Say It

My body was shivering. He hadn’t even touched me yet. The mere thought of my giving him that kind of pleasure in the car was enough to make me wet.

The drive to the hotel seemed like it was taking hours. My body was screaming out to him. The longing, yearning feeling of wanting to be touched, caressed, loved……my insides were craving for his hardness. I was hurting inside, wanting to feel him, wanting to be filled by him. I wanted to get to our bed as fast as we possibly could. And he knew this too. Michael knew, just by looking at me, how turned on I was, how badly I needed him. I could swear he heard my body screaming his name.

It was raining by the time we got to the hotel. Pouring rain. Ironic really. It only added to my wetness. We got out of the car and started running towards our room. Suddenly, Michael grabbed me and pulled me close to him, in the middle of the parking lot, under the rain and kissed me. His tongue ran along my wet neck, to the base of my throat, where he bit me ever so gently. I purred uncontrollably. “Michael”…..

I was going crazy, full of lust for this man. This man, who didn’t really belong to me, but in a wicked, delicious kind of way did because he knew my innermost desires and fantasies and could please me like no other man ever could. How could he do this to me? How could this man, who I met on the internet, do this to me? How could we have a connection as strongly as we did, just from meeting over coffee one winter afternoon and instantly connecting?? Oh, how I remembered it so well. I remember looking at his mouth and wondering if he was going to kiss me…..that mouth of his, enticing me and making me hot while the weather outside was cold….I wanted him to kiss me as badly right now as I did back then. “Michael, please, take me inside”, I said.

We walked into the room. He turned to me and said, “Go lie down”. He had that tone in his voice. That “I Want To Be In Control” voice. My stomach turned in excitement. I went over to the bed and laid on my back.

“Not like that, turn around”. I turned over on my stomach.
He took all of my hair in his hand and pulled it back ever so gently, until my head had to pull away from the pillow. He knew exactly what he was doing. He knew how to get to me sexually.

With his free hand, he pulled my dress up, ever so slowly, to my thighs. I felt his hand sliding up my leg, to the curve of my ass. Instantly, I thrust my ass up for him. “No”, he said. “Don’t rush”. I swear this was punishment for what I did to him in the club. His hand continued exploring, fully cupping my bottom. He remained there, grabbing, caressing, running his fingers gently in between my ass cheeks. He gently teased me, lowering his fingers deeper into my secret crevices, my anticipation rising higher and higher. And then just as quickly, he’d take it away. I moaned loudly. “Michael, please”.

He let go of my hair. “Please what?”, he asked.

I didn’t have an answer for him. Again, he went back to my dress, this time raising it to my waist. His hands moved, but this time, along with his hands, he added his mouth. I felt him at my ankles, kissing my legs……….he stopped behind my knees, just where I knew he would. They went weak and I thought I’d pass out. Ever so gently, he licked me, his wet tongue making me think dirty thoughts. I was antsy. I starting grinding against the mattress, trying to release some tension. He stopped licking. “Turn around”, he demanded. I turned and looked at him, licking my lips, desire in my eyes. “What do you want?” He asked. Oh God, I thought. He’s playing my game. I was speechless. I couldn’t talk, couldn’t tell him what I wanted. “Tell me what you want baby girl”…..

I took his hand and placed it in between my legs. “I want you there”, I whispered. He didn’t move. My body started writhing against his hand. He watched me, those eyes piercing into mine, knowing he had full control of me right now. “Michael, please”, I begged.

“Please? Please what?”, he seemed to be laughing at me. “Tell me what you want, tell me how you want it. Go on…………say it”.

“Fuck Michael, I want you to fuck me. I want you to eat this pussy until it’s dry. I want to taste my pussy on your tongue. I want you to thrust your hard cock inside me. I want to feel you until it hurts. I want you in and out and up and down. I want your hands on my breasts and I want your tongue to lick them and I want your mouth to take them fully and bite them. I want you to feel how wet my pussy is because you drive me insane with lust for you and I want to lick myself off you and have you watch me because I know how much you love watching me lick myself off of you. And I want to please you. I want to make you come, inside me, bare and raw…..I want to feel your juice inside, mingling with mine. I want to feel your dick throbbing inside me as you come, as I come, as we come together. Michael please,” I breathed those last words.

