What do you wanna do?

I think an amusement park would be fun.  That natural high feeling, y’know?  Get excited, exhilarated….feed you some cotton candy.

What else would you feed me?



The wetness from in between my thighs.

Oh yeah?


Well then, I’d rather feed you this dick, fully hard and leaking from the tip.

Like, feed my mouth, or….?

Everywhere.  Your mouth, in between your legs, everywhere….pull out and let the tip slide just over your ass.  But I know you wanna see your climax running down my face…..that’s later though.  After the amusement park…

The Love Scene 

“Let’s make a love scene, steamy and blue, erotic memories for an audience of two; and we’ll make a love scene, let the foreplay begin and replay each moment again and again and again.” – Joe, “The Love Scene.”


It’s like no time has passed.  He still looks at me that way, without blinking, straight in my eyes, making my heart flutter and my insides toss around just a little with desire.

And when he says, “Let’s go,” and I know just exactly where I’m going to end up, he still makes sure I know he’s in control.

I don’t have to say a thing, no rules, no limits, no boundaries and in the seconds it takes me to pull my panties down, he’s stripped down and full and at my side, ready to take all this love.

His mouth takes my lips, my tongue, my neck, back to my chin, why does he do that, while I writhe and squirm and he doesn’t move; I’m pressed down into his mattress and I’m intoxicated with his shower fresh clean scent and I just want this pleasure…

No instructions, no guidance, no “harder” or “faster” because he’s got all these strokes in line and he won’t let me, he won’t let me….

But it’s love he’s making.  With all this control he’s taking, he’s making sure to love; every stroke is gentle, every word spoken softly, and he’s making sure I remember he didn’t hurt me, he’s making sure I remember every inch, he doesn’t want me to forget, but he doesn’t let me…

He slows when he knows, driving me to my absolute worst, covering my mouth with his to silence my cries of his pleasing and I whimper, and he waits, pushing when he wants to, pressing me deeper when he feels it and I can’t…

It’s one stroke and two strokes and three strokes and I’m losing count as I lose my head and all my inhibitions completely gone and I swear my heart is stopping, I swear it’s going to stop with all this exploding….

But it doesn’t.  It explodes with all this love.  And I make sure he knows….



You know the feeling….

….it’s like your eyes meet and you fall but you don’t know where you’re falling but it’s instant and every other lover that’s ever existed means nothing is nothing won’t ever be nothing compared to this right here and right now but you don’t know what this is or where it’s going or if it’ll ever happen again but you want it to happen again because those eyes and those hands and that mouth my God that mouth keeps you up at night and you lose sleep over something you have no goddamn clue about but you want to know and you are fucking bugging because every inch of your being wants you connected wants you near wants you skin to skin to this person who freaked you all the way fuck out because you don’t feel you haven’t felt you don’t want to feel but this is something it’s gotta be something for it to consume you like it is and you want to scream you want to yell because this frustration of wanting and not having and not knowing is madness and sadness and anger and you want to cry but you don’t know why you’re crying you have no reason to cry and you ask questions but you have no answers and you think you’re going crazy because all you know is their name and how your name sounds so good oh so good in their mouth and their laugh oh my God their laugh in the back of your mind and you remember it and smile and that voice you know that voice and you remember that voice and that voice resonates with every damn syllable spoken and you want to reach inside that place where that voice comes from and you just want to crawl and be inside that voice and that body and that mouth and you’re crazy you’ve gotta be crazy because these feelings are crazy and there’s no other word to describe you you’re just crazy and you fucking hate crazy but crazy is how they make you feel and fuck it all to hell you want all of this all the time but you don’t know you don’t know but you know.

You know the feeling.

If Only For One Night – Part 2

Part 1 here…

I don’t even know you. But I want this. I want you. Let me love you. You should let me love you, just tonight…

I slid down on the bed allowing him access to all of me. He followed, planting kisses along my jawline, down my neck, into my collarbone. There was no turning back. I needed him, my body needed him, I wanted all of him.

I sensed he was anxious, wanting and needing just as much as I was and there weren’t enough hands and eyes and mouths to get it all in and he rolled on top of me and I was tugging and pulling, trying urgently to remove every inch of cloth so I could get every inch of his skin on my skin and I wanted to love him, at that moment I wanted to love him forever….

He stopped for a second and looked at me, searching for signs, searching for an answer.  I smiled and that was enough to let him know….

