The Things You Make Me Do

“I want you now”, he said.

“No baby….we got lots of time,” I told him, trying unsuccessfully to hide my desire.

He laughed, that throaty, deep laugh of his. “You want me inside you, don’t you?”, he taunted, recognizing the look in my eyes. “You want me up in you, you want me to move slowly inside you, until I hit your spot, that spot that makes you scream and makes your pussy shudder, don’t you?”

“No Michael, I don’t,” I lied and pulled completely away from him. I pulled my dress back down and tried to get out of the bathroom stall.

He put his hand on the door and closed me in under him. “I’m going to get you later. I’m going to fuck you until you scream. I’m going to ram my dick up inside you so hard, you won’t know what hit you,” he whispered.
I stared at him and said nothing. I was weak and breathless and if he pressed up against me with his hardness another second, I would come. I didn’t want to. Prolonging our orgasms would make them that much more intense and I wanted this to be a night he’d never forget. Anticipation is half the fun. I promised myself I would make him come with an intensity and fierceness he’d never felt before.

I pulled away from his embrace and walked out of the stall straight out the bathroom door, ignoring the looks and calls I got on my way out. I waited for him, secretly hoping he hadn’t finished himself off.  But something told me he wouldn’t.

The bulge underneath his jeans when he walked out confirmed it. He was still horny. And our night was just beginning.

We went out onto the dance floor. I needed to move, dance, sweat.  I needed to get rid of the sex thoughts that had conjured up in my mind from being with him.  So I moved ahead of him to dance.  He was reluctant.  He stood there, hands in his pockets, watching me. And instantly I had a wicked thought.  I danced, my back to him, feeling his piercing eyes on my body. I moved ever so seductively, to the beat of the music, swaying my hips back and forth, running my hands through my hair, down my body, over my backside.  This wasn’t helping my level of heat for him.  It made me even more turned on.  I was so anxious to have him in between my thighs.  I needed to look at him.  I wanted him to see the look in my eyes. I turned around and stared.  He stared back.  He motioned for me.  I ignored him, fully knowing he was longing to touch my body.  Oh and how I wanted to touch him in return.  I wanted to grab his head and kiss his mouth, run my hands down his back, grab his arms and hold him.  I wanted to grind up on him and feel his dick through my dress.  He smiled, fully reading my thoughts.

Just as I started to move towards Michael, I felt a pair of hands around my waist.  I turned to see a man, in his mid-twenties, dark-skinned, tall, very handsome, smiling at me.  He wanted to dance. Hmmm, I thought, wickedness already creeping into my mind.  I didn’t move away.  Instead, I began to move with this hot stranger, feeling his tempo in order to get in sync.  And in sync we got, all the while Michael watching me enjoy this torturous movement that was keeping me hot and sweaty.  The man pulled me in tighter, holding on to my thighs.  I stood my ground and moved with him, letting him grind up on me to the rhythm of the music.

My eyes never left Michael’s.  I bent over slightly, sticking my ass further into the stranger.  We moved and danced and I could feel his manhood starting to rise in between my legs.  The man was getting hard, beating and whining and grinding himself against my ass.  I was getting excited.  The tingle was back inside me.  Instinctively, my lips parted and I stuck out my tongue, ever so seductively at Michael.  This man was hard, enjoying the feeling of my body on his dick and I was getting excited while Michael watched me.  I saw his lips curve up in a smile.  He knew exactly what I was feeling.

I turned around suddenly to the stranger and thanked him. He took my hand in his and brought it up to his mouth and kissed it. Surprisingly enough, he let me go without insisting. I had to control myself in order not to run to Michael. Ever so calmly I walked over to him and grabbed his head and tongue-kissed him deeply, sucking on his tongue, mimicking the movements of sucking his dick. He moaned. I stopped. “Enough,” I said. “Let’s get out of here.”

We got outside and walked towards the parking lot where his car was parked. “You drive,” I told him. I slid in the passenger side while he got into the driver’s seat.

“Did you enjoy the dance?”, he asked.

“Did you enjoy the show?”, I asked back.

Again, that throaty sexy laugh. “Hell yeah,” he said. “I was waiting for that guy to bust in his pants while he dry-humped you. And you looked like you were enjoying him,” he said as he looked at me.

“Yes. I was enjoying him. I was enjoying him while looking at you and wishing you were in his spot.”

