Kiss On Me

Look at you…

I look at your face and wanna sit up on it; those lips, that mouth, those eyes.

When I’m out with other dudes, I be texting you to scoop me and you drive in that whip, top down, thugged out, chains on, trap from the system, that white tee, God damn that white tee, fitted on backwards, smelling, looking like a million bucks, turning me all the fuck way on…

I’m not the jealous type but you got me feeling some type of shit.

I crave you, that one-on-one, your arms around my jelly, one on my ass and the other on my face, that way you do, a gentleness only I know, kissing on me, telling me how pretty my eyes are but you can’t right now, you want to but you ain’t right right now.  Baby, this should change…

Your love is right, your touch is mine, that side I see is all I need, when you’re up on me, all hands and mouth and hard on me, my God, I call out, asking Him for forgiveness for all this lust I feel….

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