I don’t remember the words spoken; I remember the moans and the groans and how he had to catch his breath because of all the pleasure and I wanted to give him every last ounce, every single drop of pleasure I could possibly give him, I wanted him to remember, I wanted him to come back, I wanted everything I could get, everything he could give.

He turned me over on my stomach and I half expected he would pull my hair and make my head pull back but he didn’t; he laid on my back and pressed his lips onto my shoulders, my neck, the side of my face, his lips trailed along my cheek to my lips and he was soft, so soft, the hardness in between my legs an irony and I pushed back, allowing him access, giving him permission, letting him know I was open and willing and fully wanting to please, every single drop of pleasure I could possibly give him, I wanted him to remember, I wanted him to come back…

He couldn’t decide what he wanted more.  He turned me around again and kissed me, deeply and passionately and fiercely and all of the build up was in between our bodies and I wanted to be filled by him, I wanted it all and I couldn’t get enough and thinking about it now makes my heart race and his face, his eyes, his smile, his arms is all I can imagine and I wanted him, I wanted him never to forget….

I felt him inside and it was all I could do to scream every bit of energy out of me and I couldn’t last, I couldn’t make him remember me, I couldn’t keep him coming back if I couldn’t last, if I couldn’t give him all the pleasure….

His stroke was gentle, so loving, so caring and it was different than what I’d known, it was special and he was making me remember him, he was making me not forget, he was making me want to come back and within seconds, almost together, he spilled into me and I pulsed, taking everything he could give me.

“You’re incredible,” I said, as he moved the hair away from my mouth to kiss me.

“I can’t take all the credit for that.  You make it easy for me to be this way.”

Kiss On Me

Look at you…

I look at your face and wanna sit up on it; those lips, that mouth, those eyes.

When I’m out with other dudes, I be texting you to scoop me and you drive in that whip, top down, thugged out, chains on, trap from the system, that white tee, God damn that white tee, fitted on backwards, smelling, looking like a million bucks, turning me all the fuck way on…

I’m not the jealous type but you got me feeling some type of shit.

I crave you, that one-on-one, your arms around my jelly, one on my ass and the other on my face, that way you do, a gentleness only I know, kissing on me, telling me how pretty my eyes are but you can’t right now, you want to but you ain’t right right now.  Baby, this should change…

Your love is right, your touch is mine, that side I see is all I need, when you’re up on me, all hands and mouth and hard on me, my God, I call out, asking Him for forgiveness for all this lust I feel….


Buried everywhere
Buried everywhere

On my phone. His rugged, handsome face smiling devilishly up at me.

I adjust myself, almost intuitively, preparing for what’s to come and smile.

Anticipation building, we know what’s about to happen, yet we make small talk.

I hate small talk.

“How are you?” he asks.

“I’m good,” is my reply.  I glimpse the beater I adore and mentally remove every inch as I kiss his shoulders, wishing this were more than just my fantasy.

“What are you wearing?” I ask.

He rubs his eye, smiling, a nervousness I sense.

I notice his long, thin fingers on perfect hands and immediately thoughts creep into my brain. His phone moves and I see his chest, his stomach, his torso, the print, his legs and my imagination runs crazy.  The desire is real.

That beautiful imprint.

I lick my lips and he pounces.

“What are you wearing?” I tell him nothing, and I prove it.

His lips escape a barely audible, “Fuck” and I say, “Yes please.  Someday soon?”

“Lemme see,” he whispers.  I move and moan in unison, fingers gliding slowly over the wetness.  I pull my fingers up to my lips and let him watch as I lick the glisten off slowly, circling my tongue like I would on that print. He’s stroking.

“Lemme see,” I say.

Immediately thoughts of having him inside me occur.  I want him. He moves and it makes me move; hands exploring, I imagine his fingers inside as I worship the many inches he’s blessed with, one inch at a time in my mouth. He moans and it makes me moan.  He wants to watch my face but wants to watch me grind and this FaceTime is the closest thing we have to reality right now.  I have to be with him and it’s a whirlwind of damn emotions.  I want him and he wants me and he says, “lemme hear you,” but I wanna hear him and I want his face buried everywhere. I want him buried inside and I want to reach through the screen and kiss him and make that happen and in seconds, one, two, three, four, it’s all passion and lust and hate and bliss and satisfaction and frustration, so much fucking frustration. I look into his eyes and make promises, promises of making this a reality. He smiles, his rugged, handsome face smiling devilishly up at me.  In that moment, I’m all his.

