Just Come Over

Just come over.images (1)

I just want to talk.

I promise not to touch you.  Better yet, I won’t even look at you.

I don’t want to risk looking up into those eyes and being reminded….

So I’ll keep my head down, my eyes low and I’ll just listen; I’ll listen to your laugh when you realize how ridiculous I’m being and I’ll listen to your sighs and your deep breathing.  But I promise I won’t get close enough to hear your breathing.  I won’t even try to inhale your scent.

I just want you near.  I just want you close; close enough to touch, but I won’t touch, I promise I won’t touch but I want you close enough to feel the sensation of this vibe we have, this thing we share.  It’s here.  It’s still here.  I know you know it.  I know you feel it.  I know you feel me.  You.  Feel.  This.

That’s why you need to just come over.  Just come with me.  I promise I won’t touch you.  I’m aching though, physically aching.  When my mind wanders and I remember…..it’s this feeling that needs fulfillment.  You know the feeling….

But I’ll behave.

I’ll keep my hands to myself and I’ll sit away from you but I want you nearby I want you close I want you here so I can see you I just want to see you I just want to hear you please baby I just have to have you here with me but I won’t look I won’t touch I won’t want I won’t I won’t I promise but my heart baby my heart just aches and it’s a horrible feeling and it’s just hurting physically hurting and I just want to be filled with you I want all of you on all of me and I want your scent and your touch and your sweat remember when you sweat baby and you were anxious so anxious and I just wanted to please you I just wanted all your pleasure and I let you have it I let you take it I gave you all of me I gave you all of me for one night baby and I’d give everything to have you push up inside me all the way until my back arcs that way and I’m pushed all the way back taking all you have for me baby and hearing you tell me you’re going to come you’re going to come you’re going to….

Just come over.

I just want to talk.

Making Love Into The Night

Making Love (Into The Night) – Usher

*listen here*

Just tell me where to go and I’ll take off my clothes for you
You’re in total control and you’re running the show
I’ll do whatever you tell me baby

Baby I can come by and pick you up
We’ll make love into the night, it’s never enough
Oh babe I know what you like
And I would make love to you forever and ever
Into the night

Your wish is my command so I’ll cancel my plans tonight
I’ll make you understand that I’m the only one
Who can handle your body right
And I’ma show you tonight

Baby I can come by and pick you up
We’ll make love into the night, it’s never enough
Oh babe I know what you like
And I would make love to you forever and ever
Into the night

If you ever wanna know
Who I love
That’s you
It’s you
Oh and I ain’t never leaving baby you gotta believe me
You’re the one I love and girl ask who I love
‘Cause that’s you
Yes you

You gonna wanna tell everybody
‘Bout how I got you all coming when I call
You know I break you off
And if these walls could talk they would tell everybody
‘Bout how I put it down
You know I shut you down
Got you up off the ground, yes I can’t be wasted
And if I let you on my spaceship
You’ll have to let me taste it
Hop on it I’ma give you a ride
‘Cause we gonna make love all through the night



His lips fit mine; his mouth is a perfect seal.  Let’s complete this deal….

His tongue doesn’t flicker; it takes control, moving swiftly across my teeth.  His teeth.  Perfect symmetry and I just want to inhale him, take him all in….

His long fingers more than caress; they glide over the curve of my behind, threatening, but not taking.  And his movements are fluid, over the waistband of my pants, just moving back and forth and back and forth.

I can control this, I say to myself.  I can do this.

Yet he keeps the movement and with every long minute, his fingers reach lower and lower, beyond the waistband, dipping deeper.  I can’t do this.

His mouth remains on mine, in mine, tongue teasing and making me soft beg and he moans, making me moan and I’m close.

He waits.  “I want you inside me,” I have to say, “I want you inside.”  

And he takes me and my body curves and accepts, the slight resistance bringing more pleasure than pain and the deliciousness of all he has to offer is deep but not deep enough, because I want more, he wants more but he makes me wait and I move, making him move and it’s all I can do to scream but I don’t because his mouth inhibits my screams but he moans and he’s making me moan and I can’t do this, I can’t take this, my God, this man.

And still.  His lips fit mine.  His mouth is a perfect seal.

And we just completed this deal.


Monday didn’t exist; the sadness and hurt from the day before still prominent enough to make me want to hate, mad enough to cry…revenge maybe?  But…how, where?  Ideas brewed…

Tuesday brought awareness, thoughts of my feelings and where they stemmed, and why I felt the way I felt. One time.  Just one time.  I’m not this dumb.  Never am I dumb….

