Cuando Quieras, Donde Quieras – (When You Want It, Where You Want It)

Co-written in Spanish by the lovely MaryFelix.  Check her out here.  Gracias mami.

I stretched my legs out on the poolside chair, enjoying the blissfulness surrounding my body and mind.  The sun was shining bright directly above me, warming every inch of me.  Every inch.  My mind wandered…

I imagined long, strong fingers oiling my back and my skin responded.  Despite the heat, I had goose bumps.  I ran my hands lightly over my chest, feeling the hardness of my nipples through my bikini top.

I opened my eyes and sat up and reached for my drink.  I’d only end up feeling hotter if I continued with these thoughts.  I shielded my eyes with my hand and looked around the pool area.  It was quiet.  A middle-aged couple lounged to my left, another couple was sitting at the swim-up bar, laughing and chatting amicably, an older man was talking to the bartender and his partner was sitting nearby at the patio table, reading her book.  There was no one in the pool.

I walked over to the pool and stepped on the first step.  The water was cool on my toes, sending a jolt of shivers up my body.  I debated diving in but opted instead to sit at the edge and let the coolness overcome me gradually.

I sat back on my arms and closed my eyes again and lifted my face up to the sun.  I heard the creak of the wooden steps leading into the pool area.  Someone had walked in.  I heard a male voice greeting the bartender in Spanish.  His voice was low, barely audible.

There was movement in the water.  Hmmm, I thought, no splashing came my way.  This man had a clean dive.  I listened as he swam one length of the pool and then another, pausing to take a breath at either side.  I tried to imagine him in my head, tried to picture his face, but all I could see in my imagination was arms.  I sighed out loud, almost embarrassed at making a sound in this serenity.  I listened again and didn’t hear any water movement.  I wanted so desperately to peek through one eye and sneak a look at this man but this mystery going in my head was just too delicious.

He was swimming again, reaching the sides faster this time.  His breaths were shorter and more frequent.  Dammit.  Strong arms no doubt.  I counted as he swam three, four, five pool lengths and then a deep intake of air and heavy breathing.  And then stillness.  Jesus.  The silence was killing me.

I opened one eye and immediately had to open the other to focus my gaze on him.

How do I describe him without sounding melodramatic?  The colour of his skin was a dark tan, like he’d spent many a day at the beach.  It was smooth, almost tight and porcelain-like.  And the arms?  My imagination didn’t compare to these arms and shoulders standing several feet across from me.  I looked at his face and almost got lost in his liquid-center dark eyes.  He had a wide mouth, his lips were slightly parted and water was dripping from his thick head of hair onto his face.

He had bad written all over him.  And I wanted to know his badness.

“Que miras?”, he spoke in Spanish.  And he was speaking to me.

“I don’t speak Spanish”, I said.

“Lo entiendes”.  It was a statement, not a question.

“Si”, I replied coolly.  “I understand”.

“Que miras?” he asked again.

“You.  I’m looking at you”.  My heart was already racing.

“Te gusta?”

“Do you speak English?” I asked, realizing I just answered his question with a question.

“No importa.  Me gusta lo que veo y estamos comunicandonos bien. Dime que te gusta de mi”.

“Your eyes.  I can’t read them.  And I’m good at reading eyes.  There’s an aura about you.  Something tells me I shouldn’t be talking to you”.

He threw his beautiful head back and laughed, causing the middle-aged couple to look over.  I smiled a nervous smile.

“Ven aca mami”, he said quietly.

I swallowed hard.  I got instant butterflies and there was a rollercoaster tingle in between my legs.  I was still sitting at the edge of the pool, swinging my legs in the water.  I jumped in, trying as hard as I could to be casual.

I saw a smile curve on his lips as he watched my body descend into the water.  He was amused and the butterflies fluttered even quicker.  He was making me nervous.

I walked over slowly, fully aware that his eyes were on me but I averted his gaze, wanting desperately to show him how strong I could be.  I felt like he could see right through me.  And at that moment, I was oozing with softness.

