So Anxious

The beep coming from my cell phone startled me. I looked at the time. Three o’clock. It could only be one person.

‘I want to run my tongue over your clit and slide it into your wet and juicy pussy. I need to see you,’ read the text message.

A smile slowly spread across my face and shivers ran through my body. I placed my chin in my hands and waited. Another message was about to come through. My Michael intuition told me so.

‘I see you naked in front of me. I want to kiss you.’

His choice of words always made the anticipation that much sweeter, that much sexier.

‘I want to lick that part on your back, the spot that makes it arch.’

I thought about his mouth on my back. I sat up straight in my chair.

I hadn’t seen Michael in a while. The mere thought of him brought excitement to my stomach and lust to my loins.

I didn’t reply. Still I waited.

‘I want your legs wrapped tightly around my thighs and your arms around my shoulders as I thrust deeply into you.’

I closed my eyes and imagined his head buried deep in my neck as I held on to his broad shoulders.

‘My place. One hour. Bring that pussy over.’  I knew it.  I knew he’d want to see me.  There it was.  My invitation.

I remained seated and let my mind wander to all the times we’d been together.  This man had me crazy with thoughts of him.  He evoked feelings I didn’t think I’d ever have again.  My body craved his touch, his soft and gentle fingers, caressing my body.  His eyes, so deep and dark and erotic. His mouth, so inviting, so ready for my kisses, always hungry for more.

Our sex was so raw and passionate. He removed all my inhibitions. He made me want to please him in every way imaginable.

I pushed my chair away from my desk and stood up, trying to shake the thoughts of him out of my mind.  I hated him for making me feel this way.  I blamed him for these feelings. Why did he please me so?  Was it just the sex?  Was I mistaking lust for love?  His sex was blinding me, making me think I had deeper feelings for him than what I really did.

“Who cares?”  I said out loud, as if I was trying to convince myself, “Love or no love, there’s a connection.”

My heart jumped at the thought of seeing him in an hour.  I grabbed my keys and practically ran out the door, forcing myself to slow down so as not to make my co-workers question my nervousness.

I was deep in thought during the drive to meet my lover. I found myself thinking about him more and more lately.

I thought of his arms and moaned out loud.

I thought of the way he watches me, always so intently, with a self-satisfying smirk, knowing the reaction he gets from me.  When he looks at me that way, my body tingles, reminds me of what his love-making will bring.

I thought of his legs, clad in dress pants that fit so snug on his body. I thought of how much I enjoy watching them fall to the floor, exposing his dark, muscled legs.

I thought of his mouth.  My God, that mouth.  His perfect, full lips that invite my sucking and licking.  The way he lets me enjoy his mouth until he loses control and needs to kiss me deeper, thrusting his tongue into my mouth as if discovering it for the first time.

I could see his building up ahead.  My stomach did a little turn.  Anticipation. Excitement.  I was so anxious.

I looked around the parking lot to see if he was waiting.  No sign of his Audi.  I glanced in the rear view and applied a quick coat of gloss.  

I got out of the car and made my way over to the front door.  The concierge security recognized me and buzzed me in.

“Good afternoon Ma’am,” said the guard, almost in a sing-song voice.  I smiled and walked past him, turning around just in time to watch him watch me.  I met his gaze and winked.  He didn’t look away until I turned the corner to the elevators.

I waited impatiently for the elevator doors to open.  I wanted to get to Michael’s suite and surprise him naked, in his own bed.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the doors opened and I walked in, pressing the button for the eleventh floor.

The doors were just about to close when I heard the familiar elevator ‘ding’ from outside.  Someone wanted to get on the elevator too.  Damn it.  That meant another stop.  I couldn’t afford any delays.  I took two steps back to allow room for the next occupant.

My heart dropped to the floor when I realized who was standing there, looking back at me, mouth open, eyes filled with surprise.



I dropped my keys and Michael dropped his briefcase.  We stood there, staring at each other.  I watched as he skimmed my body, igniting the fire within me, making my body want to reach out to his.  I took in his pin-striped dark suit, his white dress shirt and gray tie.  I almost melted imagining what was under that shirt.  He reached out to touch my hair and instinctively, my head turned to feel his hand.  He grabbed a handful of hair and pulled me towards him.  The elevator door closed behind him.

“Mic….” The rest of his name was swallowed by his mouth as his head came down on me hard, pressing my lips to his, his tongue instantly probing and kissing. I moaned under his kiss and I know he felt my weakness.  He held me tighter, not releasing his grip on my hair.

“I’ve missed you,” he groaned in between kisses. “I’ve missed this mouth.”  He stopped long enough to look into my eyes.  “Your eyes, I’ve missed your eyes,” and bent down to kiss each eyelid.

I kissed him again, biting on his lower lip, sucking it and pulling it into my mouth.

He let one hand slide down my back while the other stayed on the back of my head. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of being held by my lover.

His hand trailed lower down my back until finally I felt his hand on my ass.  He squeezed. “Mmm, I’ve definitely missed this,” he said.

The feelings were too much to bear.  I grabbed his head and kissed him, sliding my tongue into his mouth and wrapping it around his own.  I moved back and forth, sucking on his tongue teasingly, to remind him of what else I could do.

Michael moaned out loud and I almost thanked the heavens out loud that I wore a dress to the office today.

I tugged at his belt.  He removed his suit jacket and let it drop carelessly to the floor.  I pulled at his tie, just enough to get to the shirt buttons.  Quickly and swiftly I moved, wanting to take him all in right at this moment.  I undid the buttons and slid my hands into his shirt. Michael couldn’t control his moaning.  I lifted his shirt just enough to expose his nipples and licked him, ever so slowly.

