She opened her eyes.  She squinted even though there was barely any light in the room.  Her head was pounding.  Her mouth was dry.  She tried to lick her lips.  They felt rough, dry, chapped.  She moved to get up and realized she was tied up.  She looked up and saw her right wrist bound against the bedpost by what looked like a rag.  It was dirty.

“Michael?” She spoke out loud, realizing then how scratchy her throat was.  She listened.  No sound of Michael.

She thought hard, trying to remember how she had gotten into this position.  What happened to Michael?  This wasn’t her room.  This wasn’t Michael’s place either.  Jesus.  Where was she?

“Michael?” she spoke louder this time, feeling her blood pressure rise slightly.  Still no sound of a reply.  Silence everywhere.

She tugged at her wrist and got on her knees, trying to untie the dirty rag.  She was naked.  There was not one piece of clothing on her body.  She suddenly felt dirty.  Something wasn’t right; this didn’t feel right.  She never felt dirty after being with Michael.

She was in pain.  Her body was aching.  She didn’t know what was going on, didn’t know what was happening.  She felt a lump in her throat as she fought back tears.  This wasn’t Michael’s doing.

“Someone help me!” she cried out.  “Help!”

She listened intently.  She heard a slight rustling coming from outside the door.  Keys perhaps?  Was she locked in this room?

The door opened slowly, quietly.  She felt for bed sheets, a comforter, something to cover her body with.  Nothing.

She heard footsteps.

“Hello?  Who’s there?” she whimpered.

“Shhh,” came a soft voice from the door.

A silhouette appeared from the corner of the bed.  “Ms. Savannah, please, you need to keep it down,” the female voice said in a whisper.

“I’m going to turn the light from the bathroom.  Cover your eyes.  They’ll be sensitive and might hurt.”  There was a slight accent in the woman’s voice, possibly South American or European.  The woman spoke in broken English.

The light came on just as the stranger had warned her.  Savannah tried to shield her eyes with her free hand.  When her eyes adjusted, she looked around the room.  She didn’t recognize her surroundings.  She looked up to see who had come to her rescue.

Standing by her bedside, smiling ever so sweetly at her, was a petite, dark-skinned woman.  She had dark almond shaped eyes and a full mouth, with hair as dark as her eyes, wrapped up on her head.  She was dressed in a crisp, white collared shirt and black slacks.

“You look much better today,” the woman said.

“Today?  What do you mean today?  Who are you?”

The woman’s face went sad.  “You don’t remember me Ms. Savannah?”

Savannah’s heart was at her throat.  How was she supposed to know this woman?  Why was she tied up?  Where was Michael?  She needed questions answered and she didn’t know where to start.

“Please,” Savannah started, “I need you to call Michael for me”.

The woman smiled.

“Oh Ms. Savannah.  You no need Michael no more.  Master will take good care of us.”


“Who is Master?  I need Michael please.  I need to go.”

The woman untied Savannah’s wrist and helped Savannah on her feet.

“It’s time for you bath.  Come before he come.  You have to be ready.  We have special company today.  Come.  I make you pretty and desirable again.”

Savannah’s anxiety was slowly turning into rage.  She wanted to run, escape; she needed to get out of this filthy disgusting room.

“Ms. Savannah, you try already, don’t you remember?  That how you get this nasty bruise on your face.  Don’t fight.  You always enjoy,” said the woman in her soothing voice.  “Let’s go, let Esperanza take care of you.  You like me and I like you remember?”

She spoke as if Savannah were a child.  Bruise?  What bruise?

Esperanza took Savannah by the hand and guided her to the bathroom.  It was exquisite.  There were large paintings on the walls, a chaise lounge to which Esperanza motioned for Savannah to sit while she drew water into the extra large, classic looking claw-footed bathtub.  The paintings though, the paintings looked similar to the ones she’d seen in…

Damian!  She was at Damian’s house!  She sighed out loud and Esperanza glanced over at her.

“Is coming back now Ms. Savannah?”

“It’s Damian.  Thank God.  This is Damian’s house right?  But why am I tied up?  Where is Damian?  Can you get him for me?”

Esperanza said nothing and took Savannah’s hands and helped her to her feet.  Savannah winced in pain.  Her body was sore.  Why was she sore?  This wasn’t making any sense.

Savannah straightened her still naked body, surprised at herself for feeling no shame in front of this strange woman.  She looked in the mirror and tears instantly came to her eyes.  She had a dark bruise on her right cheek and a scratch above her eye.  Her dark, curly hair was disheveled and she had red marks all over her shoulders.  She looked down at her breasts and noticed what looked like bite marks.  She looked back at Esperanza in a panic, tears now streaming down her face.

“Shhhhh,” said the woman.  “Come in the bath.  You feel better soon.”

Savannah stepped into the tub, slightly taken aback by the heat of the water.  She slid in completely, letting the water cover her whole body and face.  She closed her eyes and held her breath as long as she could, letting the hot water soothe her.  She came up, gasping for air, feeling awake and alive.  She needed to get herself together in order to figure out what was going on.  She needed to clear her head, find Damian and get back to Michael.

She turned to ask Esperanza something and lost her train of thought.

There, standing by the side of the bathtub was Esperanza, hair let loose and long down her back, fully nude.

Savannah couldn’t help but stare.  This woman’s body was flawless.  Her skin was caramel-colored and smooth and firm, full breasts high and tight.  Her stomach was flat, her ass was round and there was a perfect hairless mound in between her thighs.  Savannah was mesmerized.  This woman was beautiful.  Esperanza smiled.

“Is like the first time every time,” she whispered.

She turned to the counter and returned to Savannah with a bottle of water and a little paper cup.

