Just What He Asked For…

He had my legs up to his ears as he pounded away…holding my legs apart with his arms…as he dug deep into me…
I wanted to switch positions. I wanted to get control, get on top…
But he didn’t let me. He kept pounding and pounding. I begged and pleaded to have him let me get on top but he wouldn’t allow it.
He kept saying, “Get it. Come for me. Come on. Come.” And he looked deep into my eyes, watching my face for signs of his deep pleasure.
I said, “I can’t. You need to move. Let me get on top. Please.” But still he didn’t move.
“You’re going to come,” he said. “Come for me.”
I pushed up on him and as he fucked away, I could feel it, way deep inside my innermost pleasure point.
The rush was coming faster and faster. And again he said, “Come for me. Give it to me.”
And as he moved above me, inside me, I came. A rush of emotion and feeling and satisfaction all throughout my body.
Just what he asked for.

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