Hey Lover

“Hey lover, this is more than a crush” – LL Cool J
You said you wanted me “unfiltered”.  This is me, “unfiltered”….I miss you.  My body misses you and my mind misses you even more.  My eyes imagine your mouth, the perfect shape of your full lips, on my neck….you know the way I throw my head back and trail my fingertips down my neck?  Yes.  I know you know.  I imagine your lips there.  And right here.

I see you and the way you’re positioned.  Inviting.  Waiting.  Fully aroused at the thought of having me.  How do you want me?  Bent over?  Ready.  Laying on my back?  Always ready.  On top of you? Mmmm…

I read your text messages, over and over throughout the day, when I’m anxious to hear from you and throughout the night, when my body aches for your touch, knowing you can’t be with me, because you’re….oh, you know why.

“Oh I adore you. I truly adore you.”

That was two nights ago.  And my body jerked when my brain read “adore”….

“You like when I beg don’t you?  Well I’m begging Savannah, I’m begging you to let me kiss you more.  Please me with that mouth until my eyes roll to the back of my head.  Let me eat that juicy pussy as you tighten your legs around my head.”

You never have to beg baby.  Ever.  All you have to do is ask.  I am open and uninhibited and unfiltered when it comes to you.  YOU evoke these emotions.  You bring out my sexiness.  You make me moist with thoughts of your mouth alone…..

“I feel your passion.  My body wants that passion transferred to me.  I want to get on top of you, look you in the eyes and fuck you until you scream my name.  No.  Not fuck you. I want to make love to you.  I want to look deep into those eyes and kiss your mouth and run my tongue down your neck and suck on those breasts and kiss your stomach.  Can you feel me there?  Can you feel my tongue on you now?  I want to feel the love and passion you have for me.  I want to hear you moan as I take you from behind, grabbing your hair and pulling you closer against my dick as you pull away from the pain.”

Dammit.  You used that word.  I ignored it then.  But it keeps pushing back into my mind.  Now.  Today.

Do you remember what I said?

“Please don’t be just saying this for the sake of saying it lover.  Because I feel the exact same way.”

And your simple reply:

“I’m not. It’s what I feel”.

I miss you.  My body misses you.  And my mind misses you even more.

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