If Only For One Night – Part 2

Part 1 here…

I don’t even know you. But I want this. I want you. Let me love you. You should let me love you, just tonight…

I slid down on the bed allowing him access to all of me. He followed, planting kisses along my jawline, down my neck, into my collarbone. There was no turning back. I needed him, my body needed him, I wanted all of him.

I sensed he was anxious, wanting and needing just as much as I was and there weren’t enough hands and eyes and mouths to get it all in and he rolled on top of me and I was tugging and pulling, trying urgently to remove every inch of cloth so I could get every inch of his skin on my skin and I wanted to love him, at that moment I wanted to love him forever….

He stopped for a second and looked at me, searching for signs, searching for an answer.  I smiled and that was enough to let him know….

I don’t remember the words spoken; I remember the moans and the groans and how he had to catch his breath because of all the pleasure and I wanted to give him every last ounce, every single drop of pleasure I could possibly give him, I wanted him to remember, I wanted him to come back, I wanted everything I could get, everything he could give.

He turned me over on my stomach and I half expected he would pull my hair and make my head pull back but he didn’t; he laid on my back and pressed his lips onto my shoulders, my neck, the side of my face, his lips trailed along my cheek to my lips and he was soft, so soft, the hardness in between my legs an irony and I pushed back, allowing him access, giving him permission, letting him know I was open and willing and fully wanting to please, every single drop of pleasure I could possibly give him, I wanted him to remember, I wanted him to come back…

He couldn’t decide what he wanted more.  He turned me around again and kissed me, deeply and passionately and fiercely and all of the build up was in between our bodies and I wanted to be filled by him, I wanted it all and I couldn’t get enough and thinking about it now makes my heart race and his face, his eyes, his smile, his arms is all I can imagine and I wanted him, I wanted him never to forget….

I felt him inside and it was all I could do to scream every bit of energy out of me and I couldn’t last, I couldn’t make him remember me, I couldn’t keep him coming back if I couldn’t last, if I couldn’t give him all the pleasure….

His stroke was gentle, so loving, so caring and it was different than what I’d known, it was special and he was making me remember him, he was making me not forget, he was making me want to come back and within seconds, almost together, he spilled into me and I pulsed, taking everything he could give me.

“You’re incredible,” I said, as he moved the hair away from my mouth to kiss me.

“I can’t take all the credit for that.  You make it easy for me to be this way.”

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