He smiled……….”Is that all you want?”

I wasn’t thinking straight. My body was on fire. I pulled him down towards me and kissed him. Oh how I love his kisses. His mouth, his tongue explored my mouth, as if he were kissing me for the first time. No man had ever kissed me like that before. His mouth left mine to kiss my jaw, my neck, slowly he ran his lips over my shoulders. He pulled me up to a sitting position and removed my dress completely over my head. He moved behind me.

“You want my hands here”, he said knowingly, and cupped my breasts from behind. “And my mouth right here”, as he kissed the middle of my back.

My whole body shuddered and I moaned loudly, uncontrollably. He knew exactly which spots on my body to touch, to fully ignite me and make me ready for him. My body arched, inviting him fully. I couldn’t take his torture any longer. I turned around, kissed him quickly and got off the bed. I took his hand in mine and led him to the washroom.

I ran the shower and started to undress him. Slowly I unbuttoned his shirt, kissing every part that became exposed. He closed his eyes. I continued, removing his belt, pulling his jeans down over his hips. I dropped to my knees and placed my face against his hardness, breathing him in. I removed his boxers and licked the tip of his throbbing hardness. He groaned. I smiled. I got up and stepped into the hot running water. Michael followed.

I stood behind him and lathered him with soap, his shoulders, his back, down to the curve of his ass………I lingered around that area, knowing how sensitive he was to my touch. I slipped my finger in between his fold and again he moaned, parting his legs and allowing me easier access. I let the water rinse his sexy body, following with my lips. The lower I got, the more noise he made, until I parted his cheeks and stuck my tongue inside to lick his hole and he cried out, “Oh God”. I continued, licking his hole, thrusting my tongue in as far as it would go, letting my tongue ring slide up and down. I slid under his legs, with the shower running over my face and took him completely in my mouth, feeling the tip of his hardness in the back of my throat. Michael couldn’t take it anymore. He pulled me to my feet and turned me over, ramming himself into my wet pussy from behind. He pounded into me, the pain and pleasure of him inside me making me pull away but at the same time wanting more. My legs were weak, I wanted more of him. My excitement was rushing through my body and I wanted him to feel it. I pulled away. “Lay down please”, I begged. He did as I asked and I sat on him, feeling his hard dick deep inside me. His length fit me perfectly, filled me deep inside. I moved on him, feeling the waves of pleasure overcoming my desire, deep in my stomach, where my orgasm was building.



“Michael”, I moaned loudly. “Please don’t come yet, feel me first, feel what you do to me, oh baby, feel it.” I continued my movements, bouncing up and down, watching him watch my breasts. I didn’t want this moment to end. I ground my pussy as far as it could go on his crazy hard cock and saw the smile that crept up on his face. “You like this dick don’t you baby? Tell me you like it, tell me how it makes you feel, say it baby, say it.” I laughed and in between movements, my heart thumping at my throat, barely able to talk, I whispered, “I love it Michael. I love your big hard dick and I love the way it makes me feel inside, I love the way it makes me wet and crazy” and right then, my pussy throbbed, fiercely, madly. I threw my head back, the shower water flowing over my face and down my breasts. I let myself enjoy his stiffness. I rode on him and bounced until I felt my body explode with the passion that had been lingering all night. I couldn’t stop. Deeper yet he was inside, our bodies melding into one. I cried out again, “Don’t move, right there, oh fuck me……oh fuck me baby, oh you feel so good, oh yes, Michael, yesss!” And with one last thrust, I came, my body shaking, my insides pulsing.

