Come Get Me…


You still want me in that pussy baby?

You know this. The thought of having your hands and mouth on me still gives me goosebumps. My body shakes in anticipation.

Is that right?

Yes. And I’m gonna moan and make noise and you’ll wanna punish me; pull my hair, smack my ass and dig deeper in these walls…..

Mmmm. And then you suck on this dick and bend that ass over for me.

I wanna taste me on you. I want that dick drenched in my juice. Then you can slide it all down my throat. I want you looking in my eyes when we fuck. I want you on top of me. Controlling. Watching. Loving. Can you do that?

I’m going to pin you on your back and look into your eyes and see how deep I can get. Can you take all of me?

I’m going to take you. I WILL take all of you.

Do you want me to be gentle?

Maybe in the beginning, as you stroke and kiss and love me…

I will be. My touch and my kisses are gentle. Sensual. And when you give me that pussy? I’m going to kiss it wet. Enter you slowly. And then when you want it pounded, I will grind and pound to your command and make you come over and over and over again.

I want you…

Come get me…

Come Get Me

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