I approached him.  He reached for my hands and quickly pulled me towards him, immersing my body in the cool water.  I gasped and instinctively pulled away from his hands.  I stood up defiantly in the water, trying to regain some composure but I knew I was failing horribly.  He reached out again but this time he grazed the back of his hand on my hard nipple.

“Esto me encanta”, he whispered.  I didn’t move.  I wanted his hands on me, aware that my nipples were erect and fully attentive to his touch, wanting more.

“Como te llamas?”, he asked.

“Does it matter?”, I replied, immediately regretting my answer with a question, yet again.

“Quiero saber como llamarte cuando este gimiendo tu nombre, mami”.


“And what makes you think you’ll…..?” I trailed off, unable to complete my question.

He took a step towards me and bent his head into my ear.  “Mmmmm, mami, si mami, damelo, asi mismo”, he moaned, mimicking fake lovemaking into my ear.  I pulled away, trying to shake this desire building in my bones.

He tightened his grip on my arms, his eyes dark and brooding, warning me not to move.  He pulled me closer to his body.  He reached underwater and put his hands on my ass.

With one swift movement, he pushed my bikini bottom to the side and slid his middle finger inside me.  I drew in a breath of air, feeling a mix of emotions at this man’s dauntless ways, excitement and fear both running through my veins, the appetite building in between my legs.

“Tu cuerpo esta frio”, he breathed into my hair and dug his finger deeper into me.  “Tus entrañas estan ardiente senorita”.

I dug my nails into his shoulders.  He didn’t flinch.

“Do you want it?”, I asked, scratching my nails down his back.  The fervor in my body had overcome the fear I was feeling just seconds earlier.  Something had to be done about it.

“Lo quiero. Y lo hare mio”, he replied in a hushed tone.

He pulled at my bottom with one hand and kept the other on my ass, as if securing my position.  I had the feeling that if I tried to pull away, he would have been forceful.  This excited me even further.

He pulled my swimsuit bottom completely off and I felt him move underwater.  I knew what he was doing.  I looked around anxiously, making sure no one was watching.  Everyone was absorbed in their own activities.  I needed this man inside me now and fast before anyone realized what was happening in the pool.

He looked me directly in my eyes, hunger written all over his face.  I wanted so bad to have his mouth on mine but all he did was stare into my eyes.  I moved in closer, pressing my breasts on his chest, making sure he felt the hardness of my nipples.

He positioned my legs on either side of him and guiding me on top, he pushed himself inside.  I felt every beautiful inch of his length inside me.  Fuck.  He closed his eyes and whispered something I didn’t understand.  I bit my lip to prevent crying out.  I grabbed his shoulders and watched him.  I wanted to move on him, to ride him out of control but I couldn’t draw any attention to us.  If I got out of control, this would be over sooner than it started.

I felt his heart pounding against mine.  His cock was deep inside me, but it was still and unmoving.  This was torture.

He opened his eyes and smiled at me.

“Sabes lo rico que se siente esto?” he whispered.  “Esta tomando todas mis fuerzas para no dartelo duro en tu concha caliente”.  Something about controlling himself from pounding me.  I didn’t care what he said at this point.  I needed him.

His eyes darted around the pool.  He pushed up inside as far as he could go.  I moaned slightly and he pressed his lips up against my face.

“Callate.  Piensas que te puedo coger callado?”  I turned my face so my mouth was against his.

“No”, I said.  “I can’t.  I can’t stay quiet if you keep torturing me like this.  Fuck it please.  Fuck me”, I said.

He kissed me then, grabbing the back of my head and pulling me as close to him until we were almost one.  His mouth was fresh and cold and his tongue was hard and probing against mine.  He was demanding, sucking on my tongue deep and biting on my lips.  He thrust up into me once, twice, three times and my pussy responded well around his cock.

I swayed my hips against his, feeling him deep inside my walls.  He was filling me perfectly and his mouth against mine was adding to the intensity.

Dear God, this man was blowing my mind.

He grabbed my waist forcefully and with his mouth still on mine, he moved me up and down on his cock, slamming into me as hard as the water would allow.  I sucked on his tongue hard, unable to express myself any other way.  My arms were tightly wound around his neck, my body wanting his hands all over me.  Every inch of my being wanted him inside.

