Michael’s Story: Savannah, My Princess

I’m an extremely sexual person.  The problem was, I hadn’t found a woman who satisfied my deep and dark and erotic urges.  Until I met her…

I needed to satisfy these needs and I wanted to indulge in some intense, dark, crazy sex.  And she did it.  Here’s my story about Savannah, my Princess:

I met her online and everything seemed too perfect.  We spent several days emailing each other, speaking of our desires, our likes and dislikes.  Finally, after what seemed an eternity, we decided to meet.

We met at a coffee shop on the other side of town, in her ‘hood.  I was nervous as could be.  I had seen photos and was very impressed with her as she was with me but what kind of vibe would we have face to face?  Was she all I hoped she was going to be?

I sat in my ride looking out for her.  From what I knew she was tall with thick legs, dressed nice and had long, dark, curly hair.  Was I ever surprised at what I got.

As I sat there waiting, I saw this beautiful female walk out of the coffee house.  “Shit”, I thought to myself, as I watched with admiration this woman with a fine, juicy ass walking to her car.  This was all I could think about.  “If that’s her and she’s as freaky as I think she is, this is going to be fun”.

I stepped out of my ride and approached her.  “Savannah?”  And she replied, “Yes Michael, how are you?”  And there it began. 

We talked for about an hour as we gazed into each others eyes and all I could think about was getting her ass naked and doing all the things I love doing to a woman.  When it was time to part ways, she asked me, “Are you going to kiss me?”  Right then, I grabbed her by her coat collar, pulled her towards me, and pressed my mouth against her full lips.  Almost instantly I wanted her.  Her tongue explored the inside of my mouth and I could feel my dick quickly getting hard.  I needed to have this girl.  I needed to be inside her.  I needed to feel her skin. 

We kept in contact and the more I talked to this girl, the more I knew I wanted to fuck her.  Finally, she invited me to her house and I thought excitedly and anxiously, “Damn, it’s on now!”  We both knew I was going for one thing…

Driving to her house, my head was filled with erotic thoughts about her, wondering what her sexual limits were, wondering if I could satisfy her the way I knew she could satisfy me.  There was no doubt in my mind whether or not she could please me.  Something about her aura, her personality, told me she could satisfy my needs.

I finally arrived at her door, my heart pounding and my cock stiff as a rock.  I was so excited, I thought I would come in my jeans.  She greeted me at the door wearing a sexy piece of nothing.  Damn.  She looked good.  And she smelled like flowers, roses and lilies.  I’ll remember that scent for the rest of my life.

Savannah brought me into her home.  “This chick really has it together”, I thought to myself.  I got comfortable and she brought me a glass of red wine.  She joined me, crossing her legs as she sat beside me.  That was all I could focus on, those sexy legs and everything in between.  We sat there, enjoying our wine and each other’s company.  There was excitement in the air.  She was flirting, smiling, licking her lips and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her.  We knew why I was there, but we were stalling the inevitable, adding more excitement to the anticipation that had been there for months.  Finally, after some brief conversation, the kind of conversation you need to concentrate on, she took me by the hand and led me into her bedroom.  Inside her room, there were candles lit, casting a dim light over her bed.  I stood at the foot of that bed, Savannah in front of me.  She kissed me.  Oh how sweet her kisses are.  Her lips, so soft and juicy.  She put her hand on my chest and slowly pushed me back onto her bed.  I grabbed her so she could fall with me.  She wasn’t expecting that and I could tell she didn’t like being controlled.  She straddled me and I could feel the warmth from in between her legs through my jeans. 

“Michael”, she whispered, “I’ve been waiting for this”.  Her mouth was all over me, running up and down my neck, teasing me.  I was going to teach her a lesson she wouldn’t forget.

Just as soon as that thought had crossed my mind, Savannah got aggressive.  She was pulling at my shirt, trying to pull it off my body.  I was tugging and grabbing at her lingerie, trying to feel under it.  And under it, there she was…her soft, olive skin glowing in the candlelight.  Her pussy, nice and bare,  as if she knew what I liked.  Before I knew it, I was naked.  As we laid there kissing and caressing each other, I softly slid my hands in between her legs. “No”, she cried, “Me first”.  Savannah mounted me and pinned my arms down.  She kissed me all down my neck, moving to my chest, running her tongue along my stomach.  And the hottest part about it was, while she was doing this, she never took her eyes off me.  I felt her grabbing my manhood, stroking it.  I began to moan with pleasure.  It felt so good to have this woman appreciate me like this, appreciate my being a man.  I could tell she enjoyed being a woman, she enjoyed taking care of her man.  I let out a gasp as I felt the warmth of her mouth on the tip of my dick. 

“Watch me Michael”, she demanded, as her mouth began to descend.  I could feel her tongue flickering all over my manhood, my cock getting harder and harder.  I moved under her, grabbed a handful of her hair and began to guide her head up and down.  She seemed to enjoy this and moaned, my dick full in her mouth.  And the girl had some skills.  I’ve never had a woman able to take all of me in her mouth.  She stuck out her tongue and deep-throated my dick, spreading my legs for easier access to my balls, licking and caressing my sensitive area.  I felt her finger tickle my ass and I thought I would bust from the pleasure.

