Nobody – Part One

He’s sitting across from me, watching TV while laying on my couch.  I’m sitting on the other couch, watching him watch my TV.

Let me tell you about my lover…..

His arms are naturally muscular, thicker than most average men.  They cradle my head during our rare, soft moments and hold me up during our lovemaking sessions.

His hands, with his long, defined and manicured fingers, have no trace of hardness on them…they’re the hands of a businessman, a man who uses a keyboard and a Blackberry and a calculator.  I’m sitting here thinking of his hands and how he’s close enough to touch.  I reach over and clasp my hand in his.  He looks over, smiles and instinctively, almost sub-consciously, takes my hand up to his mouth and kisses my palm.  Instant electricity.

I don’t know why I feel this way about him or when or how it even started.  I’m starting to think this can’t all possibly be lust.  I care about the man, I know I do and I know he cares about me too.  But this electrifying heat he brings to my body, this fire that only he ignites…’s unfathomable.

He’s wearing sweats.  I can see the definition of his manhood through them.

His legs are long and lean.  I love biting his legs, licking the curve of his knee.  He moans every time.

He just caught me staring at him.

“Something you want to tell me baby?”

I’m shaking my head at him.

“You sure?”  He knows me too well.


He winked at me.  That’s how this evening started.  A simple wink.  And then, that look.

I had been sitting at the dinner table, waiting for him to join me.  I heard him down the hall and glanced over my shoulder.  I watched as his tall frame walked towards me.  Just as he reached me, he winked and smiled.  He walked behind me and I tensed up.  I felt his heat on my back before he even touched me.

I sat up straight in my chair.  He lifted my hair off my back, exposing my neck.  He kissed me, softly planting gentle kisses along my shoulder and neck.  I couldn’t help but moan out loud.

“That’s what I love to hear baby,” he said, pressing his face deeper into my neck, trailing kisses down my back, as far down as he could.

I arched my back, urging him to continue.  Dinner could wait.

He pulled me off the chair and pressed me into him, allowing me to feel his shape  through his clothes.  I sprawled my hands along his back, enjoying every line and curve.  Michael looked down at me and smiled again, before bending down to kiss me.

His kiss was soft at first, just a simple movement of lips.  And then, hungrily, he parted my mouth with his tongue and delved deeper, probing, kissing, sucking.  This time, it was his turn to moan.

“I want to love you,” he said.

Something inside me stirred.  That word.

I swallowed hard.  “Love me Michael”.

He pushed my chair back into place and led me into the living room.

Michael gently tossed me onto the couch and immediately came down on me.  He kissed me, with the force and affection that he knows turns me on.  He kissed my face, lingering along my chin, flicking his tongue gently.  He moved up and kissed my eyelids then stopped to look into my eyes.

“This is crazy,” he said.  “Nobody makes me feel like this.  Nobody does what you do.”

Michael must have been reading my heart.

He lifted me up and moved me on top of him, putting me in a straddling position.  He grabbed my face and kissed me again, deeper this time, indicating his desire and lust for me.  I kissed him back, running my tongue over to his ear.  He took in a sharp breath of air.  I continued my exploration, paying special attention to his ears, gently biting and tugging.  Michael grabbed the back of my neck.  “Stop it,” he insisted.  I put my hands on his chest and pushed away, trying to lower myself on his body, inching my way to my favourite spot.

“I want you in my mouth,” I said.

He gripped my behind forcefully and thrust himself up into my groin.  “No.  I want you here.”

I felt him.  I could feel his hardness underneath the flimsy cloth that was my pajama bottoms and suddenly, instantly, I felt the wetness in between my legs.

I was weak with desire.  Enough time had passed.  I wanted Michael desperately inside.  I succumbed to him.  I let my body  yield completely to his touch.  And Michael knew it.  He sensed it.

Without removing his eyes from mine, he grabbed my hips and moved them on his.  I threw my head back.

“Look at me,” I heard him say.  “Savannah baby, look at me.”

I looked back at Michael, seeing the hunger for me all over his face.  I grabbed his head and kissed him, hard, deep and passionately.  Oh, how I wanted to feel his hardness inside me.  I moved my hips on him and he held on, guiding me, moving my body on him.  He was fully erect underneath his pants and I wanted to pull him free and slide him into my wetness.

“Michael,” I breathed.

