Nobody – Part Two

“We don’t need to make love in order to make love”, Michael said. “Show me baby…show me how much you want me”.

I had my legs wrapped around him, my hands clenched on his arms. My body was responding to his mouth and his touch.

Michael’s hardness was still pressing up into my moistness and I could feel my clit throbbing. All I needed was a few more movements from him and the waves of ecstasy were sure to rush over me.

I closed my eyes and turned my head in frustration.

I thought about how Michael made me feel. The anticipation of seeing him, feeling his mouth on mine from the first moment he walked through my door, the bitter sweetness when he left me after our lovemaking. I didn’t know when I would see him again. I needed to enjoy every lasting minute with him, I needed to treasure every waking moment…

Suddenly, Michael grabbed my face with both hands. “Look at me”, he demanded.

I opened my eyes to find his deep, dark eyes penetrating into mine. His handsome yet rugged face searching mine for indication of how I was feeling. I parted my lips. A smile crept up on his.

“You want to come don’t you?” he teased.

He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me up, while I clung onto his shoulders. He brought me up to him, while he settled on the floor, my legs still wrapped around his back, my ass resting on his legs.

“No”, I said. “I want this moment to last. Isn’t that what you want? To make this last?”

I remained on him, motionless, holding onto his shoulders, feeling his still-hard cock up against me through our clothes, my face inches away from his. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. Ever so slowly, I licked his lips, gently, from one corner of his mouth to the other. He stayed still, watching me, obviously catching on to my game.

Michael moved, adjusting himself to my body, making sure to never let me go. His hands were supporting my back, keeping me balanced on top of him.

I moved closer to Michael, my breasts crushed into his chest. Our bodies were now melding into each other, formed into one. There was no way to tell where I began and where he ended. Michael’s rigid cock was touching my clit ever so gently but the presence of it, there, so close to my wet and throbbing pussy, made the bearing that much more difficult. This position was sure to drive him over the edge. Or me.

I reached under his shirt and slowly lifted it up his back. “Follow me”, I instructed.

I felt his hands low on my back, his fingertips lightly caressing my skin. This caused me to arch my back, my body fully aware of the sensitivity of his touch. I removed his shirt over his head first and he followed suit. Instantly he went for my breasts, his mouth wet and ready to suck on my nipple.

“No no no no no”, I said, placing my fingers on his chin to lift his head away. “We’re going to make this last, aren’t we?”

Michael remained quiet.

I hugged Michael tightly again, allowing my fingertips to trace the curve of his muscles on his shoulers, following with light kisses, flicking my tongue in and out to tease him. I traced his forearms and trailed back up to his shoulders, lingering on the indent of his shoulder muscle. I bent my head and sucked gently, more so for my own pleasure than his. Again Michael let out a moan and threw his head back for me, allowing me easier access. I stuck out my tongue and licked him from his shoulder, all the way to his chin. I stopped and nibbled gently, my fingers entwining themselves behind his head. I pulled him forcefully to me, opening my mouth to accept his. Michael kissed me deeply, rolling his tongue around in my mouth, biting my lip and catching my tongue in between his teeth. His kisses were passionate enough to bring me to orgasm, my pajama bottoms now seeping with my moisture, his dick rock-hard against me.

This was almost perfect. Two beings wrapped in erotic love, sensual and sexy, pleasing each other with touches and caresses, without any penetration. It was surreal. Again Michael shifted and pressed harder into me. He wanted to be inside me just as badly as I wanted him inside me. His dick moved. I licked under his jaw, guaranteeing it jumped again. And it did, almost on command, the feeling of him against my pussy driving me to the edge. His mouth was so hot and his breathing was rapid.

“Savannah”, Michael whispered.

“Michael”, I answered softly.

“Baby”, he said.


“You’re driving me crazy”, he moaned uncontrollably.

“I know”, I replied, barely audible.

Michael grabbed my ass and thrust me up against him, forcing more contact between his still hard cock in his track pants and my wet pussy underneath my pajamas. I gasped. He stopped thrusting long enough to ask me, “Are you ready?”

Without removing my eyes from his, I nodded, waiting impatiently for Michael’s next move.

“I can’t have you here on my cock like this without wanting to bust baby, you should know that. I want to ram this dick up inside that juicy pussy and feel you come all over it. I want this dick in that wet mouth of yours, enough to have you taste yourself off me.” As he said this, my mouth opened, ready to have him whichever way he wanted.

In one swift movement, Michael sucked on my tongue, hands fully gripping on my ass, grinding me against him, my clit now overly sensitive and ready to release its pressure. Michael’s mouth movements along with his hands on my ass were enough to bring me to the brink of explosion and I felt the waves. He moved me on top of him, my ass bouncing on his legs, his cock banging against my pussy lips, never letting go of his grip, his mouth continuously sucking on my tongue, my breath getting caught in my throat, my nipples hard against his bare chest, I was ready….

I escaped his mouth and his passionate sucking enough to yell out his name, my pussy throbbing out of control, my clit wanting so badly to be in his mouth, the inside of my pussy walls wanting to be filled up by his cock but all I could have was this, all Michael was giving me was this.

Now I was bouncing uncontrollably, ready to fuck him, wanting desperately to have him inside me, my hands on his head, pulling him as far as our clothes would allow. My hands went around his back, my face buried in his neck, my mouth biting at his shoulder.

We were panting loudly, crazily wanting to release this buildup of pleasure. I’d never felt this form of sensuality, it was tantric-like, exciting and maddening and oh, so good.

“Baby”, Michael cried out. “I want you so bad. I could imagine how delicious you are right now, thinking of your wet pussy on my dick”….and his voice trailed off, his eyes closing and his head tilted back.

“Look at me Michael”, I said, my body thrashing around wildly on him now. “I want you to feel me, feel me like I’m on that dick baby, feel it, now.” And with that last word, my eyes hungrily watching Michael’s, I came, ultimate waves rushing over me, my clit throbbing and clenching.

“Oh baby”, he yelled, placing his hands around my back, pulling me harder into him, his hardness now pleasingly painful against my clit. “Fuck Savannah”, he moaned, “Baby”.  And with one last thrust, he came, his cock throbbing lightly against my now sore pussy.

Michael released his grip from my back, letting me slowly slide off his legs, long enough to plant his customary kiss on my forehead.

And I smiled, my customary satisfied smile.

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