“Your medication,” she said.

Savannah looked inside the cup and saw two little white pills.  She looked up at Esperanza.  “I’m not on medication,” she spoke, her voice barely audible.

Esperanza laughed a soft, provocative laugh.  “You say this every time.  Take it.  It make you feel nice for Master and me.”

Master and me, Savannah repeated to herself.  Something wasn’t right but she was trusting this woman.  She didn’t feel any ill ways with her.  But she wasn’t giving her any answers.  She didn’t know what to do.  She didn’t want to take the “medication”.

“I don’t want to take it.  I feel nice already,” she said.

Esperanza put the water and pills down on the counter and got into the tub with Savannah.  Savannah sat up immediately.

“Wh-what are you doing?”

“Ms. Savannah, you ask too many questions every time.  Master will be here soon, let me wash your hair.”

Esperanza got on her knees and climbed over Savannah until their eyes met.

“I love your eyes.  I like you.  I like Master bring you here for us,” and she bent and kissed Savannah.

Her lips were soft, her breath was fresh and Savannah made no attempt to push her away.  Unwillingly, Savannah’s lips parted when the woman probed with her tongue.  She kissed her so lovingly, so gently; unlike any way any man had ever kissed her.  Esperanza’s tongue flicked Savannah’s lightly, enticing her further.  Esperanza moved away, looking down at Savannah with a hunger in her eyes.  Esperanza trailed a finger around Savannah’s mouth and Savannah opened her mouth to take her finger inside.  Instead, Esperanza slid her finger down Savannah’s chin, her neck and in between her breasts.

Savannah heard a noise and looked over at the door.

There, in all his allure and class, all his masculinity and beauty, stood Damian, dressed in a tailored suit and Italian leather shoes.  Savannah’s heart jumped against her will.  He looked so fine but yet so….evil?

“Don’t let me stop you.  Continue,” he spoke in his deep, authoritative voice.  He removed his suit jacket and threw it over his shoulders, quickly undoing his tie and belt.  He left a trail of clothes on his way over to the tub.

Savannah tried to smile, but instinct warned her not to.  She felt Esperanza’s hands on her body, caressing her breasts, gently nipping at her nipple.  Savannah gasped uncontrollably.

“She’s good, isn’t she?” said Damian.

The woman moved then, sliding her hands over Savannah’s belly and under her ass.  She looked at Damian, as if waiting for approval.

Savannah noticed Damian’s nod and suddenly, the woman’s head moved in between Savannah’s legs and all Savannah could feel was her tongue on her clit.

Savannah tried pushing Esperanza’s head away, hating the feeling that was starting to build inside.  But the woman was stronger than Savannah expected and she tightened her grip on Savannah’s ass.

“And this is why you have to listen to Esperanza and take your meds Savannah.  Are you going to behave or do we have to do this the hard way?”

Esperanza continued her work, moving her skillful tongue around the hood of Savannah’s clit, stopping slightly to flick her tongue continuously in non-stop movement.  This time Savannah didn’t push her away.  Instead, she yielded to her feeling and pulled her closer, wanting full satisfaction.

“Move your hands,” his words startled Savannah.  Immediately she moved her hands away.  Esperanza didn’t stop.

Damian stood by the tub, naked now, his full length shiny and hard by Savannah’s face.  He reached into the water and slipped his finger deep into Esperanza.  Savannah felt a sudden tinge of uncontrollable jealousy, wishing it was her pussy Damian could plunge into. Damian moved his fingers in and out of Esperanza and she moaned into Savannah’s pussy.  Damian removed his fingers and brought them up to Savannah’s lips.  She looked up at him, awaiting direction.

Damian did not speak a word.  Instead he shoved three fingers into Savannah’s mouth, forcing them down her throat, making her gag.

“That’s the sound I love,” he smiled.  “Do you want more?”

Savannah licked her lips, her eyes never leaving Damian’s.  Esperanza remained in between Savannah’s thighs, lips and tongue working magic like she hadn’t felt in a long time.

He stood right above her face now.  He grabbed her hair forcefully and demonstrating his power, he swiftly shoved every inch of his cock into Savannah’s parted mouth.  Savannah tried to pull back, unable to take all of him in her mouth but Damian held her head in position and fucked her mouth.  Hard.

“Stick out your tongue,” he demanded.  She did as she was told, her eyes now filled with tears.

“Take it bitch, you know you can take it.  Don’t make me choke you again,” he said in his deep voice.

Savannah was struggling now.  She was struggling with her approaching orgasm, wanting desperately to pull Esperanza’s mouth deeper inside, wanting so badly to have Damian pound her pussy, yet struggling to keep Damian’s big cock in her mouth.  She was afraid she was going to choke.  And the feeling of panic arose inside her.

She had no control over this situation.

She put her hands up to Damian and tried to push him away.

Damian laughed, throwing his head back as he did.

“I knew you’d put up a fight.  Finish her off mi corazon,” he said to Esperanza.  Esperanza slipped two fingers into Savannah’s throbbing pussy and moved faster on her clit.  Damian took Savannah’s neck in between both his hands and squeezed, fucking her mouth with his dick, just as easily as if it was her pussy.

Savannah didn’t fight him.  She closed her eyes and stuck her tongue out as far as she could, trying to relax her throat.  Damian’s big hands were around her throat, he was choking her as he continued his thrusting. Savannah kicked her legs helplessly up in the air.  Esperanza’s mouth and fingers were hitting her spots just right and just as she felt the waves rush over her, tears streaming down her face, wanting so desperately but helplessly to scream out her orgasm…

…she blacked out.

*Read Savannah’s plea to Michael*


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