Ambition Of A Ride Her

I could enjoy waking up to my cock in your mouth and my balls in your hands, enjoying the tips of your nails over my skin, the veins pulsing in your mouth.  I wanna see those eyes gazing into mine as you crave me, please me, so ambitiously.

Ambitiously?  You’ll be easy to please, hard from the moment I slide you in my mouth, eager and ready to shove all of your length inside my warmth.

See how ambitious that is?  Yes, I’m eager.  Eager to watch you soak my cock with your spit, pulling back just enough so I don’t come.

You want to mess up my face, don’t you?

Nah.  I want to mess up your voice.


Yes.  I want to find ways that you can suck all this out of me, throat fuck deep into that mouth baby, lick the shaft, smack your lips on my balls; I want to run my fingers through your hair and pull on it while my cock is fully submerged in your mouth, the tip lodged in the back of your throat, holding on to your head as I fuck your mouth, you delightful fuck, making me come repeatedly.

Wow.  You want to spill that load into my mouth that bad?


And I’ll take it.  And once I’ve had enough of sucking you, I’m going to sit this pussy up on you and feel you deep within my walls.  And you’ll be torn because you’ll want to get back into my mouth, but all it makes you do is fuck me harder because you’re so mad at your indecision, that you’ll slam up into me, making my eyes tear and pulling my hair so hard, I’ll cry out.

I’m going to want to fuck you from the front, feel those tits pressed against me.

I know.  Because I’m going to want to feel you press down on me while I run my fingers along your spine, over that curve of your behind, pull you closer into me, deeper.

I want to give you all the sensations; fuck your mouth, play with your clit, suck on your thighs and see where you give up first.  I say you’ll stop sucking, only because the kisses on your thighs would drive you up the wall and you won’t be able to concentrate on my dick.

You’re right.  I won’t.

I’m going to fasten a belt around your throat and make sure you take it all, you delicious fuck.

Jesus.  You can’t do me like this.

I can.  You’re mine to fuck and I will do you as I please.

I Won’t Tell..

Baby I won’t tell

If you don’t want me to

‘Cause I got a thing for you

I’ll do anything for ya 

Baby I won’t tell 

I’ll never do bad to you

‘Cause baby you got it, and you got me

I got a thing for ya

I. Won’t. Tell.

I smoked.

I had to.  I mean, the satisfaction without the full satisfaction, you know, I just had to.

The way he pushed my hair aside, gently.  He didn’t pull it.  He gently slid it off my shoulders for easier access to my neck.

Just relax.  I want you to relax and enjoy yourself.  Let me enjoy you.

And his mouth moved better than I anticipated, more seductive, so seductive.

Your lips are softer and bigger than I thought.  I like that.

And he wanted to make sure I felt him, as he laid in between my legs, caressing and massaging my back and shoulders and that crazy gentleness I never expected.

This is mine.  It’s all mine now.

And I agreed, as he dipped his head low and in between and flicked his tongue and made me mad for waiting so long but made me writhe with excitement for finally, finally being there, underneath him while his head moved for better access.

I’m just getting started.  I’m not going to be done with you for a while.

And I moaned aloud at that and smiled as he licked my ear and did everything I should be doing to him, already anticipating the anticipation of what was to come.

He pushed up into me and his moans were my moans and he spoke; he spoke these words of want and lust and passion that I didn’t know existed and…

You’re going to have to come back.  I’m going to want this again.

I was still, my knuckles clenched as white as his duvet but yet, I was still, enjoying it, motionless, aside from the sound of his body against mine, my body accepting all the love he was giving, wanting not to break the spell…


And with an intensity, so much authority that had me questioning life and dreams, he cried out and let me have all of him.




She stood dangerously close to him. He could smell her perfume and it was intoxicating.

They’d been working together on this high-profile client for a few days now and it was more than obvious that Scarlett wanted his ass.

Damian had made it clear time and again that they had a deadline to meet, even if it meant working late hours. The sun had already set and no one was at the office. This wasn’t cool.

Michael was almost positive Damian was doing this to distract his thoughts from Savannah.

Scarlett leaned over and pointed out some numbers to him. Fuck. He had to say something to her if he was going to concentrate on this deadline.

“Listen,” he began. “I need to make something clear before we continue this working relationship.”

She smiled her pretty smile at him. Her eyes shone, in a way that was distracting.

“Michael,” she interrupted, placing a hand on his forearm. “There’s no denying this, this vibe we got going on,” she said as she waved her hand between the both of them.

