. You have to stop thrusting, baby because at this point….

…it’s your turn.

And this is why I come so hard.

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