We drove in silence for a while. Not uncomfortable silence. Just peaceful silence, the kind you enjoy after sex, laying in each other’s arms, uncomplicated silence.

I waited for him to get on the highway before I made my move. I leaned over and licked his ear, flicking my tongue in and out. He took a sharp breath, confirmation that what I was doing was right. I continued, running my tongue down his neck, across his jaw line, to his mouth, down his chin, back up to his ears. He moved away. “You need to stop that, I’m driving.” It was my turn to laugh. “Driving? Oh baby, what’s wrong, can’t you concentrate?” I moved my hands in between his legs and felt his still-hard cock. He adjusted himself, giving me easier access, his hand automatically at my knee, pushing my dress aside.

“No, no, no, no sweet thing. It’s not your turn.”

I moved quickly and swiftly removed his belt, unzipped his pants and stuck my hand down into his boxers.

“Ohhhh fuck,” he moaned. “I can’t do this.”

Just then I bent down and slid him in my mouth, the taste of my own pussy juice mixed with his pre-cum reigniting all my senses. Michael moaned a pleasureful sigh. One hand came off the steering wheel onto the back of my head, applying slight pressure into his groin. I took as much of him in my mouth as I could. I licked him and sucked him hard and fierce, never stopping the rhythm of my head up and down on his hardness. His breathing was getting faster. I stopped abruptly and asked him, “What do you want Michael?”

“I want you,” he answered.

“No, wrong answer, what do you want Michael?”

“You, I want your pussy knocking against me the way you were knocking your ass against that guy in the club,” he said, his hand still on my head, hoping I’d get down to finish the job.

“Pull over,” I told him. He did as I asked. He killed the ignition and turned to me. Again, I insisted…..

“Tell me what you want Michael. Tell me how you want it,” as I massaged and caressed and stroked his balls and the sensitive spot right underneath where I knew would make his toes curl.

“I want you to suck my dick. I want to eat your pussy and lick you all up. I want to play with you and make you come. I want you to ride me so I can feel your body orgasm over and over again. I want to stick my dick in your ass. I want to come inside that ass so you could feel my warmth explode inside you,” he said, his hand stroking my hair and my face.

“Oh Michael, tonight you get to have whatever you want, however way you want it,” I said and immediately went back down to his full, hard dick. I sucked and sucked, harder and harder until I knew he couldn’t control himself. His breathing was coming rapidly now and both his hands were on my head, as he thrust upwards towards my mouth. “I want to fuck you,” he said. “I want to fuck you now, I want to feel all of you all over me, I want you to lick your creamy pussy off my, oh fuck,” he trailed off.

I moved my finger lower underneath his balls and stroked him. I needed him. My whole body needed to feel him. He continued, “I want you, I want you up on this dick, I want to ram it inside you until you cry. I want to come over and over again and I want to make you come over and over again.”

My sucking continued, faster and harder. I slid him in and out of my mouth, dragging my tongue along his shaft. I pressed my face deeper, letting my tongue find that spot, the spot that curled his toes. I let my tongue stroke it, all around the rim, darting in and out of that spot. His breathing was now out of control.

“Fuck baby girl, I’m going to bust,” he said and tried to pull away. I didn’t let him. I stayed there and moved with him, allowing him full access to my mouth, my tongue. I moved with him and sucked hard, slipping a tiny bit of finger ever so gently into his ass. I thought I was going to orgasm from the excitement. “I’m not going to stop Michael,” I uttered quickly before slipping him back into my mouth.

That’s all he needed to hear. He threw his head back and I felt the vein on his big cock suddenly throb out of control. This was his moment. This was the fierceness and intensity I wanted. I sucked and sucked, deeply into the back of my throat. I felt him thrust, then his body stopped moving and finally, his sweet juice overflowed into my mouth.

“Fuck baby, oh man, fuck yessssss……”, he cried out. I smiled, still trying to swallow all of him, feeling almost satisfied for giving him such pleasure.

I got up and kissed his mouth, letting him taste himself on me. He smiled again and said, “Oh God. The things you do to me……”

I kissed him again, deeply, fully. I was in heat, and I needed Michael to cool me down. I had that familiar look in my eyes, the look only he knows so well. I turned to him and said, “The things I do to you??  Oh baby…….it’s the things YOU make me do…….

Now take me home please….”

Savannah finally gets hers in the next story.

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