Wednesday made me want to call another; letting him beat me to help me beat you out of me.  Eyes wide shut, pushing back tears, thoughts of your smile haunting my being, threatening to steal my pleasure when the only pleasure I wanted to allow myself was yours but there I was, head banging the headboards but you weren’t the one banging.

That’s the revenge I wanted.  But you weren’t there, you ain’t even know it….but did you feel it?  I hope you felt it.  God knows I wished it out on you with every moan and every groan and every last throbbing from my thighs…I hope you felt it and I hope it hurt.

Thursday is forgotten.  Forced forgetfulness. It’s not the same.  You still linger.

Friday brought new temptations, new revelations, X’s and O’s and red wine and liquor, that loud and codeine and caffeine and popping things to stop reminding me…

I met you on a Friday.  Smiling eyes and brown skin and teeth and tongue and lips, that mouth, your skin, oh baby your skin and I hear your laugh, I hear that laughter and the way you put your hands together when you laugh and your eyes close for a second and you look at me like, like….

Friday turned into Saturday.  Three hours, only three hours.  I can’t keep doing this…

It’s Sunday.  Nothing’s changed.  

You’re still on this brain.


What do you wanna do?

I think an amusement park would be fun.  That natural high feeling, y’know?  Get excited, exhilarated….feed you some cotton candy.

What else would you feed me?



The wetness from in between my thighs.

Oh yeah?


Well then, I’d rather feed you this dick, fully hard and leaking from the tip.

Like, feed my mouth, or….?

Everywhere.  Your mouth, in between your legs, everywhere….pull out and let the tip slide just over your ass.  But I know you wanna see your climax running down my face…..that’s later though.  After the amusement park…

The Love Scene 

“Let’s make a love scene, steamy and blue, erotic memories for an audience of two; and we’ll make a love scene, let the foreplay begin and replay each moment again and again and again.” – Joe, “The Love Scene.”


It’s like no time has passed.  He still looks at me that way, without blinking, straight in my eyes, making my heart flutter and my insides toss around just a little with desire.

And when he says, “Let’s go,” and I know just exactly where I’m going to end up, he still makes sure I know he’s in control.

I don’t have to say a thing, no rules, no limits, no boundaries and in the seconds it takes me to pull my panties down, he’s stripped down and full and at my side, ready to take all this love.

His mouth takes my lips, my tongue, my neck, back to my chin, why does he do that, while I writhe and squirm and he doesn’t move; I’m pressed down into his mattress and I’m intoxicated with his shower fresh clean scent and I just want this pleasure…

No instructions, no guidance, no “harder” or “faster” because he’s got all these strokes in line and he won’t let me, he won’t let me….

But it’s love he’s making.  With all this control he’s taking, he’s making sure to love; every stroke is gentle, every word spoken softly, and he’s making sure I remember he didn’t hurt me, he’s making sure I remember every inch, he doesn’t want me to forget, but he doesn’t let me…

He slows when he knows, driving me to my absolute worst, covering my mouth with his to silence my cries of his pleasing and I whimper, and he waits, pushing when he wants to, pressing me deeper when he feels it and I can’t…

It’s one stroke and two strokes and three strokes and I’m losing count as I lose my head and all my inhibitions completely gone and I swear my heart is stopping, I swear it’s going to stop with all this exploding….

But it doesn’t.  It explodes with all this love.  And I make sure he knows….



You know the feeling….

….it’s like your eyes meet and you fall but you don’t know where you’re falling but it’s instant and every other lover that’s ever existed means nothing is nothing won’t ever be nothing compared to this right here and right now but you don’t know what this is or where it’s going or if it’ll ever happen again but you want it to happen again because those eyes and those hands and that mouth my God that mouth keeps you up at night and you lose sleep over something you have no goddamn clue about but you want to know and you are fucking bugging because every inch of your being wants you connected wants you near wants you skin to skin to this person who freaked you all the way fuck out because you don’t feel you haven’t felt you don’t want to feel but this is something it’s gotta be something for it to consume you like it is and you want to scream you want to yell because this frustration of wanting and not having and not knowing is madness and sadness and anger and you want to cry but you don’t know why you’re crying you have no reason to cry and you ask questions but you have no answers and you think you’re going crazy because all you know is their name and how your name sounds so good oh so good in their mouth and their laugh oh my God their laugh in the back of your mind and you remember it and smile and that voice you know that voice and you remember that voice and that voice resonates with every damn syllable spoken and you want to reach inside that place where that voice comes from and you just want to crawl and be inside that voice and that body and that mouth and you’re crazy you’ve gotta be crazy because these feelings are crazy and there’s no other word to describe you you’re just crazy and you fucking hate crazy but crazy is how they make you feel and fuck it all to hell you want all of this all the time but you don’t know you don’t know but you know.

You know the feeling.