Michael moved away and rubbed his forehead. All he could think about was Savannah. Her phone was still off and she hadn’t replied to any of his text messages. It’d been almost two months since he’d last seen her at Damian’s house

“There’s no vibe. The only reason we’re here is because Damian gave us this goddamn deadline that needs to be met. We’re coworkers. Nothing more.” Michael’s voice had risen slightly higher than he anticipated.

Scarlett wasn’t moved. It seemed to intrigue her even more. She reached up and touched Michael’s face. Michael let out a long sigh. Two months since he’d felt the touch of a woman. His woman. Two damn months.

“What do you want Scarlett?”  There was no denying the anger and frustration in his voice.

Scarlett immediately took this as an invitation to seduce him. This was what she’d wanted since she first laid eyes on him, since Damian first told her about him…

She didn’t miss a beat. Immediately, her hands were at Michael’s belt buckle, fumbling with his zipper, reaching into his boxers to feel his length.

Michael couldn’t help but moan.

Scarlett dropped to her knees and looked up at Michael.

“You want me to stop?”

He was speechless.  He grabbed the back of her head and closed his eyes.  He didn’t want to, but he wanted to.

“Savannah”, he whispered.

Scarlett heard this but she rolled her eyes and continued her descent.

She was pleased at what she felt and she wanted to make him forget that whore. She couldn’t believe how he’d been treated by Savannah and Scarlett wanted to make sure Michael was treated the way a man should; especially this man.  He was yummy and she couldn’t wait to have him.

She took him in her mouth in one fell swoop and almost came from the response she received from him.  His hands were all up in her hair, while he pulled her mouth closer and aimed for the back of her throat.

Scarlett could sense the frustration in Michael from the day she set eyes on him and Damian made it clear what had to be done.  She didn’t think she’d be this attracted to Michael and his pleasure was her main concern.

Michael exhaled as he thrust in and out of her mouth, feeling her tongue glide up and down and around his pipe and bringing him back to thoughts of Savannah.  He was nearing climax and almost angrily, he pulled out of Scarlett’s mouth.

Scarlett got to her feet and made eye contact with Michael.  She licked her lips briefly and then turned around and threw her ass back into his bulge.  She lifted her dress and quickly pulled off her panties.

Michael threw his head back in annoyance.  If only he knew, if only he knew for certain Savannah was with Damian.  He needed to know, he had to know.  He wasn’t going to let Scarlett manipulate him with her mouth skills and hurt Savannah.  He couldn’t do it…

Scarlett adjusted her stance and leaned back into Michael, her neck just inches away from his mouth.

“Take me,” she teased.  She reached behind her back and curled her fingers around his girth, anxious to be filled by him.  “Take me like you take Savannah.”

Michael tensed up and immediately pushed her away.

“What did you say?”

“Take me like you take her.  Fuck me like you fuck her.”

“What do you know about Savannah?” He persisted.

“Not much.  Except she’s too busy being Damian’s whore.”

Michael pulled Scarlett into his chest and kissed her, deep and wet and a little too harshly.  He turned Scarlett over and bent her over the table.  She was moaning and panting and excited she was finally getting him.  She gasped when he finally entered her and she felt every inch of him slide back and forth.  She held on to the edge of the table and pushed back against him, making him forget whatever was on his mind.

Michael slid into her, pushing as far as he could, as he pulled her hair and thrust into her repeatedly.  Savannah’s sweet smile crossed his mind and he couldn’t help but whisper her name as he spilled into Scarlett.

From across the hall, in his office, Damian smiled.  Finally.  His mission was complete.  Savannah would soon be his.


black couple cuddling for wordpress

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I feel like you’d soothe my soul. You’d console me and make me feel better and you’d touch me without even touching me. You’d lay with me and stroke me and touch my hair, and you’d play with my curls. You’d look into my eyes and you’d stay there, quiet, feeling my need for peace. And you’d let my tears fall, and wouldn’t try to wipe them away because you know I don’t want you to wipe them. I just want you to acknowledge them. And you do. You acknowledge them silently.  And you watch my ears puddle up with tears but you don’t wipe them.  You wait until I turn my head and let the tears fall out while I look up into your eyes and then I close them again and settle back into position.

And you cuddle me with just enough space for me to breathe because you know I can’t be smothered, you know I need my space.

But at that moment, I need you. And I know you would do this.

And you know not to say anything because I don’t want to hear anything. I don’t want any noise or any sounds or anything getting in the way of this moment of ours, even though it’s really only my moment and I’m just allowing you to be in it.
And I know you’d inhale with my deep breaths and you’d exhale with my sighs. And that alone would be enough to just soothe me.

