His lips fit mine; his mouth is a perfect seal.  Let’s complete this deal….

His tongue doesn’t flicker; it takes control, moving swiftly across my teeth.  His teeth.  Perfect symmetry and I just want to inhale him, take him all in….

His long fingers more than caress; they glide over the curve of my behind, threatening, but not taking.  And his movements are fluid, over the waistband of my pants, just moving back and forth and back and forth.

I can control this, I say to myself.  I can do this.

Yet he keeps the movement and with every long minute, his fingers reach lower and lower, beyond the waistband, dipping deeper.  I can’t do this.

His mouth remains on mine, in mine, tongue teasing and making me soft beg and he moans, making me moan and I’m close.

He waits.  “I want you inside me,” I have to say, “I want you inside.”  

And he takes me and my body curves and accepts, the slight resistance bringing more pleasure than pain and the deliciousness of all he has to offer is deep but not deep enough, because I want more, he wants more but he makes me wait and I move, making him move and it’s all I can do to scream but I don’t because his mouth inhibits my screams but he moans and he’s making me moan and I can’t do this, I can’t take this, my God, this man.

And still.  His lips fit mine.  His mouth is a perfect seal.

And we just completed this deal.

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