“We really need to make this happen.”

If Only For One Night – Part 1

one night

“Let me hold you tight
If only for one night
Let me keep you near
To ease away your fear
It would be so nice
If only for one night

I won’t tell a soul
No one has to know
If you want to be totally discreet
I’ll be at your side
If only for one night

Your eyes say things I never hear from you
And my knees are shakin’ too
But I’m willin’ to go through
I must be crazy
Standin’ in this place
But I’m feeling no disgrace

For asking”…- Luther Vandross – “If Only For One Night.”

I wasn’t expecting to see anyone in the lobby, especially at that time of night.  I’d just walked my friend out and was on my way back into the hotel when I saw him.  He was standing there, looking down at his phone and I was half hoping he wouldn’t even notice me, not the way I was dressed in my bare feet and lounging pants and hair looking all frizzy and shit.  But the other half was hoping he would notice me; the other half was already hoping he’d…

He looked up and I swear it was like a scene straight out of a chick flick.




I know. Wow.

You’re just, you’re so….

So are you…

I’m Shawn.

I’m Julia.

Julia. It’s so nice to meet you.

It’s so nice to meet you, Shawn.

So what are doing here at this time?

My girlfriend was here, she’s from out of town, and she just left to catch her flight, so I just walked her out to say goodbye. What are you doing here?

I’m actually supposed to be going home. I was just at a party.

Supposed to?

Well, yes, supposed to…


There was a pause for a few seconds.  We just stared and smiled.  I looked down shyly and he laughed.  Then he spoke:

I’m not ready to leave.

I know.

We stood there, just smiling and watching each other again.  You could tell from looking at us that our wheels were turning, we were contemplating things in our minds. I spoke next:

I can’t take my eyes off you.

I know. I can’t either. I can’t believe you’re just standing here looking at me like this. You’re a beauty.

He was sweet.  He looked sweet.  How stupid could I be, thinking someone looked sweet?  I swear it was like that cartoon where the devil sits at one shoulder and the angel at the other shoulder, trying to tell you what to do.  All I knew was I didn’t want to never have contact with this boy again.

Listen, this is crazy, but I swear I’m not crazy and if you are crazy, then I’m even crazier but….my friend’s gone and I’ve got her room till morning. You want to, just, maybe, I don’t know, chill, hang out, have a smoke….do you even smoke?

Yeah I do actually….

Well, then, how about we just hang out and smoke and talk and no one has to leave yet?

I’d like that.

His smile made me smile.  I couldn’t stop staring.  I kept shaking my head and playing with my hands.  I wasn’t nervous, I was giddy.  I wanted this boy at my side.  I wanted to touch him and kiss his cheek and I just wanted to….love him, if only for one night…

He followed me through the corridor and into the room.  I let him in and closed the door behind him.  I offered to take his jacket and he took it off and handed it to me.  I noticed his arms and the snug shirt.  He was thin, athletically so and I got an urge to hug him.  I hung up his jacket and turned to him.  He was rubbing his hands together like he was cold, or nervous, or both.

This is crazy. You’re beautiful.

This is so crazy. And you’re beautiful. And just so you know, I swear I don’t do this. I’ve never done this. Ever.

Neither do I. But, here we are right? Both of us being crazy together.

I sat on the edge of the bed and motioned for him to sit down.  He did.  He sat down, close enough where our thighs were touching.  He didn’t move.

It was stupid and crazy and fun and just overwhelmingly romantic all at the same time.  Conversation flowed and eventually we got so comfortable that we were laying on the pillows, propping our heads up on our elbows, close enough to touch. He held my hand, I’d touch his arm, wanting always to keep the connection between us, wanting always to make sure the attraction was still there.  And two hours passed, just like that.

I reached out to touch his face, unable to resist any longer.  I wanted more. I ran my index finger along his cheekbone and he closed his eyes and welcomed my touch.

I feel so right with you. This feels so right. I don’t want this night to end. Do you feel this energy? Do you feel this between us?

I didn’t know what to say.  I felt it. I felt his warm energy and his sweet vibe and I wanted it. I wanted it to continue. I leaned over and kissed him, pressing my lips tightly to his.  His eyes softened visibly and he almost melted into me, responding more than I expected.  He moaned.  I moaned.  He laid his hand over my cheek and I was right where I needed to be.  I said:

I don’t even know you. But I want this. I want you. Let me love you. You should let me love you, just tonight…

Part 2 cont’d…