He pulled away and stopped moving.  “Mami, si te sigues moviendo asi, me haces venir”, he whispered into my mouth.

My orgasm was building and I couldn’t stop now.

“No papi, please, I can’t stop now.  I need you.  I need you to fuck me”, I said.

I looked around quickly and noticed the middle-aged man lounging with his wife.  He was sitting up in his chair and he was watching us.  I licked my lips nervously and winked at him.  He was spellbound, a dazed look on his face.  His wife lay quietly on the chair next to him, unaware of her surroundings.  “We have a voyeur”, I whispered into my sexy lover’s ear, not removing my eyes from the man on the chair.

I moved on my mystery man’s cock again, my mouth open in desire.  I threw my head back purposely, suddenly enjoying the attention.  I bit my lover’s ear gently and licked his earlobe ever so slowly.  I heard my new lover gasp in my ear and the man in the chair shifted in his seat.

I couldn’t wait.  I needed to bounce on this man.  I had to have him hard and fast.  “Come with me papi”, I said, my eyes still on the other man.  I leaned into my lover and kissed him hard, making sure to keep my eyes open so the man could watch me.  I ground my pussy on him as much as I possibly could, feeling the pressure build on my clit.  I was seconds away.

“Papi, do you feel it?  Do you feel this pussy throbbing?  I’m going to come all over your dick papi, I’m going to scream”, I said, louder than I’d wanted to, maintaining eye contact with the man.

“Callate la boca mujer”, he moaned into my ear.

“I can’t”, I muttered.  “I can’t take this anymore”.  I returned my gaze back to my new lover and thrust my pussy on his cock over and over again.

“Kiss me papi”, I said.  “Kiss me hard”.  He sucked on my lips, my tongue, my chin.  He licked my ear and right at that moment, the waves started rushing over me.  “Look at me”, I said.  “I want you to watch me come”.   I pushed down hard on his cock, aware of the other man’s eyes on me.  I dug my nails into my lover’s back again, this time in desperation and I bit my lip hard to silence my screams.

Oh.  My.  God.  My pussy throbbed and ached around his hardness and I came hard.  I dipped my head back into the refreshing water and looked up at the man on the chair.  His expression and position hadn’t changed except for the bulge in between his legs now.  The woman laying beside him was now peering over her sunglasses, her mouth slightly open, watching me and my lover in the pool.  I smiled.

Then, with both hands on my ass again, my lover lifted me and turned us around to face the couple.  He took my arms and pinned them behind my back as he settled his cock inside me from behind.  I watched the look on the woman’s face as her eyes widened at the sight of my lover.  My bikini top had slid off and my breast was slightly exposed but my lover had me motionless and I was enjoying the way the other man was eyeing it.

My lover proceeded to fuck me very slowly from behind, exaggerating every move for our audience.  I licked my lips at the woman and bent over further to feel my lover deeper inside.

“Ay mami”, he said, loud enough for the couple to hear now.  I smiled again, enjoying every second of his cock inside.  “Tomalo mami, toma esta verga dura dentro de ti.  Te gusta?” he repeated it over and over.  “Tomalo mami.  Tomalo todo.”

He put his hand around my throat and I could tell from his movements he was on the brink of his orgasm.

“Give it to me”, I said, directing my words to the man on the chair.  “Give me what you got baby”.

My lover pounded into me, my breasts now fully exposed and bouncing in the water. I looked around to see who else was watching and realized now that the bartender had his eyes on us.  I’d never felt so carefree and sexy, enjoying the mini audience nearby.  I could tell the arousal in the woman’s eyes now and there was no mistaking how turned on the man was.  I turned to look at my lover over my shoulder and we locked eyes, desire and lust evident between us.  He pressed his face against mine and fucked my pussy with short and quick thrusts over and over again.  He groaned quietly and bit my cheek hard in passion, his dick now throbbing inside me.

I felt the rush of liquid in my already wet pussy.  He let go of my throat and put both his hands on my breasts, squeezing them together for the couple to see.  He kissed my neck and nibbled on my ear and then, quite unexpectedly, he turned to the man on the chair and in perfect English said,

“Would you like to trade?”

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