Michael was smiling, enjoying my orgasm as much as I was. I stopped moving, He grabbed my ass and moved with me. “Don’t stop”, he said. “Do it again.” I did. I moved, feeling him hard, hitting my spot deep inside and again, the waves started. Just as strongly as before, I felt the orgasm build and the rush of warmth in my stomach. It was uncontrollable this time. I pounded on him, grinded on his dick, wanting him deeper and harder and faster. I couldn’t stop. He moved with me, moaned with me, not letting go. With a final bounce, I came again, this time screams of passion escaping my lips. “Ohhhh my…..oh Michael, fuck me Michael, oh dear God.” I couldn’t control my screaming and he loved it. I collapsed on his chest, water still running over our bodies. I stood up immediately and dropped my mouth on his glistening wet dick, wet from my juice, wet from the shower. I licked myself off him and licked my lips. I got up and brought him up with me. “Your turn”, I said, the wicked gleam in my eyes.

I bent over and gave him full access to my wet pussy. I let him do his thing, forceful thrusts into my already throbbing pussy. He was ready but I didn’t want him to bust in my pussy. I wanted to give him all of me. “Stop”, I demanded. I moved away and led his cock up into my ass. I’d known for a long time this was what he wanted and I was willing to give it to him. I relaxed my body, trying to ease the pain. Michael seemed surprised, yet I could see the thrill in his eyes. “You sure about this baby girl?”, he asked. I laughed my nervous laugh. “Yeah, baby, I’m sure”.

And just as I expected, Michael was ever so gentle and caring. He led himself into my ass. I winced. I could swear I felt a tear. But I wanted to please him more than anything and kept quiet. He adjusted himself and entered some more. He encountered resistance, pulled away and entered my pussy, making his hard dick wet with my juice. Again he attempted my ass, this time, it slid in a little easier. I didn’t want him to stop. I thrust my ass back into him and forced him in. A loud moan escaped Michael’s throat and I thought he’d come right that second. I kept myself from screaming out, uncontrollable tears of pain streaming down my face. But yet I held on. He moved inside me, gently at first, but I knew he was going to lose control soon and I had to brace myself for this wonderful pain. He moved away again and thrust himself into my wet pussy, then back to my ass, each time easier than the last. I was lusting again for this man, knowing I was giving him this much pleasure. I wanted him, my pussy wanted him, my body was craving his touch. Michael was in absolute awe, enjoying my ass fully. I held on to the wall, waiting to feel his warmth inside my ass. I knew he was ready. He pulled out again and thrust himself in my juicy pussy. “Baby, are you ready? I’m going to come….oh baby….” he moaned.

“Michael”, I whispered, “I want you to come in my ass.” He stopped moving, obviously taken aback by my words. “Fuck baby, I want that so much, are you sure? You’re going to let me bust inside? It’s what I’ve wanted for so long.” I smiled, “I know Michael, that’s why. Do it. Do it now. Let me feel you.” Michael entered my pussy again, thrust hard into me, once, twice, three times, then went into my ass. I turned my head to watch him. He met my gaze and in an instant, I knew he was coming. I held on, knowing the pain I was going to feel from his pleasure. “Don’t hold back baby, let me feel you”, I told him. 

Keeping his eyes on mine, he moved in and out, thrusting lightly, and then, that rush, the waves I had felt minutes earlier, came over him. He held on to my hips and enjoyed my ass. “Oh baby”, he moaned. And again, “Oh yes, I love it baby, I want this, oh yes baby, oh fuck Savannah.” I felt his body quiver and finally, with one gentle thrust, I felt his warm liquid release inside me. He came.

Tiredly he laid on my back, trying to catch his breath, letting his hands slide over my breasts to play with my still hard nipples. I let him come down from his natural high and straightened myself up, feeling his juice run out of me and down my legs.

I turned around and he put his arms around me, our bodies wet and now wrinkled from being in the shower so long. He kissed me deeply, engulfing both my mouth and my body into him, passion and lust for me still in his eyes. I smiled.

For some reason, I had a feeling Michael wouldn‘t be going anywhere anytime soon.

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