I know if you were here, you’d just soothe me.  And that’s all I need right now.


He’ll make me forget you.

I mean, this crush has been serious for some time and you? Well, I don’t even know what you are.  You’re just, I don’t know, driving me insane is what you’re doing.

But Crush Boy’s got it.  He’s getting it.  He’s kinda coy like you and it’s sweet, but he knows what he wants.  And he’s taking it.  All.

His mouth is smaller.  I remember yours clearly.  Wide.  Big.  You almost swallowed me whole, or at least that’s how it felt to me. You want to swallow me whole don’t you?  I don’t mind.

He’s built like you.  He’ll fit right in between my thighs.  I need to stop comparing though, because when he does it right, he’ll continue to do it right.  Over and over. Once a week at least.  Maybe twice on Sundays, while football is on.  And you’ll be a distant memory.  Hopefully.

He’s about your height.  Which is perfect, ’cause I can climb him the way I want to climb you.  Every day.  I’d climb that pole of yours every day if you’d let me.  I imagine it in my head….

…the way I have all this time.

But he’ll be different, because he knows when to call, he knows when to reach out, he seems to know when I’m thinking about you…

…and then thoughts of you are just slightly pushed aside.

And I’m fine for a short while.  He keeps my attention and energy off of you, especially when he talks about how much he wants this ass, and how he wants my lips all up and down his pipe and how he’s going to use that pipe to break my back.

But then somehow, you just creep back in.  Because he’s not you.  He’s not you.

Messages at two in the morning.  Do you do that because you’re hoping I’m asleep? That it’ll be too late to reply by morning when I awake?  Do you think you’ll miss me?  You do that on purpose, dontcha?

But I reply.  I always reply.  And you’re surprised.

Emotions and feelings and this frustration I’ll be taking out on Crush Boy tomorrow night eat away at my soul.  My heart.  My mind, baby, my mind.  Because you’re just constantly on my mind.

And as I lick Crush Boy’s lips tomorrow, his lips, goddammit, and when I bite into his shoulder, oh man, his shoulders, I’ll push you away, I’ll press him into me, I’ll move you closer, hug him tighter, scratch you deeper, suck him harder, when I make myself believe you are him and he is you and as I breathe deeper and sigh longer, it’s you and him and him and you and once he spills into me and I hold on tight and throw my head back, it’ll be him.  Him.  My Mister Crush Boy I’ve wanted for so long.


You’re not him.

What a fucking reality check baby.


…you’re what I want.

#MusicMonday – Imagination – Eric Bellinger

*listen to this sexiness here*

Girl come through and let’s do what we do in your imagination
When I’m gone, show me how you pretend
How do you bend your knees?
How do you arch your back?
How do you scream my name when we’re in your imagination?

I know that you hate how much I be on the road
And how I be working late all night at the studio
I know you’re a woman and I know you’ve got needs
But I know that you never, never sneak out on me

How do you do it when it’s three o’clock in the morning?
And how do you touch it when you in that bed all alone?
Show me, show me, show me…

Girl come through and let’s do what we do in your imagination
When I’m gone, show me how you pretend
Girl you gotta show me.
How do you bend your knees?
How do you arch your back?
How do you scream my name when we’re in your imagination?

Do I be on top of you? Do you be on the bottom?
And do we use protection? If we do, you know I got ’em
Do we skip the foreplay? Tell me, do we sixty-nine?
Do you prefer a quickie, or do we go hard all night?

I want to know what turns you on. I swear I’m dying to know baby.
So I can be all that and more.

Girl come through and let’s do what we do in your imagination
When I’m gone, show me how you pretend
How do you bend your knees?
How do you arch your back?
How do you scream my name when we’re in your imagination?


90 Minutes

Ninety minutes of bliss.  Ninety minutes of  mouth and teeth and I asked him, “Will you smile for me, daddy?” and he smiled.  You know how much I love your smile.

And he kissed;  he kissed and kissed and licked and rolled his tongue and I remembered your smile;  remembered your mouth.

His hands explored and his fingers caressed and it was your hands on me, your mouth on me, your body on me.

Non-stop loving, ninety minutes worth of non-stop loving and he was insatiable, pleasing, so eager to please, so eager to get it, so eager to take it and my oh’s were his ah’s and his hands were in my thighs and his love was my breath but his voice, his voice, when he spoke it was your voice.

Ninety minutes.

Ninety minutes of thoughts of you.

Only you.

Always you.

Never you.