Savannah threw my legs over her shoulders to gain access to all of me.  I felt her tongue getting closer and closer and then, I felt the warmth on my ass.  As I stared down at her face, I could tell she was enjoying every second of the pleasure she was giving me.  I felt her tongue flickering all over as she stroked my cock.  I was struggling not to come, almost on the verge of my orgasm.  I pulled away.  It was my turn.  I wanted the control.

I pulled her face to mine, kissing her deeply, tasting the pre-cum in her mouth from my dick.  I threw her on her back and thrust my head in between her legs.  She gasped.  I slowly slid my tongue into her already dripping wet pussy.  I moaned.  Her pussy was so sweet.  I laid in between her legs, enjoying her and all the while she was trying to get away. 

“Michael, I don’t want to come like this, please, fuck me, let me feel you”, but I didn’t allow it.  I wanted to make her come now and make her come again afterwards.  As my tongue flickered around her clit, I inserted one finger into her tight, juicy pussy.  She was moaning like crazy.  Then I inserted the second finger and I could feel her pussy squeezing my fingers, pulsing, I could feel her almost coming, about to get there.  She was still trying to get away but I wasn’t going to let it happen.  I kept licking and thrusting with my mouth and fingers and then, suddenly, she had no control over her pussy any longer and I felt her starting to come.  I put my mouth completely into her pussy and then she screamed, “Oh my, oh fuck, oh Michael!!”  Her sweet juice filled my mouth.  I swallowed every drop of the sweetness flowing from her and rubbed my face all over her pussy.  Finally, I let her go, letting her get away.  I smiled, satisfied for satisfying this woman.

Flustered, she sat up.  She grabbed my face, kissing me deeply, enjoying the taste of her pussy in my mouth.  She leaned back, this time holding my face as she fell back.  Almost instinctively, my cock entered her pussy as I settled on top of her.  “Oh this pussy feels so good”, I moaned.  “Shut up and fuck me Michael, give me your big black dick”.  I began moving inside her, making sure to get in as deep as she could take me.  She was still holding on to my face, as if for dear life.  She moaned in sheer delight and whispered into my ear, “Don’t stop baby, please don’t stop.  Beat that pussy baby, beat it”.  I pounded away, enjoying her pretty face and her moaning.  I pulled out of her, my cock glistening with her juices by the candlelight.  She pulled me up to her face and took all of it in her mouth, licking off every last bit of her wetness, enjoying every inch of my cock.  Once she’d had enough, she turned around on all fours, bending over for me, allowing me full access to her pussy, burying her face in the pillow.

I spread her ass and licked her pussy from behind.  I tongue fucked her and moved my tongue to her ass.  She gasped loudly when she felt my tongue on her and moved with me, ensuring my tongue went as deep as it possibly could.  Then, without hesitation, knowing she would be pleasantly surprised,  I straightened up and slid my dick into her pussy.  I grabbed her hips as I began to thrust with full force, slamming into her.  One hand grabbed a handful of hair while the other spread her ass so I could get in as deep as possible.  “Oh Michael, you’re hurting me”, she cried.  And then, “I love it, I love this pain”, she cried again.  I forced my thumb into her ass and she gasped at the feeling of being completed filled by me.  I grabbed onto her hair and fucked her pussy, slapping and fingering her ass.  “You like that baby girl?”, I asked, “Tell me you love it, tell me you love my dick inside you”.  I almost came from her moans.  “Oh I love it baby, I love your dick inside me“, she replied, backing her ass up even further for my enjoyment.  “I love it, please don’t stop, come for me, my pussy wants you baby.”

I thrust in and out of her, feeling her pussy grip my dick.  I felt the onset of an incredible orgasm and I couldn’t control it any longer.  I began slamming my cock into her from behind, harder and harder.  And then I felt it, the uncontrollable feeling of her orgasm again, this time the intensity on my dick bringing me to my own orgasm, the warm juice overflowing into her pussy.  I slammed into her again, enjoying the throbbing of her pussy against mine.  She wriggled her ass deeper on me, clamping her pussy on my dick, making sure she milked every single drop and finally, we came.

We collapsed on the bed, intense with feelings.  Immediately she dropped her head and sucked whatever was left on my still-hard cock, that look of hunger in her eyes.  “Mmm, we taste so good together“, she said, smiling up at me.  “We’re going to get along really well Michael”, she said softly.

She snuggled into me and we slowly drifted off to sleep, only to wake up a couple of hours later, re-energized and ready for round two.  It’s no wonder I keep coming back to my Princess.  She’s always ready for me.

I don’t spend as much time with my Princess as I’d like.  Life, work and the distance keep us apart.  My times with Savannah are imprinted permanently in my mind and my heart.  I’ll always be in lust with her.  Time passes but the feelings always remain…

One thought on “Michael’s Story: Savannah, My Princess

  1. I can tell a woman wrote this…a woman like me. That likes what I like. That needs what I need. That feels as I feel. That knows the hunger.

    Yo quiero.

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