“Baby,” he said, “You’re driving me crazy.  We’re not going to make it upstairs.” Again, that feeling in my chest, that rollercoaster ride feeling, anticipating what was next.

He moved his hands down over my ass, pulling me closer to him. I could feel the bulge in between his legs through my dress.  Now it was my turn to moan. I pulled him harder against me, hoping to feel his hardness against me to relieve some strain.

He pulled at the hem of my dress and slowly raised it above my thighs.  I didn’t stop him.  He lifted his face away from mine, allowing me just the right amount of time to be able to read the hunger in his eyes.  Michael came down on my mouth again, this time hungrier than before.  His hands didn’t stop their caressing on my ass, their squeezing and probing.  Quickly he moved one hand in between my legs and moaned when he realized how wet my panties were.

“Baby, you’re so wet.  You’ve missed me too haven’t you?  You want this dick up inside you?”

I stood there, lips slightly parted, waiting for Michael’s next move.

Michael pushed me into the corner and quickly got on his knees. He lifted my dress high enough to have full access to me.  He grabbed one leg and slipped off my shoe, placing it on his shoulder.  He put his face into my panties and inhaled deeply.

“Savannah,” he whispered. “Look at me.”

I knew what was coming next.  My body was on fire, I could almost feel the wetness running out of me.  I wanted his mouth on me.  I looked down at Michael.

He pulled my panties to the side and dipper his mouth into me, licking and sucking and kissing.  I held on to the elevator banister for support, afraid my knees would buckle from the way he was making me feel.

I grabbed his head with one hand and pulled him in deeper, feeling the vibration of his moan against my clit.  I moaned with him.

Michael continued his sweet mouth love on my me until he knew I was ready.  Just as I felt the waves of pleasure rolling onto me, I pushed him away and pulled him up to his feet.  I was throbbing, I needed to feel his hardness inside.  I frantically pulled his pants down and slid my hands into his boxers, grabbing his ass and pulling him towards me.

I wanted him inside.  My body was aching for him.  I looked deep into his eyes and grabbed his dick in between my hands.  I massaged and caressed and watched as he threw his head back in pleasure.

I lifted my leg and looked in his eyes…

Michael took control.  He positioned himself in between my legs and held onto my hips.  Ever so sweetly, he pushed into me.

We moaned in unison.

“Michael,” I whispered, “I can’t take it. Please.  My body.  Fuck me Michael….please just fuck me.  Let me feel you rip me apart.  I want your dick up inside me, I want you to feel me, please Michael, I don‘t care if it hurts,” I begged.

He looked at me, looking for reassurance in my eyes.  I smiled and then kissed him, deep and hard.

At that moment, Michael plunged into me and I cried out.  He covered my mouth with his hand and I moaned against it. The pleasure that had been building up the last three weeks was almost too much to bear and the pain of his heaviness inside me made my head spin with desire.

Michael didn’t stop.  I moved my hips with his, biting down on his hand in order to control the moans of pleasure that were escaping my throat.

He moved his free hand down to my ass again, this time to help control my movements.  The pressure of him inside me and his hand on my ass were bringing me closer and closer to orgasm.

I could feel my wetness dripping over his dick and I wanted so much to get on my knees but I knew Michael wasn’t going to let me get away.

Again, the pulsing began.  Michael looked down at me.  He removed his hand from my mouth, only to replace it with his lips, his tongue deep into my mouth, sucking on my tongue.

“Baby,”  I whimpered in between kisses.

“Yes baby,” he moaned, slightly out of breath. “Baby, promise me you won’t scream.  Please promise me you won’t scream,” he said.

“Oh God Michael, I…” I couldn’t control my sounds.  He drove me crazy.  Why was he asking me this?

“Fuck it,” he muttered.  And then suddenly, right then, he moved his other hand to my ass, pushed up for leverage and wrapped both my legs around him.  I threw my head back and reached my arms around his shoulders and bounced on him, enjoying the full thrusts deep into my body.

I arched my back, trying to get him deeper inside me still. I placed my hands behind me, feeling for the elevator support and let him guide me .

“Oh dear, sweet, sweet lover of mine,” I groaned deep in my throat, trying hard to keep my sound down.  Michael bounced me on his dick, up and down, as fast as he could, my body thrashing wildly against him, my hair in my face.

“Baby girl,” he moaned, the tone low in his voice. “You’re going to make me come,” he said.  I smiled.

“Michael, you’re going to make me…”

And then, just then, our bodies bouncing wildly, sweat on Michael’s face, I felt Michael pulse uncontrollably inside me. He kissed me, moaning into my mouth, his tongue licking at my lips.  He pushed into me one last time and then he came. He moaned into my mouth again, louder and deeper.

I moved my face away from his mouth. “Don’t stop,” I whispered. “Keep moving baby.  Oh my.  Oh Michael.”  I was gasping for breath now, my mouth dry from panting, still bouncing wildly on Michael, feeling his still hard cock inside. I slowed down my pace, slow enough to let him feel my insides pulsing on his dick.

“Look at me,” he said. “Look into my eyes.  Let me feel you baby.  Let me watch you.”

I looked deeply into his eyes, allowing my whole being to reach out to his, still grinding on his dick, wetness flowing into each other, my pussy tight around him, still throbbing.  Finally, I stopped moving.

Michael put my legs down ever so gently, straightened my panties and my dress and then zipped up his pants.  He hugged me tightly to him, letting his hands move  down across my back.  I kissed his ear, his neck, his throat and then his mouth.

Finally, when we came apart, he spoke.

“Going up?”

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