“Baby, listen”, he said. “Listen to me, just relax, slow down…let me enjoy you.  I want this to last baby girl, don’t rush us.”  He paused to suck at my throat.  And then….

“Show me how sexy you can be.”

I kept my eyes on him and moved.  I moved my hips over him and allowed him to feel how sexy I was – in between my legs.

He smiled.  “You got it.  Keep moving.”

Michael placed his hands firmly on my ass and led me in movement.  Slowly.  Painstakingly slow.  He moved me up towards him.  I arched my back and and threw my head back.  He pulled me back onto him.

I stopped moving and looked at him again.  “What are you doing?”

“Teasing you,” he said.


“Shhhh.  I want you to come when I say come.”

I bit my lip.  Dear God.  This was going to be torture.

He lifted me and placed me on my living room floor.  Without skipping a beat, Michael placed his mouth on my breast, over my tank top.  I squirmed.  The feeling of his wet mouth over the thin cloth on my breast was a sensation I’d never felt.  He looked up at me and again, without missing a beat, moved over to the other breast.  Fuck.

I put my hands on his face and guided him up to mine.  I kissed his mouth, his eyes, his cheeks.  I gently nibbled at his jaw and slid my tongue down his neck.  Michael kissed me back.  I closed my eyes and felt his wet mouth on my ear, his tongue darting in and out to tease my flesh.

He turned me over on my stomach and pulled my hands up above my head.  “Don’t move,” he commanded.

I felt Michael move down past my waist and then suddenly, his head was at my pajama waistband.  Ever so slowly he moved, inching his way down until he settled on my ass and bit it, gently.  I straightened myself on the floor, feeling the sexual tension all over my body.  Whatever Michael was up to, he had better finish this up quickly.

He lifted my tank top with his mouth, letting his mouth linger on every exposed part of my back.

I groaned.  This was my weak spot and Michael knew it.


He moaned but didn’t stop.  He slid his long tongue languidly up my back, making me writhe against the floor.  I tried unsuccessfully to grind on the floor, hoping to cause friction in between my legs.

Michael reached the back of my neck and sucked hard.  I slammed my hands on the floor.

“Fuck,” I yelled.

“Fuck?”, he asked, coming up to whisper close to my face.  “Fuck what baby?”

I opened my eyes so he could see me.  “Fuck you.”

With one quick, swift movement, Michael slid his hand underneath my pussy from behind and held it there.

“You’re so wet baby.  I can feel your wetness through your pants,” he said, pleasantly surprised.

I didn’t say anything.  I couldn’t say anything.

“You want me to fuck you don’t you?”, he asked.

“Uh-huh,” I uttered.


“I…I don’t care how.  Michael…”

He moved on top of me from behind and pressed his hardness into my ass.  He was fully erect and I could feel all of him through our clothes.

“I want to fuck you like this,” he teased.  “Do you want me like this Savannah?”

“I don’t care.”  I hated when he teased me.

He raised my ass up to meet him and pressed into me again, this time moving with me, allowing me to feel every inch of his length on me.

This was more torture than I expected.  I got on my back and put my legs around him, inviting him in further.  I started to pull my pajama pants down and he stopped me.

“I told you, you’re going to come when I want you to come,” he whispered.

He laid on top of me and moved, arousing every lustful sensation in my body.  I don’t remember wanting Michael so badly.

“Move with me, let me feel you, let me feel how much you want me baby girl, push that pussy on this dick, come on baby.”

He wanted me to get aggressive, he was taunting me, testing me to see how far I’d go.  I was wet.  I was soaked through my pajamas.  If he pressed up on me a minute longer, I would bust.

Michael dropped his mouth down onto mine.  He licked my mouth, pausing to suck on my lower lip.  He thrust his tongue into my mouth and I returned his kiss.  Deep and passionately and longing, I kissed him, to show him how much I wanted him.

“You feel this?”   He pushed his dick down on my pussy as if he was fucking me hard.  I raised my hips to meet his and felt the pressure of his hardness against my softness.

“Dammit!” I cried out, feeling the warmth in between my legs.  I wanted him to feel my wetness on his dick.  I wanted him to feel how good I felt underneath my clothes.

He laughed.  “I feel how wet you are.  You see how much you’re enjoying this?  Let yourself go.  We don’t need to make love in order to make love.  Show me baby….show me how much you want me.”

To be cont’d……

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