“I really wanna be with you, but something’s telling me I should leave you alone and you got me just torn in between the two….”

She stood facing the window, her bare back exposed for his view. She wore black lace panties.

She exhaled, letting the euphoria of the drug fill her head, her mind, her thoughts. She giggled.

“What are you laughing at?” he asked from the bed.

She turned her head to look at him, her hair falling in front of her face.

“Can I record this?”  she asked.

“Record what?”

“You. Me. Us.”

He laughed his deep, hearty laugh.

“See what a little greenery will make you do,” he said, a smug look on his face.

He watched her move. He’d wanted this for so long. He’d been waiting for her sex like this. Uninhibited and weak for his loving. She moved slowly over to the bed where he lay, her naked breasts in perfect sight. He felt a stirring underneath the bed sheets.

“Come on. Let me record us. Then I can replay it over and over. What do you think? Doesn’t it turn you on to think I want to watch us over and over again?  I want to replay the sound of you fucking me repeatedly.”

He didn’t take his eyes off her, wanting desperately to throw her on the bed and beat her the way he wanted to. But he wanted to make this last. His time with her was cherished, especially under the circumstances. He needed to make sure she’d always be back for more.

She stood at the edge of the bed now, standing right above him. He turned his head to look up at her, admiring her face. Her eyes. Her mouth. Oh God, that mouth.

He reached out to her and slowly placed one finger into the top of her undies, teasing her just above her mound. Immediately her lips parted, the tip of her tongue licking her lips provocatively.

She was so sensual with her moves. Sometimes he wondered whether she exaggerated her movements just to drive him crazy, or if she was genuinely sensual.  He remembered the first time, on the carpet floor…..the way she arched her back just right for his entry, the way she wrapped her legs around his waist to meet his every thrust, the way she rode his cock, slowing down at every appropriate moment and speeding up just when he wanted to come. Whether she was being real with her actions or not, he thought, she did it just how he loved it.  And he needed it more often.

He continued his probing, dipping lower into her panties, anxious to watch further reactions.

She moved away and reached behind her, picking up her phone. She brought it up to her face, her smile giving away her excitement.

“Let me set this up,” she said, a twinkle in her eye.

There was no mistaking her anticipation. He tried to equally contain his elated feelings, knowing he‘d have coverage of her to watch over and over again. “Yes babe, set it up.”

She was feeling so heady, her arms heavy as she pressed buttons on her phone, anxious to get on him.

She was enjoying this feeling inside. Her mind was racing, thoughts of everything she wanted to do overflowing into one another. Her mouth was dry now, her eyelids heavy and her knees ready to buckle. She moved closer to the bed…

He reached up and cupped either of her breasts in his hands, feeling the silky smoothness of her skin under his touch. He traced her nipples with his thumb, taking pleasure in the expression on her face.

She felt different. She knew this was different. It wasn’t only the intoxication in her body and her head. It was this. It was this room. It was him. She couldn’t think about it for too long or else she might change her mind…

He noticed the change in her mood and sat up in bed, turning around to face her. Before she could even move, he put his arms around her and pressed his fingers onto her ass, allowing her no movement.  He looked up at her face to quickly reassure her just before he kissed her…in between her legs.

Instantly, she grabbed the back of his head, urgency suddenly building inside her walls.  This was good. Oh fuck, this was good, but this was just the beginning of what she knew so adamantly would blow her away.

He loved the way she tasted.  Her pussy was always so wet and inviting.  He knew she was extra freaky today.  The drugs they smoked moments ago guaranteed it.

She tried to adjust her footing, to give him more access to her wetness.  But his hands were firmly gripping her ass.  Her mind was reeling, her arms still heavy and limp.  She needed to feel him deep inside and she had to fight the words in her head. “Jesus,” she thought. “What am I doing?”

He moved his tongue lightly around her clit, feeling the slight pulse against his mouth.  He smiled against her pussy, feelings of satisfaction from within.  He liked the way he made her feel.   And this would have to happen again, he had to make sure of it.

She couldn’t handle it any longer.  She couldn’t stand there a minute longer while he loved her pussy with his mouth.  She pushed him back onto the bed and climbed on top of him.

He wasn’t done exploring her.  He wanted to lick every last bit of her.  He was on his back now, while she got ready to straddle him.  He grabbed her ass again and guided her body up towards his mouth.  He saw the look of surprise on her face when, with one single movement, he placed his head in between her legs.

She looked down at him, his eyes staring intently at her.  He’d talked about this. He’d talked about having her straddle his face this way and here she was, moaning out loud, enjoying his movement on her.  His mouth kissed her pussy, gentle, loving caresses she could have sworn she’d never felt before.  She reached behind her, trying desperately to feel his cock in her hands, adjusting her pussy in his mouth, allowing herself total and uncontrollable bliss. It was his turn to moan and she thought she’d explode from the vibration coming from his mouth.

He could tell she was close to her orgasm, the throbbing in his mouth told him so. He lapped at her pussy quickly and swiftly, anxious to have her ride his dick. He flicked at the tip of her clit over and over again, wanting so badly to fuck her.

“Oh, God” she said out loud. “Oh, God, I’m going to come. Oh, please don’t make me come like this. Please don’t let me come,” she said urgently. “I need to feel you inside, please. I need to have you deep inside,” she moaned out loud again. Suddenly she stopped moving and quickly got off his mouth.  She moved down across his chest, licking his nipples along the way.  She turned around, her ass now facing him.  She straddled him and very swiftly, placed his cock inside her.  She threw her head back in amazement at his size inside her.  She’d almost forgotten how greatly he filled her, how his thickness consumed her pussy this way.  She couldn’t control the screams now.

He smiled at her pleasure.  She was feisty and wanted her way.  Oh, how he wanted to fuck her right.  She was straddled reverse cowgirl on him and her pussy was wet enough that his hard, long cock slid easily into her.  He loved her bouncing ass in his face.  Oh fuck, was he ever going to bust up inside her. “Oh yes,” he screamed aloud. “Oh, fuck yes babe.”

She moved up and down on his shaft, her pussy walls tightening their grip on his cock.  She couldn’t control it.  She couldn’t control her throbbing any longer.  She pressed down against his hardness and with a fierceness she couldn’t relate to because of the fogginess inside her head, she came, waves of pleasure overcoming her body.

And she screamed his name out loud…

“Oh, Damian!”

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