Too Deep

I won’t make you pull out, getting it all tonight, all that I want, I just wanna go down, in history how you like, as the one who makes you comfortable, ’cause your lips they got me, feeling very vulnerable.

– “Too Deep”, dvsn

His forehead kisses are enough to make me blow…

No. Lemme start over. When he cups my cheek with his palm, his tenderness exuding from his eyes, this I know, it’s more. It’s more. We’re in too deep…

He pounds away and then stops, almost sorry for hurting me, and then slow strokes, long and easy, like he’s loving me…making sure I’m okay, just slow enough to control himself, before he’s about to blow…

And I smile and open my mouth, and that’s enough to entice him more, and he’s back to the pounding, and I hear his voice:

Goddamn that mouth, he says.

And that only entices me more, as I stick my tongue out, wanting him deeper, and harder and longer. He’s in too deep. Heh.

He stops moving, ready, slow stroking some more, enjoying every depth of my being…

And he puts his hand around my throat, uncontrollable now, waiting for my cue, waiting for my voice:

Goddamn it, don’t stop.

And he moves with me, his hands down on my backside, guiding me, feeling me, caressing my skin…

And now I’m uncontrollable, uncaring about the pain, the length of him ripping me apart as I feel the wave, feel it deep in my soul, as he watches my face, and he smiles and I know my pleasure is his pleasure…

But his pleasure is my pleasure and I’m eager to please, wanting this to end but wanting it to go on forever and I’m torn between letting the feeling go as I throw my head back but open my eyes quick enough just to watch him as he releases, all his love pouring into me as my love escapes my lips in moans and tightness, and waves and goddamn oceans in between my legs.

And as I lay here, weak and shaking and spent….

He kisses my forehead.

And I’m in too deep.

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